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  • I'll be there for you!!!

    I can rewatch this 10 years from now and I'll still love this show. Every time it comes on tv I have to sit through it because it's always funny and it has a special place in me. Never bored of Friends!
  • Funny in a juvenile way

    I loved this show in the first season because the whole thing with Ross having a crush on Rachael thing was really sweet, but then it just got annoying after that like the constant on and off relationships ugh. I don't understand why it's called "Friends" when it's more about relationships than friendships. This show is funny but some jokes are just pathetic with unnecessary laugh tracks, I think the acting is kind of cheesy, like Pheobe's character can really annoy me. In my opinion, Chuck Lorre sitcoms are way more intelligent. Anyways I do like Friends but sometimes it's just too childish for my tastes.
  • The one in a million!

    This is the "benchmark" for comedy. Everything is "perfect" here the script, the acting and the actors. Mathew Perry, David Schwimmer, Matt Leblanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courteny Cox and Lisa Kudrow all six form one hell of a team. It is one of the greatest ensemble of pure talent ever. Every presented a unique set of comedy. It was not just comedy rather even emotional show. "friends" really became a "friend" of the viewers.
  • The one with the review...

    I saw Friends a couple of times on tv,never really liked it that much... A few days ago it aired back on tv and I started to watch it,I liked it very much! But I'm a binge watcher,especially shows like Friends where episode are less then half an hour,so one episode a day wasn't gonna be enough so I went and bought the complete series the next day. It's fun,humorous and for some of us,we can relate to the story. Living with 5 other friends in New York City? Well,it would sure work for me. Friends is like the life i'd like to live one day,when I reach that age.
  • Well... it's perfect

    If you can't sleep.
  • Who are your friends?

    I love tv shows, but nothing compares to both seinfeld and friends(my favorites shows all time) the chemistry between the characters is great, the characters really become our close friends, it's a brilliant show.
  • A Show That I Will Continue To Rewatch

    Great show, some moments were too corny for me, but most of the time almost any episode could bring a smile to my face. The cast had tremendous chemistry and the writers picked their spots well, this combination always produces a show for the ages. A 10/10 in my book.
  • There's nothing like it

    There're a lot of sitcoms that were and are really good, but FRIENDS had not only the funniest moments and scenes ever filmed, but also the CHEMISTRY between characters that made the show one of the best of all times. The friendship backstage helped the show carry on through 10 wonderful years. The actors loved each other in and outside stage.

    The directors, producers, and every single person who made this show shine were an absolutely incredible FAMILY. They were and are very creative people, full of joy and brightness. Outstanding. There is no episode that wasn't worth the while. Each of them are fantastic, intelligent.

    Also, the special mark FRIENDS left on people is amazing. It is a show which leaves smiles on everybody. It cheers you up, it helps you unwind and stop worrying for just a moment about your problems. You simply enjoy every second of watching these friends and their adventures.

    It is a show that teaches so many values. Friendship, of course, above all. It is very important to realize the importance friendship has in our lives. We live through a lot of good and bad moments, they are there for you always, as the song says. Even when you are a couple and you're best friends, there's nothing like it. Standing side by side, these people taught, enjoyed, laughed, cried, erred, married, learnt, grew up and were. They are and stay in our hearts, they will always do.

  • A big for its end.

    I was heart broken when this show came to an end. I can't dream of saying that any show will become as great as this.
  • A reference as a sitcom

    It deserves the reputation it has! Very funny.

    Last season can be a bit disappointing because it looks rushed though.
  • TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friends is to die for... I absolutely love Friends... This show has been here for a while, but I'm 13 and I am inlove with it.
  • I Knoow!!!

    Only the best Sitcom ever, didn't have an appetite to watch any other Sitcom since it ended, Really wish there is a 20 Years Anniversary and a 10 Years Reunion show or interview of the Cast and Producers Next Year in any case I still laugh at every episode that I watched either online , on DvD or if I get to catch a re-run on cable tv

    Ross & Rachel , Chandler & Monica, Joey & Phoebe Thank you for 10 wonderful years of laughter, tears and love even though it has been 9 years since the last episode airing I still luv this show

    First off yeah sure seinfield is great, I watch that too but nothing and I REALLY MEAN NOTHING is EVER going to come close to Friends. Friends is an American sitcom and yet it has spread all over the world. I mean I'm an Aussie and it's my ABSOLUTE favourite show! To the people who hate friends, why are you here? I mean this is a FAN WEBSITE AFTER ALL I MEAN SERIOUSLY! To write nasty comments about shows you dont like, I love friends, I still watch it every weeknight and I still laugh. Its my favourite show. If your going to write a bad comment DONT be rude about it. :( I could never say I hate friends, I LOVE IT. The characters all work so well 2gether and who cares about reality? Its a fricken TV SHOW! TV SHOWS DONT HAVE TO BE 100% REAL! thats all! I've watch every single episode a load of times, one of them I have watched at least five times and it is still funny. They crack me up every time! The episodes will never get boring.

