Season 8 Episode 1

The One After "I Do"

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • The best season opener yet

    This episode combined the comedy we all love and enjoy in Friends, in the typical, lovable "Friends" style, while also adding serious/emotional scenes. Rachel is pregnant. It will be exciting to see her go through pregnancy, and more importantly, motherhood, as she is obviously not prepared for a baby and does not seem like the mother type, although I see her being a great mother and maternal instincts kicking in. I think this was a really interesting take on the and I find it to be a positive move. Also, the scene where she finds out she is pregnant is so well-written and emotional; we see just how close the friendship is between the three primary women, and it's touching to see how supportive Monica and Phoebe are to Rachel and how Rachel realizes she wants to have a baby. Other great comedy in the show with Chandler's slippery shoes. Ross ending up at the kids' table and all the kids, being typical children and thinking he's farting when his chair squeaks, and Joey having small feet and trying to please Nora Bing's date who is directing a Broadway show... all while wearing a tennis outfit. This season opener was just as exciting and fun as the finale that preceded it, and sets up excitement for what season 8 has in store... definitely makes me look forward to watching it. We get to see Rachel go through pregnancy, reveal who the father is (which is still a mystery after this episode), and see Monica and Chandler as a married couple. Just a fantastic episode.
  • a good answer to the previous cliffhangers.

    The excitement of Monica and Chandler's wedding is diminished by the news that someone may be pregnant but pheobe takes the fall for rachael saying that she is pregnant instead. Chandler's hopes of not embarrassing Monica on the dance floor are ruined by his slippery new shoes and asks joey for his shoes but his shoes are too small and then aks ross for his, and Ross' attempts to flirt with an attractive wedding guest but has to dance with all of the children to get her to notice him. but thats all i can rember about the episode.ha ha ha lol lol.
  • Eighth season, and it's the funniest yet.

    This is another classic episode of Friends, which as well as being funny is extremely touching. The scene with the girls in the bathroom just shows how close knit this circle of friends is. I was almost crying along with Rachel and then jumping for joy when it was positive. Chandler is the only person I know who could have such bad luck on his wedding night – firstly finding out his wife isn’t pregnant, then having to have photos taken with a bloody soldier, who later turns out to be a tennis expert (Joey’s not exactly going to tell the women he isn’t, is he?) and then finds out his shoes are too slippery to dance with and he had taken lessons so he wouldn’t embarrass Monica (aww!). Ross’s predicament with the girls dancing on his feet while he wants to dance with Mona is funny and gets some of the best lines in the episode but I would be a bit worried if someone with a PhD couldn’t tell the difference between a six and a nine – even if it was upside down.
  • Another great episode

    After the wedding episode I didn't think it could be topped, but the most important part of this episode took place in the ladies room, as most events in women's lives do. This episode was worth watching if for nothing else, the moment we see Rachel's true reaction to her pregnancy. The friendship between the three women is evident and Phoebe's tactics to see Rachel's true feelings was right on point for her, a little out of the ordinary, but necessary none the less. It's rare in comedies to see such emotional moments and a true testament to "Friends" being a great comedy in that it could produce such drama in a comedic way.
  • The aftermath of the wedding

    The episode continues where it left off last season with Monica and Chandler getting their wedding photos taken and discussing the pregnancy which Monica clearly denies after Phoebe and Ross question her believing she is pregnant and Phoebe finds out inadvertently that Rachel is the one who is pregnant. Phoebe then finds herself having to lie about being pregnant herself to stop others finding out that Rachael is pregnant so concocts a story about the father being James Brolin.

    The men try to impress when Chandler wants to show off his new honored dancing skills to Monica but his new shoes are to slippery, Joey tries to impress a Broadway director who is Mrs Bing's date and Ross tries to charm Mona (from the restaurant) by failing to sit at the same table as her and so ppreceeds to dancing with little children that goes too far...

    What a great start to a fantastic season.
  • This episode is about Monica and Chandlers after-party from the wedding in which Pheobe and Monica learn of Rachels pregnancy.

