Season 6 Episode 1

The One After Vegas

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: Although this episode opens with the last scene of the previous episode, it is not exactly the same. In this version of the scene, Rachel does not say "Okay, wait."

    • Goof: After Ross and Rachel get married, Rachel exits to the left. A few seconds later Joey and Phoebe enter the same way without having seen Rachel.

    • Goof: When Joey and Phoebe are running into the chapel, Joey is yelling for Phoebe to hurry and she says okay. If you look closely at their mouths, you can tell that neither of their lips are moving.

    • Trivia: Chandler's line, "Well, I don't think they're as much dating as they are two bottles of vodka walking around in human form", was actually Matthew Perry's own improvised line when the writers were stuck with an unfunny punch line. This can be seen on the Season 5 DVD extras.

    • Trivia: Phoebe is surprised when Monica tells her that a Vegas marriage is a real marriage, implying that Phoebe had previously gotten married in Las Vegas.

    • Goof: When Chandler sits down, his plate only has eggs on it. A little later in the scene, he suddenly has bacon on his plate.
      Note: Chandler never has bacon on his plate. What some might think of as "bacon", is just the reddish-brown plate design showing through the gaps in his scrambled eggs.

    • Goof: When Ross and Rachel come down to breakfast, all the writing is gone from their faces. However, in the episode before this, they were told on the phone that the pen would not come off. How was it they were able to get the writing off all of a sudden?

    • Goof: Right after Joey picks up the hitchhiker, the camera angle changes to the cab driving down the desert road, and suddenly there is only one person in the cab.
      Note: The shot is taken from a very low angle. The "one person" is the hitchhiker who is now driving. Phoebe and Joey are slumped down sleeping in the back seat so aren't visible.

    • Trivia: At Central Perk when Ross and Rachel are talking about staying married, Ross is drinking a mock soda called "&W Root Beer."

    • Only on Television: Although necessary for the "carrying the bride across the threshold" joke, it's hard to believe that Monica could have been kicked so hard by a child on the plane that she'd still be limping when they arrived home. It would have made more sense if she'd said she twisted her ankle getting out of the cab or something similar. Of course, with such a logical explanation, we would have lost the joke about Monica pulling the kid's hair because he took her snack.

    • Trivia: In this episode Joey sang "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. In "The One Where Ross Can't Flirt" Chandler sang this song.

    • Goof: During breakfast after Ross says that he doesn't love to get divorced, Rachel's hand suddenly is on her face.

    • Goof: During breakfast after Phoebe says she's drunk right now, Chandler's hand goes from his face to by his side when the camera angle changes.

    • Goof: When Phoebe and Joey are talking about driving back at breakfast, Phoebe's fork keeps disappearing and reappearing when the camera angle changes.

  • Quotes

    • Monica: I can't believe Ross and Rachel got married.
      Joey: I know. I didn't even know they were dating again.
      Chandler: Well, I don't think they're as much dating as they are two bottles of vodka walking around in human form.

    • Phoebe: (about Vegas weddings) What's the big deal, y'know? It's not like it's a real marriage.
      Chandler: What?
      Phoebe: If you get married in Vegas, you're only married in Vegas.
      Monica: What are you talking about? If you get married in Vegas, you're married everywhere.
      Phoebe: Really?
      Monica: Yeah.
      Phoebe: Oh, my God! ...Enh, well...

    • Ross: (waking up in bed with Rachel) Why are we in bed together?
      Rachel: I don't know.
      Ross: Did we...?
      Rachel: I don't know. Do you... do you have any clothes on?
      Ross: Yes.
      Rachel: Really?
      Ross: No.

    • Ross: I don't remember much about last night. It was such a blur.
      Rachel: Oh, I remember laughing. I laughed a lot.
      Ross: Then we didn't have sex.

    • Phoebe: (about Joey wanting her to drive back to New York with him) Are you asking me to have a "frienaissance"?
      Joey: Sure?
      Phoebe: Well, alright... Although, I don't think we really need one, baby... I never stopped lovin' you.

    • Joey: (in Caesar's Palace at breakfast) Where is the waitress? I'm starvin'...
      Chandler: It's a buffet, man.
      Joey: (getting up excitedly) Ah... here's where I win all my money back!

    • Monica: (to Phoebe while Chandler is getting breakfast from the buffet) How do I tell Chandler that it's too soon?'s gonna break his heart! He's gonna think I don't love him anymore.
      Phoebe: Well, you don't...
      Monica: Yes, I do!
      Phoebe: Good. Good. I was just testing you.
      Monica (to Chandler as he arrives back at the table): Oh, hi! ...We were just talking about bacon.
      Phoebe: No, we were talking about tennis... (to Monica) Tennis is more believable.

