Season 10 Episode 20

The Last One (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • The end of the end.

    At least the show went out on a good note! I remeber watching this series finale with all these commercials... cuz it was such a good show! This was really a show that people of this generation are going to remember, the next "I Love Lucy". I have to say, I was so excited when Ross and Rachel got together of sure. So happy! They finaly got together in the end.
  • this is so sad

    o m g i cant belive it ended . this was the sadest episode ever but it was funny with ross and phoebe in the taxi on there way to the airport . this really ended up on a good note with ross and rachel getting together , monica and chandler getting there twins which was also very funny , chandler in the birthing room. it was so so so so sad at the end when they leave there keys and go to the coffee shop . there will never be another show like this one it made me laugh all the time
  • I LOVE F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!

    I watched this very episode 2 to 3 years ago and i chose to write the review today. haha. Anyway, the first time i watched this episode, I cried buckets! the writers of this show, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, they rule the most man! Im so bummed that Friends are gonna end just like that. And on top of that, after the 2nd season, Joey got cancelled. I do think that friends is the best show in history next to happy days. haha yeah. When rachel called back and ross heard her epihany on the message, I was surprised at the plot change.
  • The perfect ending of friends.. Ross and Rachel finally got etch other, Phoebe and Mike talks about kids, Monica and Chandler adopts twins.. all you need was a girl to Joey, but it was probably because Matt Leblanc wanted to make Joey afterwards.

    The perfect ending of friends.. Ross and Rachel finally got etch other, Phoebe and Mike talks about kids, Monica and Chandler adopts twins.. All you need was a girl to Joey, but it was probably because matt Leblanc wanted to make "Joey" afterwards. It was a perfect ending for a perfect TV-show.
  • best series finale ever.

    kept me crying the whole time i watched it. i was so touched. I was so sad to think that this would be the very last time ever i will see a fresh episode of friends. Ross and Rachel all the way baby! it was soo cute how they ended up together at last. the funniest was when monica and chandler dont no about the twins. its hillarious! Friends was the funniest show i have ever seen and it was too bad that they had to end it. But it lasted 10 years. wow. thats like the longest show ever. I love friends. Forever in my heart
  • The saddest episode ever! Couldn't stop crying!

    This episode was the exact ending to Friends I wished for. Ross and Rachel are indescribable. When he was listening to her message, her asking to get off the plane, an he goes 'did she get off? did she get off?' and of course, Rachel is right there, and she says 'yea.' And it was so happy but SO sad! It was such a bittersweet ending, I can't even say. The last episode of friends can never, will never, be forgotten. I was a mere 11 year old when it aired, and didn't watch it then, but I have watched it countless times afterward. It doesn't get any better than that.
  • so sad!

    This was a great ending to an even greater's so sad it had to go...but they ended it well..and i was very satisfied. It's always hard to let a show go, but i think Friends was ended greatly...i just wish all shows could run as smoothly and have such good reviews as this one..hopefully being an O.C. fan i hope that, even if it has nothing to do with anything, that the producers will take some hints from the Friends finale and make a good The O.C. finale..something that everyone will remember. Friends definitely did that..I know i'll always remember it!!!
  • I'd give it a 10 if it wasn't so sad...

    Aww..This was a brilliant episode.Not so much funny.But it was really good.The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it almost made me cry... and I don't like to cry!
    In this episode we see Ross chases Rachel to the airport-with the help of Phobee and her crazy cab driving.In the end he makes it to the wrong airport.Ross then go's home.He's the sadest person in the world.Then he gets a voice message from Rachel saying she wants to come home to him.But he doesn't know if she's off the plane.Suddenly the door opens and theres Rachael.They get back together.Meanwhile Monica and Chandler are leaving for their new home.And Joey must break open the fuseball table to save Chick Jr.
    It was a great and sad episode.

    I just really wish they would bring it back!
  • Everybody saw it coming

    Who didnt know that ross and rachel were gonna end up together, even though everyone knew they were gonna be together, i couldnt really see them doing anything else, because that's Friends, when i look at this series overall, i see so many stroylines that they took from Seinfeld. the man purse, episodes where setting is in the same place about one topic, the same fake names that pheobe and joey use. and even an unsuccessful spin off show with one of their characters. Season 5 and 6 were the best for friends, the later season were just a waste.
  • Couldn't have been any better!

    So many years of FRIENDS and suddenly it was all over, but the ending really couldn't have been better.
    I was always hoping for Rachel and Ross to get back together and the way they did was just great. It was funny, but yet sooo sad and touching. I practically cried a river over that...
    The best scene in the entire finale was the very last one when they were all standing there, then pulling their keys out and Chandler asking "where?" when they were heading out for coffee. It was the best way they possibly could have ended this amazing show.
    I miss it sooo much, but fortunately there are a lot of episodes to watch over and over again when I feel like it :-)
  • aahhh the final episode brings tears and smiles.

