Season 10 Episode 20

The Last One (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • One of the worst ways to end a show about friends.

    This coupled with the episode before made the series finale and I think the worst way to end the show. The whole Ross Rachel thing was not concluded because they did not get married, just decided to "be together" I mean even that lame joke Ross made shows how stupid it was. They could have a separation and be on a break and then what? It was bad enough that they were in love and had a child and did not get married, but now with her moving they still did not. It would still have been better it one of them proposed to the other.
  • Everybody saw it coming

    Who didnt know that ross and rachel were gonna end up together, even though everyone knew they were gonna be together, i couldnt really see them doing anything else, because that's Friends, when i look at this series overall, i see so many stroylines that they took from Seinfeld. the man purse, episodes where setting is in the same place about one topic, the same fake names that pheobe and joey use. and even an unsuccessful spin off show with one of their characters. Season 5 and 6 were the best for friends, the later season were just a waste.
  • Great finally - if you are a Ross and Rachel fan. If you're not, then not so great. This was not a finally for a show about friends, this was a finally for a show about a couple.

    Ross and Rachel got easily 50% of the screen time, if not more. And yet they managed to do nothing even remotely funny or original with their storyline. We have seen this type of scenario time and time (and time) again. Had Rachel really gone to Paris I might have liked it, for that would have been at least original. But she didn't. And the annoying thing is, you know that they probably broke up again after a few weeks or so. They just don't match. Rachel is too controlling and has to be right all the time, and she brings out the worst in Ross. Ross on the other hand completely gives up his personality to be her puppy dog. They can't make each other happy.

    I remember back in season two it was decided that Rachel is Ross' lobster. I also remember that he is allergic to shellfish.

    What was with the laugh track? I understand that they sometimes have to use one, it doesn't really bother me much, but in this episode they really took it a bit too far. Whatever a person did got a round of laughs (unless it aws supposed to be sad). Ross looks out from under a quilt - laughs. He looks at Rachel - laughs. He says something non-comedic (like "hi") - laughs. It just got ridiculous! There were even laughs when Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross took out their spare keys to leave behind in the apartment. We know Monica gave them spare keys, where exactly is the joke here?

    I felt really bad for Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow. They got to be supporting cast in their own series finally. No storylines of their own, no real conclusion for either one of them. Monica and Chandler did have their screen time with the baby storyline but that one was rather toned down in favor of Ross and Rachel.

    I am seriously disappointed that they put the major focus of this final episode onto Ross and Rachel. I know they have a fanbase, but what about the rest of the fans of the show? Shouldn't this episode have been for us too? Apparently not.

    I was pretty glad though to get to see Joey and Chandler together in the last episode, the way we used to get to see them. The goodbye between them was much more moving than any of the scenes with Ross and Rachel.

    By the way I still think it's quite disturbing that Ross doesn't care at all that Emma is leaving, only Rachel.

    Pretty lame that they reused a line from Ben's birth by the way. In that episode Phoebe said that Ben looks just like Susan, who isn't a biological parent, and in this episode Chandler says baby Jack has Monica's eyes. Great creativity, nice work. Not.

    When did Erica get stupid? She wasn't an idiot in the first episodes she appeared in. But then again the writers seem to know only two ways of cracking jokes - sex and stupidity. And since you can't very well do sex jokes with a woman in labour they had to go with stupid instead.

    If you ask me, the last episode should have ended with all six of them hanging out at Chandler and Monica's new house, showing that nothing's really changed.

    As it is now, it's not even worth watching. Not if you're a fan of Friends. But it was a nice end to the Ross and Rachel Show.
  • Too mushy

    I still cannot get over the fact that Rachel and Ross got together. By the end of the series the chemistry between Joey and Rachel was far more convincing than Ross. Their coming together looked contrived. Also everybody goes different ways. 10 years they lived together and I am guessing they could have just continued that way. By the end of the series, it became just too sentimental and one had to force a laugh. The only 2 characters that never changed were Rachel and Joey and it would have been just perfect if they would have got together.
  • Good... but slightly predictable.

    I LOVED this episode when it aired. I mean, yay! Ross and Rachel get together! Everyone is happy!!! But, then, as I have reflected on it, it isn't so great.

