Season 10 Episode 19

The Last One (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: In "The One with the Cop", Ross was revealed to have kept count of how many times he and Rachel slept together when they were dating, and brags twice that it was 298 times. He and Rachel would later sleep together sometime in Season 7 which resulted in Rachel's pregnancy and the birth of baby Emma. By this episode, they did it once again and that would make it their 300th time, a new record for them which interestingly enough, Ross was not bragging about.

    • Goof: In the hospital when Erica is giving birth and the camera is on the doctor, the door to the room is closed. However, when the camera angle changes, the door is wide open even though no one had entered or exited.

    • Continuity: Chandler said he's never been alone with Erica. However, they were alone together in "The One with the Birth Mother" where he asks her to forgive him and Monica for lying to her and tells her how much they want the baby.

    • Goof: When the doctor offers Monica and Chandler the chance to cut their first child's umbilical cord, the navel of the (actor) baby can be seen briefly on screen, revealing that there isn't even a fake umbilical cord.

    • Trivia: In many of the episodes throughout the series, when the camera shows the outdoor logo on the window of Central Perk in the beginning of a scene, the friends are not sitting in their normal seats even if the next shot shows the gang sitting on the couch. That's because establishing shots of Central Perk are filmed separately using extras sitting in the coffeehouse and are then edited into the various episodes.

    • Phoebe's Songs:
      "Best Day Ever" 
       Aahh, aahh, aahh... 
       When the sun comes up, bright and beaming! 
       And the moon comes...

      "Don't Take No" 
       Bum bum bum Don't take no for an answer! 
       Bum bum bum Don't let love fly away! 
       Bum bum bum bum bum bum...

    • Continuity: In "The One Where Rachel has a Baby (2)" Monica mentions that she is going to name her first son Daniel. She and Chandler name the boy baby "Jack" after her father instead.

    • Continuity: Chandler and Monica named their baby boy Jack. However in "The One with the Blind Dates" they promised to name him Joey, because Joey caught them having sex in front of Emma.

    • Trivia: In the scene where Monica and Chandler hold their twins for the first time, a nurse can be heard paging "Dr. Matthew Perry" and "Dr. Green" on the intercom.

    • Goof: In the scene where Monica and Chandler are holding their twins for the first time, the hospital ID bracelets on Chandler's wrist appear and disappear depending on the camera angle.

    • Goof: Monica has named her boy-twin, Jack, after her father. However, Monica is Jewish, and in Jewish culture, it is considered very bad luck to name a child after someone who is still alive (the superstition is that naming a child after a living person can cause that person to die). Therefore, Monica would have had to go through a process to get permission from a rabbi to name her son after her living father.

  • Quotes

    • Ross: (after making out with Rachel) This was amazing...
      Rachel: It really was--you've learned some new moves!
      Ross: Yeah, well, this guy at work gave me Sex for Dummies as a joke...?
      Rachel: Ah...
      Ross: ...who's laughin' now?
      Rachel: (happily) I am!

    • Chandler: (as Erica is in labor) Next time can I say "breathe"?
      Monica: No! Last time you said it like Dracula and it scared her!

    • Chandler: (about Erica) You can't leave me alone with her.
      Monica: What?
      Chandler: This is exactly the kind of social situation that I am not comfortable with!
      Monica: What kind of social situation are you comfortable with?
      Chandler: It's just that we've never spent any time, you know, alone together.
      Monica: You'll be fine... Nah, you won't, but I'll be back in two minutes.

    • Chandler: (to Erica in the delivery room) So, uh... any plans for the summer?
      Erica: I don't know. Maybe church camp.
      Chandler: Ah. You may not want to mention this...

    • Chandler: So, you ever wonder which is worse... y'know, going through labor or getting kicked in the nuts?
      Erica: What?
      Chandler: Well, it's just interesting... y'know, because no one will ever know... because no one can experience both.

    • Phoebe: I have a definite feeling that it's going to be a girl.
      Ross: Phoebe, you were sure Ben was going to be a girl.
      Phoebe: Have you seen him throw a ball?