    Okay, friends is over. Horrible, Horibble words to my world. I didnt know which to be; excited to see a new episode and what would happen with this being the ending and all, or torn apart that my favorite show was over. i just remember the stand out moment of that to me was when ross goes to the wrong air port. the words were so heart breaking.
    "why, where are you?" "...JFK" ahh i was so sad, but the ending was PERFECT. i couldnt think of any better way to put it (if i would ever be able to bring it to an end). AMAZING writting, and timing.
  • a ending to the best show ever!

    i luv this episode! it was the best ending to a great show and the best episode in the history of friends i wish it would of never ended but it did so i haft to deal but i will soon get this episode on DVD and watch it over and over again cause the last time a saw this episode was a two years ago so i want to see this episode so bad! but i will wait. once again this is the best episode in the histor of friends and a great ending to the greatest show in the world!
  • This last episode was so hard to watch!

    Wow - I can't believe that Friends has finally come to an end. I just began to watch this show a little while ago and finished all ten seasons in less than two and a half months. Suffice it to say I am in love with the characters and the humor on this show. It made me laugh and cry with all of the hilarious moments mixed in with such amazing things as Ross and Rachel's first kiss and the marriage proposal between Chandler and Monica. I know it's dorky but it honestly feels like losing a friend when the show is over - although you have the memories there will never be anything new to see or experience. I definitely think that the people who wrote and developed this show were true geniuses - how amazing to have a sitcom run for 10 years with the kind of following that Friends did! I just have to say, even though it is over - I'll still be watching.
  • A great ending to the best comedy in history!

    I loved the series finale of Friends! I'm so pleased with the writers for leaving each character in a good place. I'm so glad that Ross and Rachel got back together. When I first heard that was going to happen, I thought it was too good to be true, but I'm so glad I was wrong. Ross and Rachel made the show for me, and I don't even mind them not being together for the majority of the show, because they ended up together, and that's all that matters. The scene when he was listening to the message and wondering if she got off the plane was so sweet. I started crying the minute I heard "I got off the plane" and saw her face. I was so thrilled. I was in a good mood like the entire summer after the finale. The finale makes every episode better for me, because even if Ross and Rachel are fighting, I know that they will end up together and live happily ever after. God Bless You Marta, David, and Kevin for writing ten years of quality television and really delivering in the series finale. I wouldn't have changed a thing.
  • great series finale

    Now that was the most entertaining piece of tv that i have ever watched ever,I couldnt wait to see this and then i finally did and i was amazed, i thought the episode wouldnt be that good even though it is the series finale.I was wrong because i loved every minute of it.
    Spoilers ahead
    I loved that erica gave birth to twins so it feels so special.I was especially stunned and tear jerked when ross decides to go after ratchel to the air port and then it is great when ratchel comes back and gets of the plane.The last scene made me cry when they all left to go to central perk for a last time.
    fantastic, Brilliant ant Breathtaking.
  • *sob* its gone *sob*

    this was the biggest bit in friends history...i loved watching the series and now they all filthy rich i doubt they do it again..will miss all of the stupid stuff and miss happenings that are impossible to happen in reality . will mis all of the characters as this show made daytime tv bearable. hate to see it go as it really was a emotional rollarcoaster with them but any way all great things must end howevever great and fullfilling it was lol. this show will be greatly missed and i hope that all the episodes will be coming out as a boxset soon -well worth the folowing- xxx
  • I CRYED :'(

    this was the best episode of the series. i will never forget it. it made me cry and it made me laugh but ill still never forget it. the thing that saddened me most was that pheobe and joey didnt get together. i also didnt like it that chandler and monica moved away. that was the worst part . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i will neva eva forget this episode. . .
  • A great ending to a fantastic show!!!!!!!!!

    I taped this episode and I have watched it hundreds of times and it never ceases to amaze me how well these actors perform in such crucial episodes where the pressure is on to get it perfect. The episode was well written and a great way to say goodbye with all the characters having there own happy ending. I’ll miss this wonderful show and thank the cast for a wonderful 10 years. I only wish the show could have run longer and showed us a bit more about Chandler and Monica’s new family, Rachel and Ross’s new life together, Phoebe and Mike’s next stages in life and whether Joey gets married like the rest of the ‘Friends’. It was a great ending to a fantastic show.
  • Rachel and Ross are together, Monica and Chandler take care of the twins, Phoebe is happy on her life with Mike and Joey isn't sure what he should be doing.

