Season 6 Episode 1

The One After Vegas

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1999 on NBC

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  • One of the best season premieres of Friends.

    This episode was absolutely hilarious, Hilarious as the season finale. I feel like Friends sort of changed their styler, going in to season six. I don't know, it just seems different. I love all the signs that Monica & Chandler go through that is telling them to get married. Ross & Rachel waking up in the same bed was hilarious! Ross decides not to get an annulment cause he doesn't want to be the divorce guy, then pretends to get one, and only tells Phoebe which was stupid of him. Two great cliffhangers. Like Chandler & Monica moving in together, and Ross not getting the annulment
  • Ross and Rachel have the worst hangover when they found out they got married. Monica and Chandler re think their wedding plans and Joey and Phoebe head back to NY in the taxi cab.

    This episode was just funny! Rachel and Ross were like WTF when they were in bed together. Ross' back...ha ha ha. I wish Rachel seen that because she would be like Oh My God!! I don't think it was too early for Monica and Chandler to get married. I think the timing was perfect! Joey just slept in the taxi cab. If I was Phoebe I would take the plane and say to Joey that he drived it so he can drive it back. Why does Phoebe have a taxi cab? Doesn't she have a normal car? So Ross still loves Rachel I heard!!
  • It is a very special episode

    I think this episode is great, Monica and chandler almost getting married, Rachel and Ross getting drunk and then getting married, Joey acting like Joey and Phebes haressing an elder but that elder saw it coming so i dont really feel sad for that elder. I think this episode was very funny and I just loved Rachel and Ross's little drawings on their faces and Joey's hands were cvery funny and Joey is just so cute and i'm just being annoying huh? i'm sorry but i have to finish this I just the Monica and Chandler Rachel and Ross i'm going to watch this episode again right now
  • Cool episode

    This episode is really cool, Chandler and Monica do not want to get married anymore but can not figure out the way to tell the other to break it up, later they decide not to do it, if they keep getting signs, but everything points out for them to get married, and finally Chandler decides to move in with Monica. Joey and Phoebe go to New York at car, and Phoebe gets mad at Joey, and Rachel and Ross try to figure out their divorce. Really cool!
  • Really funny a great ending to Vegas

    AS Ross and Rachel confront the fact that they are married you can see the panic in Ross's face as he is thinking of another divorce.

    The Phoebe and Joey cab ride is comical, I can't beleive he let a random stranger into the cab, let alone let him drive.
  • Fantastic season opener.

    The One After Vegas couldn't have been a better opener for season 6. Phoebe and Joey head back home in Phoebe's grandmother's cab, but Joey's inability to stay awake makes her mad at him. Phoebe and a hitch hiker have fun driving back and Phoebe forgives Joey after he promises to try to be awake for as long as he knows her. Monica and Chandler both don't want to get married but both think that the other one does; they end up telling each other that there would be a clear sign for them to get married. There are a lot of signs in Vegas and New York that seem to want Monica and Chandler to get married. Chandler eventually decides to move in with Monica. Ross and Rachel find out they are still married and Rachel wants them to be anulled, but Ross isn't as keen on the idea. In the end, Rachel thinks they are no longer a couple but it turns out Ross didn't get them anulled.
    There are hilarious moments in all of the stories and there isn't one that stands out much more than the rest, which is unusual. Overall a great season opener to a great season.