Season 10 Episode 20

The Last One (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • The season finale: in simple form? Rachel and Ross, back together after a hot pursuit from Ross's part, Monica and Chandler have twins care of Erica the woman carrying not their baby but babies.

    This episode disappointed me, which was disappointing that it disappointed me (getting confusing, I know) because it's the finale. Not the season finale, the SERIES finale. So it should be the best. But then again the producers did say it would be like a regular episode. It was worse than a regular episode.

    Okay, so Ross and Rachel get back together. I don't see why they are "destined" to be together. I never liked it when they were together but maybe that's just me. Erica who was carrying Monica and Chandler's baby turns out to be carrying babies. In the plural. The delivery of the babies is so quick it's not believable at all and the woman playing Erica didn't express the pain you usually associate with giving birth. Making it all the less believable. I'm not saying I want to hear yelps of pain or anything but it's just not believable. But it is, TV, so anything's possible.

    This episode was a Rachel-Ross-get-back-together-again thing with the subplot of Monica and Chandler's elation of their new babies. Phoebe and Joey are just along for the ride it seems. The ending was good enough because it let you know right away it was at a close. But it also left you hanging at the same time. Did Rachel and Ross get married again? And how are Monica and Chandler doing with the parenting? But I guess like any high rated shows it has to come to an end. I only wish they had redone the script so make it a better end.
  • Rachel tries to get on the plane to Paris, but she can't find her boarding pass. Ross is trying to get to the airport so he can tell Rachel how he feels. Joey loses chick and duck in foosball table. Erica delivers twins for Monica and Chandler.

    Though not one of my favorite episodes, it was a great episode and one that any Friends fan would greatly enjoy. There were funny moments, but I think the ending was bittersweet. It was a little sad to watch the gang and think 'They're not going to be doing this anymore'.

    The only reason I did not give it a 10 was because I didn't like the way it ended. I thought there was more story to tell. I would have liked to have seen it go on for one more season and the series finale should have been Ross and Rachel's wedding. Then they could have done flashback shows to show how their relationship (or non-relationship) evolved.

    I love this episode. Is definitely one of the best episodes ever! Phoebe and Ross together are hilarious especially when they are in phoebe's cab, and Chandler and Joey also.
    I cried and laughed so much during this episode.
    Long live F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!! The best sitcom in the world! Top Class Programme
  • One of the worst ways to end a show about friends.

    This coupled with the episode before made the series finale and I think the worst way to end the show. The whole Ross Rachel thing was not concluded because they did not get married, just decided to "be together" I mean even that lame joke Ross made shows how stupid it was. They could have a separation and be on a break and then what? It was bad enough that they were in love and had a child and did not get married, but now with her moving they still did not. It would still have been better it one of them proposed to the other.
  • The Last One (2)

    Perfect ending for a wonderful show. Ross (with Phoebe) rushes to the airport to tell Rachel how he feels, but ends up at the wrong airport, he makes it just in time to tell Rachel how he feels, but she gets on the plane anyway.
    They end up together. They all leave their key on the counter, and go out for one last coffee together. I am glad they ended it the way they did, it was really good.
  • As Rachel once said, "It's the end of an era!"

    After ten years, 236 episodes, we have finally reached "FRIENDS"'s season finale. The twenty-something New Yorkians have grown and became wiser. They have had relationships intertwine so much even one with Ross and Monica was once introduced (creepy).

    And now, everyone we've come to know and love has to leave. Chandler and Monica finally have their babies and are ready to move away. Phoebe is married. Ross and Rachel finally get back together, hopefully for the last time. And Joey, well he's still Joey. But at least he has L.A..

    This was a really great episode. It is possibly one of the ten best episodes and a wonderful conclusion to the decade-long show. And again quoting Rachel, "It's the perfect way to say goodbye."
  • this episode was the series fanale of friends.

    although i enjoyed the beginnig, i think the ending of this episode was weak. the last shot of the series is the door. for me, i don't think that was the best way to end. if they stayed on the keys, that would be bettr, but what memerories does the door have othr that some1 coming in w/ big news???
  • "Just the perfect way to say goodbye"

    It's "just the perfect way to say goodbye", says Rachel to Ross early on in this series finale, refering to their night together and her departure to Paris, and the same is true of "The Last One" as a show. No better way could've been found to end this show in a graceful, moving, non-gimmicky manner.

    When the writers pulled the "Rachel is moving" trick, I actually went against my better instincts (which had told me from the pilot episode on that Ross and Rachel would finally end up together) and fear that the show might end on an ambiguous, bittersweet note.

    I was proven wrong and the above-mentioned trick makes for a very exciting ending as Ross and Phoebe race to find Rachel before she leaves so that Ross can tell her how he feels about her. I admit freely that despite this being the third time I watched the episode, I have yet to see a clear picture of Ross and Rachel's reunion because every time my sight blurs from a few happy tears. Yes, I'm that emotionally invested.

    The same is true of the other goodbyes (Joey - Chandler especially) and some of the heartwarming flourishes the writers put in the show: Gunther finally admitting his love for Rachel, Joey getting a new chick and duck, the dismantling of the foosball table, the birth of Monica and Chandler's twins, Phoebe in full "weird" mode singing musical numbers etc...

    It's funny, It's happy and sad at the same time... the perfect way to say goodbye really.
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