    • Ross: Hey, I'm not one to kiss and tell... but I'm also not one to have sex and shut up. We totally did it!
      Joey: Oh, my God! You and Rachel?
      Ross: I know, it's pretty great.
      Joey: So, what does this mean? Are you guys getting back together?
      Ross: Oh, I, I don't know. I mean, we didn't really get to talk.
      Phoebe: But do you wanna get back together?
      Ross: I don't know, I--it was incredible! ...I mean, it just felt so right. And when I was holding her I never wanted to let her go... Y'know what? Yeah, I do. I wanna be together.
      Phoebe: (loudly) Yayyyy!!
      Ross: Shhhh!
      Phoebe: (quietly) Yayyyy...

    • Phoebe: Ah! This is like the best day ever! ...Ever! You guys might get back together, Monica and Chandler are getting their baby, there are chicks and ducks in the world again! Oh! I feel like I'm in a musical!

    • Ross: (to Rachel) Hi. How'd you sleep?
      Rachel: Good. You?
      Ross: Great.
      Joey: (grinning) I'll bet you did.

    • Ross: So, (kisses Rachel) ...morning.
      Rachel: You too. Last night was just wonderful.
      Ross: It really was.
      Rachel: I woke up today with the biggest smile on my face.
      Ross: I know, me, too. It was, y'know, it was like one of those things you think is never gonna happen and then it does, and it's everything you wanted it to be.
      Rachel: I know. It was just... it was just the perfect way to say goodbye. (Rachel hugs him and Ross suddenly looks crushed)

    • Erica: (giving birth) Oh, man! This hurts!
      Chandler: Really? That bad?
      Erica: Uh-huh! I think it's time to kick you in the nuts and see which is worse!

    • Chandler: It's a baby! A beautiful baby! And some other stuff I'm going to pretend I don't see.

    • Doctor: Well, you don't have that much time to relax. The other one will be along in a minute.
      Monica: I... I'm sorry, who should be along in a what now?
      Doctor: The next baby should be along in a minute.
      Monica: We only ordered one!
      Doctor: You know it's twins, right?
      Chandler: Oh, yeah! These are the faces of two people in the know!

    • Monica: (to the doctor) Wait. Did you know it was twins?
      Doctor: Yeah, it's here in the paperwork we got from the clinic in Ohio.
      Monica: (to Erica) ...Anybody tell you?
      Erica: I don't think so... Although, they did mention something about two heartbeats. But, I thought that was just mine and the baby's. They kept saying, "Both heartbeats are really strong", and I thought, "Well, that's good, 'cause I'm having a baby".

    • Chandler: (taking Monica aside) What do we do?
      Monica: What do you mean, "What do we do?"
      Chandler: Twins! ...Twins!
      Monica: Chandler, you're panicking!
      Chandler: Uh-huh! Join me, won't you?!

    • Monica: We can't split them up!
      Chandler: Why not? We could give each of them half a medallion, and then years later, they'll find each other, and be reunited! I mean, that's a great day for everyone.
      Monica: But what if the person who adopts the other one is horrible?
      Chandler: Well, what if they're not? What if it's adopted by a king?
      Monica: Yeah, because I hear that the king is looking to adopt!

    • Ross: And then she said it was the perfect way to say goodbye.
      Joey: Oh, my God! What did you say?
      Ross: Nothing! What do you say to that?
      Phoebe: Ross, you've got to tell her how you feel!
      Ross: No way!
      Joey: You can't just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?
      Ross: What?
      Joey: Dude, I'm just trying to speak your language.

    • Ross: (to Phoebe) Alright. You know what? You're right... I should at least tell her how I feel.
      Joey: (as Ross gets up) Ross, wait! Wait!
      Ross: What? What?
      Joey: Could you get me a muffin?

