Season 5 Episode 1

The One After Ross Says Rachel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: In the gag reel for Season 5 we see that Jennifer Aniston breaks up when Ross yells, "I don't care about the stupid band!". You can see, however, that they still used that take for the show, but cut away just at the point where Jennifer Aniston starts to laugh (it was probably the best take by David Schwimmer--Jennifer Aniston certainly thought so).

    • Continuity: After Ross says, "Rachel", Emily agrees to resume the wedding ceremony. When the officiant hands her the ring to place on Ross's finger, in the close-up of Emily, she appears to be shy and still pleased at the prospect of marrying Ross. A bit later, also in close-up, she seems pleased when the officiant finally pronounces them husband and wife. In all other shots, however, she is angry and upset as one might expect. Apparently, the producers hadn't made up their minds yet as to which way to go with Emily's reaction to Ross's screw-up.

    • Factual Error: Rachel could not have used the airline ticket to Athens as it would have been in Emily's name, and a last-second change of passenger name at the gate would never be permitted under security regulations.

    • Goof: When Rachel enters the hotel room and stops when she sees Emily's parents, she stops just inside the door. When the camera angle changes, she's suddenly right beside Monica, who's helping her with the things she took from the cart, despite there not being time for her to move.

    • Continuity: At the reception Jack Geller says "Who serves steak when there's no place to sit? How are you supposed to eat this?" and Joey comes up eating steak in his hands. However, in "The One With Ross's Wedding (1)", Emily reveals that they are having chicken kiev (instead of chicken tarragon).

    • Continuity: In "The One with the Truth about London" Joey said that he only left one condom for Chandler, but in this episode it is revealed that they "did it" seven times.

    • Trivia: This is the first episode in which Phoebe uses her Regina Phalange alias, which developed into a running joke throughout the rest of the series.

    • Goof: When Monica, Chandler, and Joey are flying back to New York, the display screen in front of their seats shows the plane pointing east, as though they are traveling towards London, when it should show them flying west.

    • Goof: When Monica and Chandler are arranging to meet for a quickie in the wine cellar, Chandler puts lots of food on his plate. When he tosses his plate onto the table, most of the food is gone.

    • Goof: When Phoebe is talking to Emily's mother on the phone, the buildings backdrop outside Phoebe's window is moving slowly from side to side.

  • Quotes

    • Officiant: (to Ross, following the botched wedding) You may kiss the bride...
      Judy: (aside to Jack as Emily tries to avoid being kissed) This is worse than when he married the lesbian.

    • Joey: (about Ross's wedding) Well, that went well... Yeah.
      Chandler: It could have been worse. He could have shot her.

    • Joey: Hey, no matter what happens with Ross and Emily, we still get cake, right?

    • Jack: Boy, bad time to say the wrong name, huh Ross?
      Ross: That's true... Thanks dad.

    • Phoebe: Uh, hello, this is Ross Geller's personal physician, Dr. Phalange.
      Mrs. Waltham: Who?
      Phoebe: Yeah, I've discovered that Ross forgot to take his brain medicine. Uh, now without it, uh, in the brain of Ross, uh, women's names are interchangeable, through no fault of his own.
      Mrs. Waltham: Oh, my God, Phoebe!
      Phoebe: No, not Phoebe, Dr. Phalange. Oh, no! You have it, too!

    • Monica: So look, umm, while we're... still in London, I mean... we can keep doing it right?
      Chandler: Well, I don't see that we have a choice.

    • Rachel: (to Ross) So, you said my name... You only said it 'cause you saw me. I mean, if you'd seen a circus freak, you would have said, "I take thee... circus freak."

    • Monica: (about making out in Ross and Emily's hotel room) Oh, I don't know if I feel right about this...
      Chandler: Monica, this is the honeymoon suite... The room expects sex...

    • (Monica and Chandler want to get rid of Ross so they can make out)
      Monica: (to Ross) I think you should keep looking!
      Chandler: Yeah, for about thirty minutes!
      Monica: Or forty-five?
      Chandler: Wow, in forty-five minutes you could find her twice!

    • Mr. Waltham: (to Mrs. Waltham) You spend half your life in the bathroom... why do you never go out the bloody window...?

    • Phoebe: (looking at Joey) You ate meat! (looking at Monica) You had sex!
      Chandler: No we didn't!
      Phoebe: (to Chandler) I know you didn't... I was talking about Monica.

    • Monica: I just wanted to tell you that uh, well, I was going through a really hard time in London, with my brother getting married and that guy thinking I was Ross's mother...
      (Chandler laughs affectionately)
      Monica: Well, anyway, I just... That night meant a lot to me. I guess I'm tryin' to say... thanks.
      Chandler: Oh, y'know that night meant a lot to me, too... And it wasn't 'cause I was in a bad place or anything... it just meant a lot to me, 'cause... you're really hot.
      (Monica laughs)
      Chandler: Is that okay?
      Monica: That's okay.
      Chandler: And I'm cute, too...
      Monica: And you're cute, too...

    • Chandler: I'm still on London time, does that count...?
      Monica: Oh, that counts!

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