Season 10 Episode 1

The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2003 on NBC

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  • This was when "Friends" died for me. Because the writers tried to make Rachel and Joey date - bad mistake.

    "Friends" is propably one of the funniest shows ever made. But in the end of season 9 it began to go down hill, which went even futher down hill in this: season 10, the worst season ever.

    The thing that ruined it all was that the creaters tried to put Rachel and Joey together. Which is totally wrong, from a subjective point of view.
    Rachel belongs to Ross, not that she is his property, but they belong together in a spiritual sense. Rachel does not belong to Joey, from a moral point of view. Ross was always the funny, nerdy but still the guy you felt deep compassion for. He was never popular with the ladies, but he succeded once in life: with Rachel. Otherwise he had only been VERY unlucky with women - with one Lesbian wife, and a second wife, where the marriage fell apart on the wedding-night. But then along came Rachel: the goddes, who everybody would want to date. And Ross gets her. Doesnt that give a sign of hope to humanity?

    But then along came Joey and the break-up.

    Joey was the cool guy, who had dated so many women through his life, the guy who always succeded, the guy who could get all the women he wanted to. Then some writer gets an idea: "Hey i have an idea, let us ruin the show, by having Rachel getting pregnant with Ross Child, but let Joey score Rachel, so that Ross once again gets his woman in life taken away from him, by another".

    It just send the from message, that the creators tried to make Joey and Rachel date, it really did. Rachel was to Ross the only woman who had really loved him, she was the woman who he had always had a crush on. She bore his child. But then along comes the Casanova, the man who can have any woman he wants, and he chooses Ross´ one-and-only: Rachel. Ok, it did not turn out that way in the end, but that they even considered it, really ruined the show. Because the story-line did not follow the characters at all: the only reason why they did not make Joey and Rachel make a pair at the end of the show, was ONLY because the creators knew that Joey should have his own show: "Joey". And that just shows how half-hearted these 2 final seasons were: it was not a question of charaters in any parts of the final writting proces, it was just marketing. "Friends" only ran for 8 seasons, the final 2 seasons didnt happen.
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