Season 5 Episode 1

The One After Ross Says Rachel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1998 on NBC

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  • Ross's Wedding is a disaster after he accidently says Rachel's name at the alter. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica try and find a loophole in their "not in New York" rule.

    Okay, this is my absolute favorite episode of "Friends" ever! I love this episode. Although the scenes of Ross trying to find Emily are quite amusing, I'd credit the "awesomeness" of this episode to Chandler and Monica. Everytime they try to "celebrate" their new relationship, someting goes wrong. Joey and a bridesmaid, Rachel giving a long-winded summary of her and Ross to Phoebe, or a drunk father of the bride giving tours of the wine cellar. Some of the best lines in this episode are devoted to Chandler and Monica, ie. {Chandler hits a turkey with a ladle} "Bad London" (which is my favorite line from "Friends"), "Yes, It's a very large plane", "I'm still on London time, does that count", and "This is the honeymoon suite, the room expects sex, the room would be dissapointed if it didn't get sex. All the other honeymoon suites would think it was a loser"
    Sum it up: Best episode of "Friends" ever. Hands Down.
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