    Rachel doesn't go to Paris. It was an amazing job. I think it would have been better for her to go to Paris and not have all that Ross and Rachel stuff. I know that R&R were a foundation of the series and that it is nice to see them happy. But I also have issues with Rachel not taking that job. So predictable and cliche. My main issue with that is I am not so sure Ross and Rachel really are meant to be together. Its just something that I have thought a lot about through various series... okay, maybe that makes me pathetic. But, I honestly don't think that they are right together.

    I loved the Monica/Chandler storyline with the babies. Although I am surprised that they were able to go home from the hospital so fast, and that they were able to get so much stuff for the twins, like a double stroller, so fast. Actually, anything. I mean, the babies were early so they would probably have to be in the premie unit, with little complications. And they didn't have time to go shopping for things like carseats which are required before you leave the hospital. I know it was for the show, but little things like that take me out of the flow of the story than if they slightly mention it. I will admit though it makes for a great reveal with Joey not noticing.

    I felt like Joey and Phoebe were basically ignored for the story. Again, I realize that R&R are hallmark friends, but it was so just 'okay, yay, phoebe and mike are going to have babies... and joey is still joey' it wasn't much of anything to do with them, which is a real disappointment. I wish they had at least made mention of Joey going off to Hollywood for the spinoff.

    So, it is still an enjoyable episode, but, it was predictable. But, it was a good ending to an amazing series.
  • The season finale: in simple form? Rachel and Ross, back together after a hot pursuit from Ross's part, Monica and Chandler have twins care of Erica the woman carrying not their baby but babies.

    This episode disappointed me, which was disappointing that it disappointed me (getting confusing, I know) because it's the finale. Not the season finale, the SERIES finale. So it should be the best. But then again the producers did say it would be like a regular episode. It was worse than a regular episode.

    Okay, so Ross and Rachel get back together. I don't see why they are "destined" to be together. I never liked it when they were together but maybe that's just me. Erica who was carrying Monica and Chandler's baby turns out to be carrying babies. In the plural. The delivery of the babies is so quick it's not believable at all and the woman playing Erica didn't express the pain you usually associate with giving birth. Making it all the less believable. I'm not saying I want to hear yelps of pain or anything but it's just not believable. But it is, TV, so anything's possible.

    This episode was a Rachel-Ross-get-back-together-again thing with the subplot of Monica and Chandler's elation of their new babies. Phoebe and Joey are just along for the ride it seems. The ending was good enough because it let you know right away it was at a close. But it also left you hanging at the same time. Did Rachel and Ross get married again? And how are Monica and Chandler doing with the parenting? But I guess like any high rated shows it has to come to an end. I only wish they had redone the script so make it a better end.
  • this episode was the series fanale of friends.

    although i enjoyed the beginnig, i think the ending of this episode was weak. the last shot of the series is the door. for me, i don't think that was the best way to end. if they stayed on the keys, that would be bettr, but what memerories does the door have othr that some1 coming in w/ big news???
  • i love this episode!

    this is an amazing episode. with an awsome storyline and a great way to end the best sitcom ever.Friends waz the funniest show on earth. and to see that ross and rachel end up together, to find out that chandler and monica live happlily ever after and its awsome that joey gets his own show. i really love this episode and it was worth the wait. it sucks that it had to end. and this was the right episode to end it with. and the ending of this episode was so cool when the whole gang went for one last cup of coffee. a great episode.
  • Great episode! awesome way to end the series!

    this was actually a nice ending to the show, it was very conclusive and i liked it a lot. some parts i thought were funny:
    ~how nobody but the doctor knew Erica was having twins
    ~how joey asks for a muffin when Ross and Phoebe leave to go see Rachel before she boards the plane
    ~when Rachel boards the plane and says her seat number is the same as her bra size
    ~when the twins are born and then Mike and Phoebe start talking about babies
    ~and when the Foosball table had to be broken apart to save chick jr. and duck jr. i also really liked the end, when they all give up their keys and all that stuff, it was very sweet.
  • How could anyone forget this episode...

