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  • How did this show last 10 FUCKING SEASONS????!!!!!! >:(

    This show has been critically acclaimed by critics and tv viewers alike and lasted a full 10 seasons in 10 years; after sitting through the pilot, I think it's imperative to ask the obvious question: WHYYYYYYYY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! It baffles me to the point of frustration how this show was even picked up, let alone made it passed it's first season; apart from a few clever jokes, it's not funny, not well written and has no likable nor interesting characters. So let's talk about the pilot and why it fails miserably as an introduction to the show; Jennifer Aniston (I don't fucking care what her character's name is) leaves her fiance at the altar because she, quote "felt more turned on by [a] gravey boat than [her] fiance". I shit you not, that's the reason why she left her fiance; BECAUSE OF A FUCKING GRAVEY BOAT!!!!!! She then meets up with her friend, Monica who introduces Jennifer Aniston to her friends and older brother Ross (who's basically Melmen from Madagascar, except he's not funny). After being cut off, Jennifer Aniston is asked to live with Monica until she finds a job; meanwhile, Ross is getting over a divorce (which is just one big lesbian joke that could've been cut entirely and not change a Goddamn thing) and Monica goes on a date with a guy named Paul who turns out to only want Monica for sex and that's it. Does he get punished for it? Does the lesbian joke end after being told once? Of course not, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT A GOOD FUCKING SHOW WOULD DO!!!!!!!! I counted only 3 jokes that made me smile, and they were dick and sex jokes; when your show only has those type of jokes, you fail as a genuine sitcom, but succeed as a stupid sitcom. Not only do the jokes fail, but the writing is insultingly terrible; this show has a bad habit of bringing up a certain subject and then pretend it never happened. Like when the hippie girl brings up the fact that her parents killed themselves and she had to take therapy; not only does she have a smile on her face, but she passes it off as if it happened to everybody. I cannot tell you how awkward it was when I said that I wished my Aunt Jackie's kids were at our thanksgiving dinner when they were relocated years ago. I felt like such a dumbass bringing it up, know that having her kids be taken away was the worst day of her life. Anyway, it's not just this show; a lot of shows and movies are guilty of doing the same thing; Watchmen (why was Dr. Manhattan naked all the time?) Home (why didn't we defend ourselves from the Boov?) Game Shakers (how did 2 young girls make a hit app game?) Regular Show (why did Rigby, Benson and Mr. Mallard act out of character to parody The Breakfast Club?) the list goes on. The characters are also boring and unlikable; they aren't given any character development, nor are they given anything interesting to say or do. Don't watch this show; I'd much rather recommend you marathon Everybody Loves Raymond then watch 1 second of Friends. Fuck this show, fuck the writers and fuck the network for renewing this show 10 FUCKING TIMES!!!!!!!!! >:(