    • Chandler: (to Ross and Rachel) Are we gonna talk about what you guys did last night or...?
      Rachel: What do you mean last night? Nothing... uh, nothing happened last night.
      Phoebe: Uh-huh... Ross invited us all to watch.
      Rachel (smacks Ross): What is the matter with you?
      Monica: Rach', we weren't gonna miss our friends getting married...
      Rachel: (gasps) Who got married?
      Chandler: (after a period of confusion) You did?

    • Ross: (reflecting on the previous night) They would not let us get married when we were that drunk...
      Joey: They'll let ya get married when you're drunk... Most people who get married in Vegas are drunk!
      : Yeah I'm drunk right now... (sees everyone looking at her) What? I can't have a mimosa with breakfast? I'm on vacation!

    • Monica: What are you guys gonna do?
      Rachel: Well, I guess we just find a divorce lawyer.
      Chandler: Well, I think, I think... Ross already has one.
      Monica: Yeah, yeah, that guy's finally gonna be able to put in that pool.
      Ross: Ha, okay... 
      Chandler: Now, this one's free, right? Because you paid for the first two, so you get the third one for free...

    • Ross: Laugh it up! ...but the joke's on you... because we don't need to get divorced... okay? We're just gonna get an annulment.
      Joey: An annulment?! Ross... I don't think surgery's the answer here!

    • Ross: No-no, that's, that's not my thing! I do not love getting divorced!
      Phoebe: Yes you do! This is your third divorce! You love divorce so much you're probably gonna marry it! Then it won't work out and you're gonna have to divorce it, divorcing guy. (laughing, then collecting herself) ...I'm so drunk!

    • Joey: (thinking while driving) Man, this is a long drive... are my eyes open? (checking) No!

    • Rachel: (back in New York in Central Perk) Alright... just please take a moment here and think about what you're asking of me, okay?
      Ross: I am asking you to do me a favor.
      Rachel: You are asking me to be your wife.
      Ross: And as my wife, I think you should grant me this favor.

    • (On the drive back from Vegas, while Phoebe was asleep, Joey picked up a drifter)
      : (incredulous) How could you pick up a hitchhiker?! He could be a... (holds her hand up in front of the drifter's face) He could be a rapist or a killer or something!
      Joey: Don't you think I asked him that before he got in?

    • Rachel: The bottom line, Ross, is that we cannot stay married.
      Ross: I don't know if that's true...
      Rachel: Okay, yeah--but it is!
      Ross: Okay, y'know what this is? ...this is a difference of opinion. And when that happens in a marriage--
      Rachel: Oh, Ross, c'mon! This is not a marriage! This is the world's worst hangover!

    • (Phoebe's upset with Joey so he starts singing "Space Oddity" to her)
      : C'mon, that's not fair! know I can't resist that beautiful voice!

    • Joey: So, can we play 20 Questions now? I've got a really good one! I've been thinking about it since Kansas.
      Phoebe: Okay... is it a kind of hot sandwich?
      Joey: Yes...
      Phoebe: Is it a meatball sub...?
      Joey: That is incredible! You are the master!

    • Chandler: (in Monica's apartment) Alright, should we just get married? Should we do it? All the signs are telling us to do it.
      Monica: I'm sick of the signs. It's too fast, I'm happy with the way things are.
      Chandler: Me, too!
      Monica: I don't want things to change--do you?
      Chandler: No!
      Monica: Alright, then! Then nothing changes and everything's great and everything stays the same. ...Now you go unpack because it's been three days and it's driving me insane!
      Chandler: Jeez, relax. It's not like we're marr--arh-ahh!

    • Chandler: (at Monica's) Y'know, I was thinking... what if I, uh, unpack here?
      Monica: Then all your stuff would be here...
      Chandler: Well... what if all my stuff was here?
      Monica: Then you'd be going back and forth all the time. I mean... it doesn't make any sense.
      Chandler: Okay... What if we lived together and you understand what I'm saying?

    • Ross: (in Central Perk) You, uh... you wanna hear something weird?
      Phoebe: Always!
      Ross: I didn't get the annulment.
      Phoebe: What?!
      Ross: We're still married... Don't tell Rachel. See ya later.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Chandler asks Ross if his third divorce is free, he is referencing Avis car rentals. Their policy is that if you pay for two weekend rentals, the third weekend is free.

    • As Joey is driving the cab coming home from Vegas with Phoebe sleeping in the back seat, the background music is from the 1976 film Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro.

    • Joey: (singing) Ground control to Major Tom...
      Joey was singing "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.

    • Joey: (singing) I wanna rock and roll all night...
      Joey is singing "Rock and Roll All Night" by Kiss. The next line is "And party every day," but Joey doesn't sing it because he falls asleep.