    Monica and Chandler come home from the hospital with twins. Rachael gets to see the twins but then has to go to catch her plane flight. Ross relizes that he has feelings for Rachael. So Pheobe and Ross go to the airport to stop Rachael. But instead they arrive at the wrong airport. Pheobe then calls Rachael on her cell phone and makes up some dumb excuse to get off the plane. The person sitting next to her hears and warns everyone to get off the plane. The flight was delayed and Ross gets there in time to tell rachael how he reall feels about her. She is speechless and gets on the plane. When Ross gets home he has a message from Rachael saying if she made the right choice. You hear her trying to get off the plane and the message is over. Ross then screams,\"No... Did she get off the plane?\" Rachael who is behind him says, \"She got off the plane...\"

    So at the end of the episode Ross and Rachael are back together, Monica and Chandler have twins and are moving to a new home, Pheobe has a husband, and Joey still has his same apartment. In the last few minutes you see them remincing about their times together. At the very end tehy walk off the go to the coffe shop one last time, all together.
  • Totally predictable, but that\'s okay.

    The end of the show was totally predictable, but that\\\'s okay. I know that I wanted Ross and Rachel to end up together and no matter how predictable it was, I\\\'m glad it happened. The thing that was best about it though wa the fact that even though it was so predictable, you still didn\'t know how it was going to happen. This episode wasn\\\'t a tearjerker like the previous weeks episode, when Rachel says goodbye to everyone. I was able to hold off the tears until Rachel was at the door, when I burst out laughing and into tears at the same time. I\\\'m glad everyone ended up happy. After 10 years, it\\\'s what everyone deserves. Like I said,it was totally predictable, but that\'s okay with me.
  • make sure you have a box of tissues!

    After 10 years Friends is ending,which isn't nessecarily a bad thing.Things have been bad for Friends this season.First of all,not a good way to end the show.You know how while they show the credits they show one last little clip?It ended when they went to go have one last cup of coffe.They could have at least showed what they talked about and show them having the cup of coffe.I cried and I always will cry.It was a happy ending,Monica and Chandler got the babies they always wanted,ross and raechel ended up together AGAIN,Joey moved to California with his cousin and pheobe went to live with Mike.second best episode and an Ok way to end a great series.
  • This is where it all ends...Ultimate sadness to see it go.

    I watch this episode on rainy days, when I'm bored, or sometimes when I just need some comfort. It was nice to see it all wrap up happily. For years I had rooted for Ross and Rachel and the writers did the right thing for the biggest angsty, "Will they, won't they" couple in the history of primetime. I was also happy that Monica and Chandler got two bundles of joy. Joey and Phoebe were Joey and Phoebe. After years of watching, it was sad to see it all end. While ends were tied up, it would have been nice to see a years later shot with all their kids playing together or at least a mention of a Ross and Rachel wedding or marriage. All in all though, nice ending.
  • The end of Friends!

    This is the final episode after 10 years of Friends! and they ended it in the perfect way!! I was very happy about it! Monica and Chandler finally got the kids they finally wanted. Except it was twins! Ross and Pheobe chase Rachel to the airport, but Rachel gets on the plane anyway! It was a little obvious she would get off the plane, but I was still glad that she did. For Chandler and Monica's going away present Joey buys a chick and a duck, and names them Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. Sadly Chandler and Monica have to move to a new house and leave everyone else behind. A great episode, I could not have asked for a better ending!
  • I'd give it a 10 if it wasn't so sad...

    Aww..This was a brilliant episode.Not so much funny.But it was really good.The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it almost made me cry... and I don't like to cry!
    In this episode we see Ross chases Rachel to the airport-with the help of Phobee and her crazy cab driving.In the end he makes it to the wrong airport.Ross then go's home.He's the sadest person in the world.Then he gets a voice message from Rachel saying she wants to come home to him.But he doesn't know if she's off the plane.Suddenly the door opens and theres Rachael.They get back together.Meanwhile Monica and Chandler are leaving for their new home.And Joey must break open the fuseball table to save Chick Jr.
    It was a great and sad episode.

    I just really wish they would bring it back!
  • make it to the right airport, where Ross declares his love for Rachel, but she gets on the plane anyway. A dejected Ross returns home, where he finds a message on his answering machine, revealing that Rachel got off the plane, just as the real thing shows

    I cried so much at the end of this episode and have it on tape and i watched it so much i swear the tape is crying out to be left for a day!
    Anyway this episode brought all six friends together over all 10 years we never saw what great moments and they were all shown in this episode.All the emotions we could ever fell were in this episode i never realised i could be jealous of Rachels skirt hee he anyway this show is greatly missed and will alway be one of the greatest finals ever made throughout the world!!
  • a great way to say goodbye

    i would've rethought maybe a tad of the writing but it was excellent, and well executed. it was sad to see them go. i think the decision to have the second to final shot be of them walking out of the buliding was great, and have the final shot be on the door frame.
  • Super cool

    Funny cool
  • I love friends.

