Season 10 Episode 19

The Last One (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • " A perfect way to say Goodbye"

    Brilliant ending for one of my favourite shows. The way they tied up everyone's stories was great.

    Ross and Rachel got together in the end, which is what i, along with most other fans, had hoped for! It makes all the years of watching them go through Break up after break up worth while. They were for me, the ultimate friends love story.....

    Chandler and Monica finally got their babaies, and you have to agree that they deserved the happiness that they finally found. And twins too!!! Phoebe finally met the man of her dreams and settled down. I'm glad it was with Mike, and they didn't try and pair everyone off and try and put her with Joey! Joey's ending was unsure but I think we all know that was due to the fact he was recieving his own show.

    It was a very emotional and well written episode. You could actually see how upset they all were while they were filming it and it made it all the more moving. We have followed these 6 friends for ten years and to see them all happy in the end was what made the episode for me.....