Season 10 Episode 20

The Last One (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • the last ever episode of friends, which will make you want to cry

    in this episode ross finally admits his love for rachel and he and phoebe rush to the airport to stop her going. meanwhile chandler and monica are packing away the apartment when joey is going to give them thier housewarming present-a baby chick and a baby duck.however they get stuck in the fooseball table and thier only option is to break it open and get them out.
    meanwhile phoebe and ross get to the airport but they then realise rachel has already got on the plane and that they are at the wrong airport. phoebe then calls up rachel and tells her to get off the plane. a nervous passenger on the plane hears the conversation and gets off the plane. then everybody on the plane gets off. ross finally gets to the airport and declares his love for rachel but she gets on the plane anyway.ross then gets back home and listens to his answering machine. it is rachel saying sorry and realising she loves him too, she frantically pleads with the hostess to get off the plane. the message ends and ross says " did she get off the plane?" rachel is behind him and says"i got off the plane". they then kiss and vowe not to ruin it again.
    monica walks in on chandler and joey who cant break the fooseball table and breaks it open herself.chandler then tells joey to keep the chick and duck. they then hug and the final scene is with the six friends in the empty apartment. in the end they all put thier keys on the table and they all go out for one last coffee. the camera pans around the apartment, finishing on the door, and that marks the last ever episode of friends.