    The final episode was dream come true. But I almost hoped that it would terribull beacouse then it wouldn't hurt so much that this would be the final episode of Friends, my fav show. But No... It was great. Fantastic if I may say. The hole show.. Ah.. It was just something that I cannot describe. But now, into stuff that happend on it!
    Ross and Rachel - ends up FINALLY together. That was great. It would kill me if they would leave all as wondering are they or aren't they.

    Monica and Chandler starts their new lives as parents, and that fits just wondrefully for them.

    Phobie is that same kinda as always. Funky hippie who likes to sing about Smelly Cat, even though she is now married with Mike. Joey... Oh dear dear. I'm so happy that afterwards camed out that he leaves in N.Y and goes to L.A to act beacause I wonder what that poor thing would do when every one starts a family and gets married and stuff. So.. There it ends. Friends, sensational comedy show. There it ends when the seven friends gives their keys. Keys to the apartment where is shot amazing episodes about seven friends for many happy years.
  • The One Where It All Ends...

    As you are sitting on your chair, watching the finale episode of your favorite show, which in this case should be Friends, you suddenly jump up and drop the popcorn on the floor, spill the Coke on your pants, and start to clap.

    "I got off the plane..." is the phrase that I don't think you might forget as soon as Rachel is at the doorway, looking at a frustrated Ross who just got beeped. "You got off the plane..." She DID get off the plane. And I DID think this was the best episode ever.

    Exciting, drama and tearjerker, yet filled with some humor to let our tears dry away. But it didn't work. "This is harder than I thought it would be..."
  • Monica and Chandler come home with their new babies. Ross tries to stop Rachel from going to France. Chandler and Joey must pull apart the Foozball table to get the Chick out.

    This was a fantastic episode! I can't believe its over! :-( To see Rachel and Ross back together again is great and the whole episode leaves you with the feeling of everything working out for the six of them. It was nice to see Chandler and Joey back together again. Its been a while since they have hung out like that.

    The only problem was the way it ended with Joey. I felt like all the other characters had really reached a different point in their life but Joey just stayed the same. Maybe thats just what fits the character.

    All up: Ten giant coffee cups out of ten!
  • The end of Friends!

    This is the final episode after 10 years of Friends! and they ended it in the perfect way!! I was very happy about it! Monica and Chandler finally got the kids they finally wanted. Except it was twins! Ross and Pheobe chase Rachel to the airport, but Rachel gets on the plane anyway! It was a little obvious she would get off the plane, but I was still glad that she did. For Chandler and Monica's going away present Joey buys a chick and a duck, and names them Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. Sadly Chandler and Monica have to move to a new house and leave everyone else behind. A great episode, I could not have asked for a better ending!
  • The friends end their ten year run

    This was a perfect ending to an amazing show. It was sweet, funny, with a touch of drama. Some sitcoms try to do big, shocking series finales, but not friends. They kept it simple and used the same formula that kept the show on for an entire decade. They have their three or so storylines. Rachel and Ross. Monica and Chandler moving and having babies. Chandler and Joey getting the chick out of the table. I especially liked the Ross and Rachel storyline because it ended just how I always thought it should. I didn't want a simple, quick solution. I wanted a long, up and down path were they ended up together. Which, of course, they did.
  • I will never forget this episode and I will never forget this show!

    Last night I watched the last episode of Friends (again). This was only my third time I watched the episode and it made me cry all over again. For me it's so hard to see the end of such an amazing show. It's hard to see that it really is over.

    This time I watched it with my little brother. For him Friends is nothing more than a funny show with good jokes. He doesn't even know all the names of the friends, allthough he comes close. He didn't understand why the word filange was so funny. He didn't understand when I cried when Rachel said: "I got of the plane." He didn't understand why he was supposed to laugh when Ross said: "Unless we're on a break." And he didn't care that it was the last time they walked out of the apartment. I DID.

    I've been watching Friends over the last couple of years. I have seen every episode of every season and I love it. And it's so amazing to see the end. To see the end with one last joke and one last smile. And when you see them walk away, you know that they will always be the people that we all loved so much, that group of six. And you also know that they will always be friends, best friends, forever. And I also know that Friends will live on forever, in me.

  • And the curtains close...

    After 10 years of love, friendship, and laughter, this series finale definitely ends the show in a remarkable, emotional, and comedic way.

    Ross and Rachel sleep together the night before Rachel has to go Paris, but Rachel considers it as the best way to say goodbye, leaving Ross crushed. Joey tries to comfort Ross, surprisingly well and maturely, but Ross refuses to listen and goes after Rachel in the airport.

