Season 3 Episode 25

The One at the Beach

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 1997 on NBC

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  • what is beach

    beach show warner
  • I don't like the Rachel/Ross storyline. But you can see this episode as beginning of the story between Chandler and Monica.

    This is the first episode when I was really bored with the on and off of Ross and Rachel. Rachel is jealous and makes his new girl friend shave her head. Ha-ha. This is an re-enactment when she said Phoebe how to cut the hair of Julie. Not very convincing, not so funny. But the other stuff is good. The search for Phoebes mother takes an unexpected turn and brings the story forward. Joeys obsession with strip poker takes a funny turn, too. And most important: you can see the first signs of the love story between Chandler and Monica.
  • A lot of jaw dropping things happen in this finale.

    Well the first moment that was jaw dropping in the finale was Phoebe's mom still being alive, and Lilly wasn't her mom. Guess we will find out how that would happen in next season's premiere. So that is a good cliffhanger. Another great cliffhanger, who will Ross choose? Bald Bonnie, or Rachel? Another great cliffhanger, which door did he enter? Ross & Rachel kiss! Rachel making Bonnie being bald cause of Rachel reminded me of the Julie storyline when Rachel wanted to mess up her hairdo. History repeats itself. This episode had a lot of Mondler moments too. You could see that somewhere along the lines, they would date, two more years! Can't wait for next season! Amazing cliffhangers!
  • a good episode

    all of the friends go to the beach to find out about pheobes dad. whilst there the gang is rained in and they go to play strip poker but instead strip happy days game. in the game joey loses all of his clothes except his boxers and ross and rachael flirt with each other after a half undressed monica tells her. all is fine untill ross's girlfriend walks in , pheobe finds her birth mother and rachaels tells ross's girlfriend to shave her head, much to ross's dissapointment. also chandler tries to impress monica by being a gentleman, it all creates a great cliffhanger.
  • Great

    The gang head to the beach in this episode - Phoebe finds out where her real mother's best friend might be, so the gang decide to head to the beach to check it out. Chandler says if the worst comes to the worst he'll be Monica's boyfriend. Then they head to the beach-house, it's covered in sand. Then Phoebe goes to see her and talks for a long time. The gang are bored and Joey wants to play strip poker, while Rachel wants to give Ross a pedicure. They play strip poker, Joey end up naked. Bonnie arrives. Joey falls asleep naked. Then Rachel stays back to read, when Bonnie comes back she is persuaded by Rachel to shave her hair. Phoebe's in a bad mood with the other Phoebe because she won't tell her where her father is. The gang is shocked when they find out Bonnie's shave her head. Ross gets mad with Rachel when he finds out she was the one who told Bonnie to shave her head. Ross and Rachel have a passionate kiss when they discover they're both still in love. Phoebe sneaks into the other Phoebe's house to look for stuff about her father, she gets discovered. Over at the beach-house Ross is trying to decide whether to get back with Rachel. Once upstairs he is faced which room to go in between Bonnie and Rachel.
  • Phoebe invites her friends to a beach house where she plans to meet her dad and finds out a terrible secret ross must make a choice on his relationship with bonnie...

    This episode was hilarious i loved it and it was one of my favorite season finale's it kept us on the edge while we watched it and it made you want to buy season 4 or watch it on tv and see what happens so thats another reason i also loved the strip happy days game!!
  • Who's up for some beachy fun? Not the friends.

    Phoebe brings the whole gang with her to a beach house while she visits someone to find out about her father. As it turns out, their fun vacation turned into a boring stay at a house with sand as floors. While Pheobe talks to one of her mother's friends whose also named Pheobe, the other 5 friends try to find something to do to conquer their extreme boredom. Joey suggests strip poker. The rest say no. To decide what to do, Phoebe closes her eyes and spins until she picks someone. Whoever she lands on gets to pick something to do for everyone and they had to go along with it. Phoebe picks Chandler, and he can't think of anything, so he muttered out Strip Poker. They didn't have cards, so they played Strip Happy Days instead. For it being Joey's idea, the gang teamed up on him, only picking him to lose his clothes. By the end of the episode, Joey was completely naked. But finally, Ross's new, previously bald girlfriend walks in and catches up with the others in the game. Rachel is devastated and torn apart. She was hoping that her and Ross could get back together.
  • Wonderful episode, the best cliffhanger EVER

    This episode is one of my favourites and means a lot to me. Before I watched this episode friends to me was a really good sitcom, with some very awesome moments but after this episode I realized that this show was the best ever! I love the whole story, especially about Ross and Rachel that the actors, by the way, have portrayed PERFECTLY! But the part I love the most is the final cliffanger, one of the best among all cliffhanger I've ever seen, definitely the best for FRIENDS. For months all the friends fan in the whole world, including me, kept wondering if Ross and Rachel could - and would- be back together at the beginning of season 4. Well done indeed, I think this episode contributed a lot to the "FRIENDS-mania" of the late 90s
  • This is one of the great ones

    I remember it was May of 2003. I had just gotten the first three season DVD packs for my birthday. When I got to my dad's house, I opened up the third season DVD pack and put on the episode "TOW the Beach". I had only really discovered "FRIENDS" the summer before, so I hadn't seen many episodes. Rather than play all 3 DVD packs chronologically, I first played this episode, the last episode of the last season I had. Why? Because this episode was so great.

    In this episode, Phoebe discovers her real mom is not the woman who commited suicide, but her friend. Chandler attempts to prove to Monica that he's dateworthy. Rachel, annoyed that Ross is dating Bonnie, shaves Bonnie's head and offers some crazy comedy.

    Bonnie: You wanna touch it?
    Ross: Nooo, but it, but it’s great.
    Bonnie: Come on, touch it!
    Ross: Okay. (He gently touches it.) You can feel all the bones in your skull.

    Man, I love this episode.