Season 10 Episode 20

The Last One (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • A delicious and definitely satisfying culmination to what just may be the best (and most loved) sit-com of all time *sob*

    Friends, Friends, Friends... what can I say? 10 years after Rachel comes staggering into Central Perk wearing a sodden wedding monstrosity and invites herself into Monica's apartment and her kooky circle of friends, the producers have decided that the fitting conclusion would be Rachel's departure. The show has come full circle, a full decade, a full journey. It's still as funny, kooky, heart warming and original as it ever was, and the writers and actors maintain those qualities to the very end. No fan will be disappointed. The only negative thought I had was 'What? No reunion movie?' Definitely one to watch.