    Joeys the dumb hot Italian actor, Chandlers the sarcastic forgotten loser, Ross is the geeky palaentoligist whos divorced thrre times, Monica's the clean, neat freak chef, Phobe's the quirky hippie massuse (she has the best lines) and Rachels the spoilt sweet designer, probably the most normal out of all of them.


    I reccomend this show to people who wanna have a laugh. In Australia it's on at 6:00-6:30pm and then another episode follows after from 6:30-7:00pm, weeknights, Monday-Friday. DON'T WATCH IT AND YOU'LL REGRET IT! DO WATCH IT AND CRACK UP WHILE YOUR WATCHING IT!
  • Friends are the best!

    Hi everybody! I love this show, i even made my own website about the show, please check this source: fansoffriends . com , There are all the seasons you can watch online. it's free, no registration or anything like that. This is my first work as a web designer, please don't judge so hard, it's not finished yet anyway, but all the episodes have been posted already, enjoy! Thank you!

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  • Could this be the greatest comedey show ever? I think sooooo

    No doubt this is the best comedy show ever... Iconic even... You can watch it countless times, know exactly what they are about to say, what's going happen and still laugh your head off and be entertained to the max.

    The show is genuinely quite clever with the writing, story lines and character developments. Everyone can relate to at least one of the characters if not all the characters and this is what makes it so special.

    The friendship between and individual personalities them make an ideal show for banter and laughs all round. <3
  • Unoriginal

    All they did was ripped off of Seinfeld. It is irrevelant today.
  • The greatest show ever!!!

    No matter how many times I watch I never get bored.
  • Legendary show

    What I love about Friends, is from seasons 3-10 they were realistic characters that worried about real problems. Disregard the first two seasons as they're just about dating and sex with some good parts. Overall though, Friends has great jokes but more importantly has situational comedy, something many sitcoms lack.
  • Collection Of Memories

    It's really good to see the TV series. Not only brought us laugh heartily

    , but also bring us moved to tears. More precious is the share of constant friendship.
  • Best Show i have ever seen in my life

    i wont say much just it has a piece of my heart now its freaking awesome show i love it so much!
  • The One with my Review

    Friends were, and are, my favorite TV show ever. I grew up with them and I didn't miss one single episode. Every character has its own storyline, what with Rachel, the spoiled, selfish girl who becomes a successful woman, Monica who has signs of OCD, only to become a chef at one of the most popular restaurants in New York, the quirky, slightly crazy Phoebe who gets married and has a happy life, the womanizer Joey who ends up a real actor, the 'gay quality' guy Chandler who gets married and has children, and Ross, the geeky scientist who becomes a teacher at NYU, gets married and has two kids. This TV show means so much to me, it changed my life completely, and I love the fact that characters, from these people who have no idea what they're doing with their life become successful and happy adults. It will forever be my #1 favorite show in the world. I have all the episodes on DVD and I watch them every day. I know almost all the lines and when I hear just one line I immediately know which episode it is. I take my DVDs everywhere I go. I know all the characters' storylines by heart and I also have Friends posters. I even tried to write a book based on the show once, but it failed :P Shortly, I give this show an A+.
  • Cool episode.

    Cool episode. A continuation will be? There is information?
  • The Best Comedy Show Ever

    Well, I just finished watching this show yesterday and it was awesome

    None of the shows compare to this one ;)

    It was so comedy, I could hardly stop laughing :)

  • jennifer ann pitouski

    You grew up and its just like i an stunning" "i".
  • The Show That Was The Greatest

    Only the people who watched this show first hand on Tv have the understanding of how powerful this show was. Such a great great show. Same cast for the ten years and never ever got tired of them.
  • AWESOME!!!

