Season 10 Episode 20

The Last One (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • Great episode! awesome way to end the series!

    this was actually a nice ending to the show, it was very conclusive and i liked it a lot. some parts i thought were funny:
    ~how nobody but the doctor knew Erica was having twins
    ~how joey asks for a muffin when Ross and Phoebe leave to go see Rachel before she boards the plane
    ~when Rachel boards the plane and says her seat number is the same as her bra size
    ~when the twins are born and then Mike and Phoebe start talking about babies
    ~and when the Foosball table had to be broken apart to save chick jr. and duck jr. i also really liked the end, when they all give up their keys and all that stuff, it was very sweet.