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  • Its the last episode of the series. Rachel and Ross get together, Monica and Chandler have 2 babies.

    I really loved this episode!... I laughed a lot, and i think it was the perfect way to end it, because we can really see everything fitting together...finally we see that Rachel and Ross will be together for ever!, Monica and Chandler are happy with their babies, Phoebe is married and Joey is doing pretty well on his job. Some parts of it made me cry because they were really emotional and touching, and also because I knew it was the last episode of one of my fav series ever... so even though i was kind of deppressed because there wouldnt be any more new episodes i felt good because it really was everything i expected it to be!

    LOVE IT!
  • It made me sad to see it all end.

    The best show vere. It had to end. I cried. I really did. [edit] Part 1
    Phoebe and Joey pack Monica and Chandler's belongings as the couple accompany Erica, who went into labor at the end of the previous episode, to the hospital. Meanwhile, Rachel leaves Ross's bedroom after their apparent reunion in the previous episode. Erica gives birth to twins, to the surprise of Monica and Chandler, who were expecting only one child. At his apartment, Joey shows Phoebe his house-warming gift for Monica and Chandler: A chick and duck to replace the ones that died. Ross arrives and confesses to the pair that he slept with Rachel. Rachel emerges from her bedroom and, to his disappointment, tells Ross that the sex was "the perfect way to say goodbye".

    Later in Central Perk, Phoebe convinces Ross to tell Rachel how he feels about her before she leaves for her new job in Paris. As he is about to tell her, Gunther (James Michael Tyler) steps in front of him and confesses his love for Rachel. Back at Monica and Chandler's apartment, Ross decides not to tell Rachel, for fear of rejection. She prepares to leave to catch her flight, but waits long enough for Monica and Chandler to return with the babies. After she leaves, Ross has a change of heart, and he and Phoebe follow Rachel to the airport in her taxi.[2]

    [edit] Part 2 Joey returns to his apartment to fetch chick and the duck , he was hiding , but finds they have become trapped in the foosball table. He and Chandler decide to break it open when they cannot find any other way of getting the birds out. Phoebe's reckless driving gets Ross and her to the airport and after buying a ticket to get past security they search the information boards for Rachel's flight number. Ross checks the number with Monica but discovers they are at JFK Airport, while Rachel was flying out of nearby Newark Airport. Phoebe phones Rachel, who has already boarded her flight, to stall her for time. When a passenger overhears Phoebe saying there is a problem with the plane, he gets off the plane, prompting everyone else to leave. Chandler and Joey have difficulty breaking open the table, so Monica does it for them. When they retrieve the birds, Chandler suggests Joey keep them.

    Phoebe and Ross arrive at the airport as Rachel boards the plane again. Ross tells her he loves her but she is unable to deal with his confession and gets on the plane anyway. Ross returns home, dejected, and finds a message from Rachel on the phone. She explains her actions and decides to get off the plane, but the message cuts off. Ross turns around to see Rachel standing in the doorway and they embrace. The following morning, the friends gather in Monica and Chandler's empty apartment. They decide to go for a cup of coffee before Monica and Chandler leave for the new house.
  • Superb!

    It was sad when the big hit show finished, but it did finsh with a big bang! When chandler and monica finally moved out of the flat and started a family...with twins!
    ross and rachel finally got back together after alot of antisipation!
    and they had there last cup of coffee in centrel perk...
    all five actors had a blossoming friendship and showed alot of chemisty on the television making the programme 10 times better!,
    they tried making a spin-off called joey but people didnt really watch it even though personally i like the spin-off joey! i thought it was great!
    friends you get a 10/10! you were superb!
  • "(To babies) So look around, you guys. This was your first home. And it was a happy place. Full of love, and laughter. But more important, because of rent control, it was a friggin' steal!"-Chandler Bing.

