Season 8 Episode 1

The One After "I Do"

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Monica and Chandler getting their wedding photos taken. Phoebe and Ross question Monica believing she is pregnant and Phoebe finds out inadvertently that Rachael is the one who is pregnant. Phoebe then finds herself having to lie about being pregnant herself to stop others finding out that Rachael is pregnant.

Phoebe and Rachael are having their photos taken and are discussing why Phoebe said the father is James Brolin.

Scene cuts to the dance, Monica and Chandler are sharing a dance but his new shoes are slippery causing him to stumble a lot. Rachael and Phoebe are meanwhile discussing Rachael's pregnancy and Phoebe keeps trying to guess who the father is but Rachael says she won't tell her who he is until she tells him he is the father. Joey appears in a golf uniform saying that he has no other clothes to the horror of Monica.

Ross greets Mona for the first time and tries to compliment her on her name after she says she never liked it. Ross then rearranges people's table numbers so he can sit on the same table as Mona.

Chandler's mom appears with Dennis Phillips her date, he introduces himself much to the pleasure of Joey, but Chandler doesn't feel the same about it.

Ross finds out that he is sitting at the same dinner table as a bunch of kids and that Mona is in fact sitting at table nine not six much to his disappointment.

Chandler is busy taping the bottom of his shoes when Joey walks in asking if Chandler could give his resume to Dennis Phillips. Chandler asks what Joey's feet are so he can borrow his shoes but finds out Joey has tiny feet.

Monica is gossiping with Rachael about Phoebe being pregnant when she stumbles upon Rachael actually being the one who is pregnant. Phoebe sits at the table talking about James Brolin but Monica tells her she knows Rachael is pregnant. The three suggest that Rachael retakes the pregnancy test in case it went wrong the first time.

Ross is about to share a dance with Mona when a child asks Ross for a dance which he is about to deny but Mona says it's okay. He then has a dance with the child.

Chandler is seen practicing his dance when Joey comes in and asks Chandler whether or not he talked with Dennis about Joey's talents. Chandler begins to mock Joey's tiny feet.

Ross finishes his dance with Melinda and is about to have a dance with Mona when another child asks for a dance. Ross agrees knowing his generosity pleases Mona.

Joey then makes a toast to Chandler and Monica's wedding in which he tries to show his acting talents knowing Dennis is watching.

Ross finishes his dance and yet again is interrupted before having a dance with Mona by a huge girl named Gert. He tries to do a dance with her without touching her but she wants to dance on his feet like all the other girls causing him great pain and he is unable to move his feet at all.

Dennis and Joey are talking when Dennis says Joey is not suitable for the acting role saying it is an all Chinese cast.

Chandler reluctantly has a dance with Monica fearing he will fall over. He then has to dance without moving his feet.

Monica, Phoebe and Rachael are in the bathroom awaiting the pregnancy results, Rachael can't look at the results so Phoebe does instead. Phoebe says it is negative shocking Rachael. Rachael acts out that she is happy but is sad inside because she actually wanted the baby, Phoebe then reveals it is actually positive saying she lied much to Rachael's delight. Rachael says she is going to have the baby. But says she still can't tell them who the father is.

Joey is seen helping a crippled Ross across the dance floor. Mona is pleased with Joey for being generous and helpful much to the frustration of Ross.