    The Series 8 opener is a well-written and funny piece of work but also highlights how difficult it is for single moms to come to terms with their pregnancy.
    It starts of with Monica an Chandler\'s wedding photographs being taken. When confronted by Pheobe about a pregnancy test Monica supposedly took her suprised reaction makes Pheobe certain that it was\'nt her. she realises only Rachel could have taken it and covers for her by saying she is pregnant. She makes a rather flimsy story up about James Browlin being the father.
    Chandlers mother introuduces her \"lover\" to him a Broadway director who Joey tries to woo over so as to star in his latest work. While making a speech Joey tries to show his acting skills to him and this is a laugh-out-loud moment.

    Before going to dance their first as a married couple Chandler surprises Monica by telling her hes been taking dancing lessons. However when they began their dance Chandler slips all over the dancefloor due to slippery soles. The results of this are hilarious.
    Ross meets up with a girl from Monicas restaurant,Mona(guest starring Bonne Somerville). She shows him the card number of the table she is sitting and so as to sit next to her he takes a card for table number 9. When about to take his seat he learns that her table was in fact table 6 not table 9. He is to be seated at the childrens table!!!!!!!!. After dinner he asks Mona to dance with him but after a little girl(Melinda) asks him to dance with her Mona lets her take her spot. He lets her dance on his toes. After finishing the dance another little girl approaches him wishing for a dance. He apprehensively accepts and she also dances on his toes. After her another girl(Gurth) approaches him and tries to dance on his toes. The only problem is that she is an obese kid and Ross\'s attempts at trying to dance with her are chokingly funny.
    Back at table 1 Monica and Rachel receive champagne. Rachel pours it into her mouth and then realises she cant drink and spits it back out. She looks at Monica and says \"oh well thats how the French drink it\". Monica then realises its Rachel and not Pheobe who is pregnant. Just to make sure she is definately pregnant the three woman buy a pregnancy test for Rachel. In the bathroom Rachel dosen\'t have the stomach to look at the results and asks Pheobe to do the honours. It\'s negative. This envokes Rachel to cry because she realises she had her heart set on it.\"It\'s really negative\" she asks. \"No its positive\" replies Pheobe. Wow!!!!!! Pheobe has pulled off a risky stunt. Rachel is pregnant. She is going to have a baby!
  • Rachel is pregnant!

    Great episode! I can't believe they fell for that when Phoebe says she is pregnant with a famous married guy. Phoebe sure has funniest that helps the show alot. Ross acts like a nice guy so he can dance with that girl. If I was him I would not of sat at the little kids table. Then he has to dance with them and the fat girl. Ross shouldn't of done that. Rachel is pregnant! This is so exciting! Rachel is having a baby!!
  • Monica & Chandler's wedding party.

    Questions are answered in this premiere, which I found quite satisfying overall. My favorite scene would have to be when Ross mentioned all of his past marriages after Monica & Chandler get married. After the cliffhanger from last season, we learn that Rachel is pregnant. The only thing that remains a question mark is who the father is. Rachel takes the pregnancy test again at the wedding party just to make sure she's pregnant, meanwhile Phoebe has to continue to cover for Rachel pretending that she is the one who is pregnant. Monica eventually finds out and Phoebe teases us in the end there. She lies and says that Rachel isn't pregnant. Rachel realizes she wants to have a baby, that's when Phoebe tells her that she is pregnant. Definitely is going to be a bit of a change for these six friends with the season long pregnancy coming in to play. But I surprisingly like the direction this show is getting at. Joey tries to impress Mrs. Bing's date after finding out he is directing a Broadway show, and we find out that Joey is a size seven in shoes! Chandler reveals he took dance lessons but never seems to dance quite right since his shoes are too slippery. And Ross tries to impress a girl, by dancing with little kids. All plots were hilarious, some of them were even emotional. Great solid season opener.
  • A great opener to the great series.

    Monica and Chandler are married! But the wedding's not over, there are still plenty of disastors that can present themselves over the next half an hour.

    Rachel's pregnant? We find out a lot more about what's going on there in a comic sketch where Phoebe claims to be the one pregnant to cover for Rachel - saying that she is pregnant with James Brollen's child.

    Ross meets a nice lady, Mona and tries his best to score with her, while Joey rades the hotel gift store to find something suitable to wear for the wedding party.

    Chandler struggles to find a pair of shoes he can use for dancing.

    Absolutely classic episode using all of the well known, loved comedy.