Season 2 Episode 12

The One After the Super Bowl (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: When Chandler suggests that he and Joey stay in and cook dinner for themselves, they both laugh hysterically, implying that neither of them can cook. However, in "The One with the Boobies" and "The One with Russ", we see Joey cooking Italian as if he's quite comfortable in the kitchen, and in "The One Where Eddie Moves In", Chandler and Joey fight over whose eggs are better, Eddie's or Joey's. In "The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner", Joey mentions cooking a romantic dinner for Ginger (the girl with the prosthetic leg) at her father's cabin. In "The One with Ross's Library Book", we learn that Chandler at least knows how to make pancakes.

    • Only on Television: You have to wonder how Erika could have tracked Joey down to his apartment in New York when she believed him to be Dr. Drake Ramoray, a surgeon in Salem, Massachusetts.

    • Phoebe's Songs:
       Now, Grandma's a person who everyone likes, 
       She bought you a train and a bright, shiny bike. 
       But lately she hasn't been coming to dinner, 
       And last time you saw her she looked so much thinner. 
       Now, your mom and your dad said she moved to Peru,  
       But the truth is she died and some day you will too. 
       Lalala LAlalala LAlalala LAlalala La La La La 
       Lalala LAlalala LAlalala LAlalala La La La La

      "Another Thing You Don't Wanna Do" 
       There'll be times when you get older  
       When you'll want to sleep with people 
       Just to make them like you But don't. 
       'Cause that's another thing That you don't wanna do 
       That's another thing That you don't wanna do.

      "The Cow in the Meadow" 
       Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo, 
       Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo. 
       Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up, 
       And that's how we get hamburgers.
       Now-w-w-w, chickens!  

       Sometimes men love women 
       Sometimes men love men, 
       And then there are bisexuals 
       Though some just say they're kidding themselves... 
       La lalala lalalalala la La la lalala lala la la

    • Trivia: The jacket Joey wears to his date with the stalker is the same one he wore to Carol and Susan's wedding. He can also be seen wearing this jacket in subsequent episodes.

    • Goof: When Joey is out to dinner with Erika, her hair keeps changing. In the first two camera angles you see her with two bangs hanging down, then in the third shot she only has one bang, and then there are two again.

  • Quotes

    • Ross: (after watching the "Monkeyshine" beer commercial) That commercial always makes me so sad.
      Joey: Yeah, but then the guy opens his beer and those girls run at him, so... everything seems to work out okay!
      Ross: I meant because the monkey in it reminds me of Marcel.
      Phoebe: I can see that... They both have those big brown eyes... y'know, the little pouty chin...
      Monica: ...and the fact that they're both monkeys?

    • Ross: (about Marcel) Remember when sometimes he'd borrow your hat, and, and when you got it back there'd be little monkey raisins in it? God, he loved that joke. 
      Chandler: Yeah, well sure, when he did it, it was funny. When I did it to my boss's hat? All of a sudden I had this big... (air quotes) "attitude" problem.

    • Joey: (excited) Oh, my God. I got my very own stalker!
      Chandler: You are so lucky... I have to share mine with a bunch of guys down at work.
      Rachel: Joey, remember when we talked about "good-thing, bad-thing"? This is a bad thing.

    • Ross: I'm gonna go visit Marcel at the zoo and surprise him.
      Chandler: Y'know what? I think he will be surprised... until he realizes he's a monkey and, y'know, not capable of that emotion.

    • Joey: Hey, whaddaya wanna do for dinner?
      Chandler: Well, we could just stay in and cook for ourselves...
      (Both laugh hysterically)

    • (Joey's stalker is coming up to their apartment, so he grabs a frying pan)
      Chandler: Yes. Hitting her with a frying pan is a good idea. We might wanna have a backup plan though, just in case she isn't a cartoon.

    • Joey: (about avoiding Erika, his stalker) We'll just leave... and when we pass her on the stairs she won't know it's me because we never met!
      Chandler: That's how radio stars escape stalkers!

    • Mr. Lipson: (introducing himself) Hi! Dean Lipson, zoo administrator. I was told you had a question.
      Ross: Well, I, uh, I can't seem to find the monkey I donated last year. He's a capuchin, answers to the name "Marcel".
      Mr. Lipson: Ah, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Marcel has passed on.
      Ross: Oh, my God, what happened?
      Mr. Lipson: Well he got sick... and then he got sicker... and then he got a little better... but then he died.
      Ross: I can't believe this!
      Mr. Lipson: I'm sorry, Mr. Geller. But, y'know, there's an old saying... "Sometimes monkeys die". It's not a great saying, but it certainly is fitting today.

    • Rob: (to Phoebe about singing for the kids) You okay?
      Phoebe: No. Uh-uh. I'm just... I'm nervous. Y'know, maybe if I just picture them all in their underwear...
      Rob: That's not a good idea. That's kinda the reason the last guy got fired.