    • Gunther: Rachel?
      Rachel: Yeah?
      Gunther: I know you're leaving tonight... but, I just have to tell you... I love you. I, I don't know if that changes your plans at all...? But... I thought you should know.
      Rachel: (genuinely moved) Oh, Gunther... Oh, I love you, too--probably not in the same way--but, I do... And when I'm in a café, having coffee... or I see a man with hair brighter than the sun... I'll think of you. (kisses his cheek)

    • Monica: We've decided to name the girl baby Erica.
      Erica: Oh, my God! That's just like my name!
      Monica: Son of a gun, it is.

    • Phoebe: So, did you talk to Rachel?
      Ross: No... and, uh... I'm not going to.
      Phoebe: What?
      Joey: Why not?
      Ross: Because... she's just going to shoot me down. You guys saw what happened with Gunther. That did not look like fun.
      Phoebe: How can you compare yourself to Gunther? I mean, sure, he's sexy in a more obvious way... you have a relationship with her--you slept together last night!
      Ross: Yeah, and she still wants to go! It's pretty clear where she is.

    • Ross: Look. Even if I were going to tell her, I don't have to do it now. I'll be seeing her again... We've got time.
      Phoebe: No you don't! She's going to Paris! She is going to meet somebody! Do you know how many hot guys there are in Paris? It's a city of Gunthers!

    • Chandler: (introducing Joey to the girl baby) Her name is Erica.
      Joey: Hey, that pregnant girl's name was Erica!
      Chandler: Yeah. It's a shame you two didn't get to spend more time together.

    • Rachel: (to Ross) I just want you to know... Last night... I'll never forget it.
      Ross: Neither will I. (they hug)
      Rachel: (to the five friends) Alright, now I really have to go. Okay... (with a particularly American French accent) Au revoir! (having heard herself) Ach! They're gonna really hate me over there.

    • Phoebe: So, you just let her go?
      Ross: (crushed) Yeah.
      Joey: Hey, maybe that's for the best.
      Ross: Yeah?
      Joey: Yeah. Look, you gotta think about last night the way she does, okay? Y'know, maybe, maybe... maybe sleeping together was the perfect way to say goodbye.
      Monica: (aside to Chandler) ...They slept together?
      Chandler: I was with you
      Phoebe: But now she'll never know how he feels.
      Joey: But maybe that's okay, y'know? Maybe it is better this way. I mean, now... now you can move on. I mean, you've been trying to for so long, maybe now that you're on different continents... (checks with Phoebe) right? (she nods) Maybe now you can actually do it. Y'know, you can finally get over her.
      Ross: Yeah, that's true. Except... I don't wanna get over her.
      Joey: What?
      Ross: I don't. I wanna be with her!
      Joey: (smiling happily) Really?
      Ross: Yeah. I'm gonna go after her.

    • Joey: (about going after Rachel) Ross. Ross! Whaddaya think she's gonna say?
      Ross: I don't know, but even if she shoots me down, at least I won't spend the rest of my life wondering what would have happened...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Chandler: Monica, we are not ready to have two babies.
      Monica: That doesn't matter! We have waited so long for this. I don't care if it's two babies. I don't care if it's three babies! I don't care if the entire cast of Eight is Enough comes out of there! We are taking them home, because they are our children!
      Eight is Enough was an American television show about a Californian family raising eight children.

    • Monica: (about the twins) We can't split them up.
      Chandler: Why not? We could give each of them half a medallion, and then years later, they'll find each other and be reunited. I mean, that's a great day for everybody.
      Chandler was referring to the movie The Parent Trap in which identical twins, both played by Hayley Mills, are separated at birth and reunited at summer camp. They discover the truth through a locket that was split in half and given to both girls.

    • Phoebe: (about having a lot of babies with Mike) Yeah, we can teach them to sing and we could be like the Von Trapp family! ...Only without the Nazis.
      Phoebe is referring to the Academy-Award winning musical The Sound of Music. In the musical, the Von Trapp family, led by their governess, learn to make beautiful music together during the Nazi reign in World War II Austria. The movie stars Julie Andrews with music by Rodgers & Hammerstein.

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