Season 8 Episode 1

The One After "I Do"

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • This episode is about Monica and Chandlers after-party from the wedding in which Pheobe and Monica learn of Rachels pregnancy.

    The Series 8 opener is a well-written and funny piece of work but also highlights how difficult it is for single moms to come to terms with their pregnancy.
    It starts of with Monica an Chandler\'s wedding photographs being taken. When confronted by Pheobe about a pregnancy test Monica supposedly took her suprised reaction makes Pheobe certain that it was\'nt her. she realises only Rachel could have taken it and covers for her by saying she is pregnant. She makes a rather flimsy story up about James Browlin being the father.
    Chandlers mother introuduces her \"lover\" to him a Broadway director who Joey tries to woo over so as to star in his latest work. While making a speech Joey tries to show his acting skills to him and this is a laugh-out-loud moment.

    Before going to dance their first as a married couple Chandler surprises Monica by telling her hes been taking dancing lessons. However when they began their dance Chandler slips all over the dancefloor due to slippery soles. The results of this are hilarious.
    Ross meets up with a girl from Monicas restaurant,Mona(guest starring Bonne Somerville). She shows him the card number of the table she is sitting and so as to sit next to her he takes a card for table number 9. When about to take his seat he learns that her table was in fact table 6 not table 9. He is to be seated at the childrens table!!!!!!!!. After dinner he asks Mona to dance with him but after a little girl(Melinda) asks him to dance with her Mona lets her take her spot. He lets her dance on his toes. After finishing the dance another little girl approaches him wishing for a dance. He apprehensively accepts and she also dances on his toes. After her another girl(Gurth) approaches him and tries to dance on his toes. The only problem is that she is an obese kid and Ross\'s attempts at trying to dance with her are chokingly funny.
    Back at table 1 Monica and Rachel receive champagne. Rachel pours it into her mouth and then realises she cant drink and spits it back out. She looks at Monica and says \"oh well thats how the French drink it\". Monica then realises its Rachel and not Pheobe who is pregnant. Just to make sure she is definately pregnant the three woman buy a pregnancy test for Rachel. In the bathroom Rachel dosen\'t have the stomach to look at the results and asks Pheobe to do the honours. It\'s negative. This envokes Rachel to cry because she realises she had her heart set on it.\"It\'s really negative\" she asks. \"No its positive\" replies Pheobe. Wow!!!!!! Pheobe has pulled off a risky stunt. Rachel is pregnant. She is going to have a baby!