    • Erika: Oh, Drake, isn't it amazing?
      Joey: Yeah it is... what?
      Erika: Well, here we sit, devil may care... just a little while ago you were reattaching someone's spinal cord.
      Joey: Yeah, that was a tricky one. In reality, that operation takes like, over ten hours, but they only showed it for two minutes.
      Erika: Who's "they"?
      Joey: (smiles, realizing who he's talking to) No one.

    • Zoo Custodian: Meet me in the nocturnal house in fifteen minutes.
      Ross: Hey, look. I don't really enjoy being with other men that way.

    • Monica: (about Phoebe's sex-oriented children's song) Excellent!
      Chandler: Very informative!
      Rachel: Not at all inappropriate!

    • Ross: The zoo told me that my monkey was dead.
      Zoo Custodian: The zoo! You believe everything the zoo tells you?
      Ross: That's the only thing the zoo's ever told me.

    • (The gang is watching Days of Our Lives on TV)
      Dr. Horton: (on TV) You're the only one who can save her Drake!
      Dr. Ramoray: (on TV) Dammit, I'm a doctor! I'm not God!
      Ross: Well, there goes my whole belief system.

    • Erika: (knocking on Joey's door) It's Erika...
      : (panicked) Oh, my God! Quick! ...turn off the TV!
      Rachel: No, no, no, wait! I wanna see what happens!
      Joey: Uh... I get Leslie out of the coma and then we make out.
      Rachel: Well, how can that be?! You were just kissing Sabrina!
      Monica: Rachel... it's a world where Joey is a neurosurgeon...

    • Joey: (clarifying for Erika) I'm an actor... I just pretend to be a doctor.
      Erika: Oh, my God! Do the people at the hospital know about this?!

    • Joey: (explaining to Erika) I'm not Drake.
      Ross: (melodramatically) That's right, he's not Drake... He's Hans Ramoray, Drake's evil twin.
      Erika: Is this true?
      Rachel: (jumping in) Yes, yes it is true. And I know this because... because he pretended to be Drake to, to sleep with me! (throws water in Joey's face)
      Monica: And then he told me he would run away with me, and he didn't... (throws water in Joey's face)
      Chandler: And you left the toilet seat up, you bastard!! (throws water in Joey's face)

    • Joey: (dramatically) You deserve much better than me, Erika... You deserve to be with the real Drake... He's the one you fell in love with... Go to Salem... find him! He's the guy for you!

    • Joey: (hearing about Marcel acting in Outbreak II) This is amazing...
      Ross: I know!
      Joey: ...I finally get a part on TV and the monkey's makin' movies!

    • Ross: (arriving at the Outbreak II movie set) This is so exciting... I haven't seen my monkey in almost a year!
      Chandler: Why, you never look down in the shower?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Phoebe: What do you want me to be? some stupid, big, like, purple dinosaur?
      Rob: I'm not saying you have to be Barney.
      Phoebe: Who's Barney?
      Barney is a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex who stars on Barney and Friends, a popular children's television show produced in the United States, mainly aimed at preschoolers.

    • Ross: You're never gonna believe this.
      Chandler: Let me guess.
      Ross: What? What? Some Weebles actually do fall down? Huh? A stitch in time now only saves seven? Whaddaya got?
      Chandler: Well... never mind.
      Weebles are a line of children's toys from Playskool. Shaped like eggs with a weight at the bottom, they wobble when pushed, but never fall completely over, hence the name. 
      "A stitch in time saves nine" is an 18th Century proverb meaning that a small but timely intervention will ensure against the need for much more substantial repair later. The saying was originally a couplet, with "nine" chosen as the number for its near-rhyme

    • Chandler: He thinks he can. He thinks he can. Oh, what the hell... (flips to the last page) He can.
      Chandler was reading the inspirational children's book, The Little Engine That Could.

    • Ross: (about his pet monkey, Marcel) Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing, y'know? him away?
      Rachel: Oh, Ross, you had to. I mean he was humping everything in sight! I mean, I have a Malibu Barbie that will no longer be wearing white to her wedding.
      Malibu Barbie is one of many Barbie Doll personas produced by Mattel.

    • Joey: Hey, hey, check it out! Guess what I got!
      Chandler: Rhythm?
      This is a reference to the song "I've Got Rhythm" by George Gershwin, one of Gene Kelly's musical numbers in the 1951 movie An American In Paris.

    • Chandler: You know Kathy Bates in Misery? Well, she looks the exact opposite of that. 
      Misery, a 1990 thriller starring James Caan and Kathy Bates, was adapted from a novel by Stephen King and directed by Rob Reiner. Bates won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance.