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  • Stereotype City, A sentimental, dumbed down show for Morons, or children.

    This show is very easy to grasp- I remember being 10/11 years old on a plane to England from Australia, and laughing at Joey acting (whilst acting) in a Hospital bed. I thought Friends was funny. Once I wised up and entered my 20s, Friends became increasingly predictable and dull with its formulaic plot. All the characters are one dimensional stereotypes, who in reality wouldn't get on at all- well, I don't buy Pheobe as a friend of the girls- why would someone so laid back prefer to hang with materialistic anxiety ridden work-obsessers, over other likeminded "boho" people? Episode falls ass backwards into the old jokes- and only dumb people, or children, will miss this (they are the audience for the show, just look at education statistics in the USA, and it will be explained why this show is so popular there)!

    Pheobe singing on her guitar with stupid lyrics and a simple melody "littlestar, hello there, furry and kittens love your blonde hair" or something stupidly simple.

    Ross and Rachel playing hard to get, whining.

    Joey making an "italian joke" by talking about food, eating lots of food, saying "I'm an Italian so I eat lots of Cue the Laugh Track.

    Chandler and Monica being anxious and acting more like Brother and Sister than lovers.

    Jennifer Aniston wearing fake nipples under white jumpers- again and again. WHY would she be made to wear "see through tops" with those plastic nipples? Isn't that KIND of distracting and innappropriate? Even Seinfeld make jokes about women who do that! Same with sex and the city! Really, it was pathetic, and made me disrespect Aniston more for just being a bimbo- on tv, and off. She can't act, so they had to make you forget that fact.

    Joey being a "Male Bimbo/Mimbo (seinfeld word)" and doing a silly acting job.

    This show is outdated, sentimental mix of soap opera and a sit com, as oppose to seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm, which are strictly sitcoms, and had a No Hugging policy- they also didn't care about making the Seinfeld characters look "sexy", just funny! Where-as on Friends, the actresses would have hair dressers on call between takes to brush their hair perfectly before the cameras were allowed to role.

    While Pheobe and Monica were quite comedic, Jennifer Aniston, the vainest woman on the planet, cared more about being pretty than being funny.

    If you want love stories and drama with comedy- watch sex and the city- its insightful and far more intelligent than friends (besides the product placement, its fantastic).

    If you want pure laughs that never date, characters to relate to, and a show that makes you feel happy about your life in a Ce La Vie fashion, watch Seinfeld.