    I think a reunion is way over due. I am still waiting to see Ross and Rachel get married. I was so disappointed when the show ended without the most wanted wedding ever.
  • Stereotype City, A sentimental, dumbed down show for Morons, or children.

    This show is very easy to grasp- I remember being 10/11 years old on a plane to England from Australia, and laughing at Joey acting (whilst acting) in a Hospital bed. I thought Friends was funny. Once I wised up and entered my 20s, Friends became increasingly predictable and dull with its formulaic plot. All the characters are one dimensional stereotypes, who in reality wouldn't get on at all- well, I don't buy Pheobe as a friend of the girls- why would someone so laid back prefer to hang with materialistic anxiety ridden work-obsessers, over other likeminded "boho" people? Episode falls ass backwards into the old jokes- and only dumb people, or children, will miss this (they are the audience for the show, just look at education statistics in the USA, and it will be explained why this show is so popular there)!

    Pheobe singing on her guitar with stupid lyrics and a simple melody "littlestar, hello there, furry and kittens love your blonde hair" or something stupidly simple.

    Ross and Rachel playing hard to get, whining.

    Joey making an "italian joke" by talking about food, eating lots of food, saying "I'm an Italian so I eat lots of Cue the Laugh Track.

    Chandler and Monica being anxious and acting more like Brother and Sister than lovers.

    Jennifer Aniston wearing fake nipples under white jumpers- again and again. WHY would she be made to wear "see through tops" with those plastic nipples? Isn't that KIND of distracting and innappropriate? Even Seinfeld make jokes about women who do that! Same with sex and the city! Really, it was pathetic, and made me disrespect Aniston more for just being a bimbo- on tv, and off. She can't act, so they had to make you forget that fact.

    Joey being a "Male Bimbo/Mimbo (seinfeld word)" and doing a silly acting job.

    This show is outdated, sentimental mix of soap opera and a sit com, as oppose to seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm, which are strictly sitcoms, and had a No Hugging policy- they also didn't care about making the Seinfeld characters look "sexy", just funny! Where-as on Friends, the actresses would have hair dressers on call between takes to brush their hair perfectly before the cameras were allowed to role.

    While Pheobe and Monica were quite comedic, Jennifer Aniston, the vainest woman on the planet, cared more about being pretty than being funny.

    If you want love stories and drama with comedy- watch sex and the city- its insightful and far more intelligent than friends (besides the product placement, its fantastic).

    If you want pure laughs that never date, characters to relate to, and a show that makes you feel happy about your life in a Ce La Vie fashion, watch Seinfeld.
  • My First Review Of The Year 2013

    Happy New Year!!! thanks for modernfamily120 . george harrison twin) for requesting this as my first review of the year 2013. I hope you enjoy this review man. I gotta be honest to the readers and I am going to be completely real on this. This show is funny at times and can be hilarious once in a while in my opinion but it just gets so freaking old. I remember watching a few episodes of this on TBS and I was got bored only getting a few laughs. I watched more episodes when it came on Nick@Nite and I just get bored by this show from time to time because the jokes are just old like they are things that we have seen before, it's predictable, and I really never get interested in the romances in this show too. I enjoy the sense of realism put into this show but this is just overrated in my opinion. I can understand why a lot of people love this show but I just can't get into this show that much. There are much funnier and better sitcoms in my opinion. I LOVE the cast... they are great for what they have brought on the screen. Now we still get to see this wonderful cast in either movies or TV Shows and it's just so amazing seeing their talent grow as the years go by. It's an okay show in my opinion. Great characters and some genius writing but the jokes get so old like you wouldn't believe it, it's very predictable, and I never really care too much about the romances between the characters in this show which is surprising because usually in sitcoms, I'm interested in the romances. I don't know, maybe if I saw this show a long time then I could enjoy it. If you all love this show then that's amazing but I really don't enjoy this show all that much to be honest. I'll watch it once in a while on Nick @ Nite now if I get bored and there's nothing else to watch but it's just not the greatest sitcom I have ever seen. That's my opinion but the ones that love this show so much don't have to agree with me. Happy New Year everyone!!! hello 2013. 6/10
  • This show will be remembered forever.

    It's sort of like the modern MASH :) 'cause millions and millions of viewers watched it / still watch it in syndication and these characters worked very well together, it was almost impossible to create to so much of a great TV comedy on such a small space of only like 4 regular rooms :D my childhood was full of these great episodes and I will treasure and love this show forever :) 10/10