    Ross and Rachel sleep together - Ross thinks it'll make her stay; Rachel thinks it's a good way to say goodbye. Gunther tells Rachel he's in love with her. Everyone's surprised when Erica delivers twins. Ross and Phoebe race to the airport to tell Rachel of his feelings - but she gets on the plane anyway. She then has a change of heart and reconciles with Ross. The gang turn in their keys to Monica and Chandler's apartment and go out for one last coffee all together. This was very sad after ten long and enjoyable years my favourite sitcom finnished I don't think we will see anything as funny as this ever agian, I loved the series so much it has had me laughing so much and it still makes me laugh now, this was a great conclusion to the series.
  • What an amazing show.

    It was so hard to see this show go. It was truly one of the all time greats. It is so hard to say that ten years has passed. It is however rather helpfull, when you miss six of the greatest characters that were ever created to sit down and watch old reruns or the seasons on dvd. Friends will be much mised. I am happy that Ross and Rachel got together in the end. Monica and Chanlers babies are sooo cute. Just thinking about the end of this era makes me want to cry. Friends was truly one of the greatest shows ever.
  • I can't believe it's over, but it ended very well.

    I can't believe it's over, but it ended very well.

    It's hard to believe that the very successful and utterly hilarious FRIENDS is over.
    I started watching FRIENDS at the 10th season premiere and became immediately hooked. I found it very difficult to leave these very funny friends... So I'm buying the seasons on DVD so that I can see all the episodes I miss. I also watch them on TBS and THE CW but it's really more fun to own them on DVD. Good-bye Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel. Yeah, i still watch reruns, But who in their right mind wouldn't?
  • This was good, really good. I loved it.

    FRIENDS has been a favorite show of mine since it's 5th or 6th season. I've seen almost all of the episodes from season 1, and just about all of them after season 6, too. Then again, I was only 2 when this show started... LOL But, yeah, once I found out about this show, I immediately fell in love with it. My mother wanted to kill me because I was like 7 or 8 when I first started watching FRIENDS. My grandmother loves this show, too. But it was funny that I was able to understand the show better than she did. My aunt was the same way. I still understand a lot better than they do. LOL Anyway, this episode was awesome. It was really funny, too. That's basically what this show was meant for, too. I'm glad that FRIENDS ended the way it did. I noticed there were a lot of emotional things that went on between the cast members, too. Well, I've been upset about the ending of the show, but all things must come to an end someday and somehow. So, as I said when this episode was over "Farewell to an awesome show. Great job to everyone and I will miss you forever and ever!!!!!" I did say that, by the way. I was being a total drama queen.
  • i am so sad.I almost cried:)

    when i watched this episode i had to wacth it alone because i knew it would make me sad! You probably think i am wierd but it was just so emotional when rachel says 'i got off the plane'and the whole audience sreams.I thought this whole episode was just a brilliant way to end a briliant show.I loved the emotion but i also loved it at the end where they all put their keys on the table.everything about this episode was just really great!The parts at the airport were just so sad and they made me feel really sad the show was ending.I Love friends and i am so glad it is coming back!:)
  • "a great end to a great show"

    Ross and Phoebe chase Rachel to the airport, but end up at the wrong one. They narrowly make it to the right airport, where Ross declares his love for Rachel, but she gets on the plane anyway. A rejected Ross returns home, where he finds a message on his answering machine, revealing that Rachel got off the plane, just as the real thing shows up behind him. They decide to be together. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica finish packing for their move to the suburbs, and Joey loses Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. in the foosball table. a great end to a great show.
  • this is so sad

    o m g i cant belive it ended . this was the sadest episode ever but it was funny with ross and phoebe in the taxi on there way to the airport . this really ended up on a good note with ross and rachel getting together , monica and chandler getting there twins which was also very funny , chandler in the birthing room. it was so so so so sad at the end when they leave there keys and go to the coffee shop . there will never be another show like this one it made me laugh all the time
  • I LOVE F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!

    I watched this very episode 2 to 3 years ago and i chose to write the review today. haha. Anyway, the first time i watched this episode, I cried buckets! the writers of this show, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, they rule the most man! Im so bummed that Friends are gonna end just like that. And on top of that, after the 2nd season, Joey got cancelled. I do think that friends is the best show in history next to happy days. haha yeah. When rachel called back and ross heard her epihany on the message, I was surprised at the plot change.
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