    Monica and Chandler\'s baby is being born 3 weeks prior the due date. Little did they know that they were about to have twins, a boy, Jack, and a girl, Erica.

    Joey gets The Bings a chick and a duck for a housewarming present, but they get stuck in the foosball table. They are forced to say goodbye to the foosball table, which Monica tears down.

    Rachel at first refuses to stay after a long and thrilling chase from Ross and Phoebe. When Ross gets back home, he finds out that Rachel was trying to get off the plane, creating a nice scene with Ross and the answering machine. One of the most emotional scenes in the show then happens when Rachel says \"I got off the plane.\"

    The show ends with the apartment being emptied, and everyong giving up their keys. They then walk out for one final cup of coffee together.

    All together this episode is definitely one of the most memorable episodes. The major plotlines are given a beautiful resolution, finishing off with a joke from Chandler.

    It\'s pretty cool how Monica says the first line of the show and Chandler gets the last.
  • Emotional and definitely the best.

    The finale and one of my favorite episodes of Friends!!!
    The finale episode of "Friends" was about Rachel who was on the verge of going to Paris, and Ross who was on the verge of stopping her and confessing his true love to Rachel. It was also about Monica and Chandler's new step in their relationship. As they plan on moving to the suburbs with the new baby Erica and Jack, Joey brings them a housewarming present --Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.-- which he loses in the foosball table. Phoebe and Ross rush to the airport to catch Rachel, but end up at the wrong one. They quickly make it to the right one as Ross confesses his true love to Rachel, who aboards the plane anyway. As a dejected Ross returns home, he listens to a message Rachel has left him on the plane. She confesses her true love to him too as the real thing happens behind him. Rachel gets off the plane; Ross and Rachel make up; Monica and Chandler move out.
  • How could anyone forget this episode...

    Monica and Chandler come home from the hospital with twins. Rachael gets to see the twins but then has to go to catch her plane flight. Ross relizes that he has feelings for Rachael. So Pheobe and Ross go to the airport to stop Rachael. But instead they arrive at the wrong airport. Pheobe then calls Rachael on her cell phone and makes up some dumb excuse to get off the plane. The person sitting next to her hears and warns everyone to get off the plane. The flight was delayed and Ross gets there in time to tell rachael how he reall feels about her. She is speechless and gets on the plane. When Ross gets home he has a message from Rachael saying if she made the right choice. You hear her trying to get off the plane and the message is over. Ross then screams,\"No... Did she get off the plane?\" Rachael who is behind him says, \"She got off the plane...\"

    So at the end of the episode Ross and Rachael are back together, Monica and Chandler have twins and are moving to a new home, Pheobe has a husband, and Joey still has his same apartment. In the last few minutes you see them remincing about their times together. At the very end tehy walk off the go to the coffe shop one last time, all together.
  • The final episode of Friends is the best episode of TV EVER!!! Ross and Rachel are together, Chandler and Monica leave, Phoebe and Mike decide to have a child, and Joey is just Joey. The final scene is perfect, as is this show.

    I started watching friends in the 7th season and now I own every season. It broke my heart when they decided to stop new episodes, but all good things must come to an end. The way the show ended was just perfect. Rachel and Ross had to be together forever, and Chandler and Monica will always be my favorite couple. Luckily there will always be the wonderful things called re-runs. Good bye to Friends, thank you so much for 10 years of pure happiness and wonderful television. This show defined a cultural change that will always be in our hearts.
  • :-)

    Ross and Phoebe chase Rachel to the airport, but end up at the wrong one. They narrowly make it to the right airport, where Ross declares his love for Rachel, but she gets on the plane anyway. A dejected Ross returns home, where he finds a message on his answering machine, revealing that Rachel got off the plane, just as the real thing shows up behind him. They decide to be together. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica finish packing for their move to the suburbs, and Joey loses Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. in the foosball table. Strahoten episod. Mnogo mi haresva.
  • Totally predictable, but that\'s okay.

    The end of the show was totally predictable, but that\\\'s okay. I know that I wanted Ross and Rachel to end up together and no matter how predictable it was, I\\\'m glad it happened. The thing that was best about it though wa the fact that even though it was so predictable, you still didn\'t know how it was going to happen. This episode wasn\\\'t a tearjerker like the previous weeks episode, when Rachel says goodbye to everyone. I was able to hold off the tears until Rachel was at the door, when I burst out laughing and into tears at the same time. I\\\'m glad everyone ended up happy. After 10 years, it\\\'s what everyone deserves. Like I said,it was totally predictable, but that\'s okay with me.
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