Season 8 Episode 1

The One After "I Do"

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • Eighth season, and it's the funniest yet.

    This is another classic episode of Friends, which as well as being funny is extremely touching. The scene with the girls in the bathroom just shows how close knit this circle of friends is. I was almost crying along with Rachel and then jumping for joy when it was positive. Chandler is the only person I know who could have such bad luck on his wedding night – firstly finding out his wife isn’t pregnant, then having to have photos taken with a bloody soldier, who later turns out to be a tennis expert (Joey’s not exactly going to tell the women he isn’t, is he?) and then finds out his shoes are too slippery to dance with and he had taken lessons so he wouldn’t embarrass Monica (aww!). Ross’s predicament with the girls dancing on his feet while he wants to dance with Mona is funny and gets some of the best lines in the episode but I would be a bit worried if someone with a PhD couldn’t tell the difference between a six and a nine – even if it was upside down.