Season 3 Episode 25

The One at the Beach

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 1997 on NBC

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  • This is one of the great ones

    I remember it was May of 2003. I had just gotten the first three season DVD packs for my birthday. When I got to my dad's house, I opened up the third season DVD pack and put on the episode "TOW the Beach". I had only really discovered "FRIENDS" the summer before, so I hadn't seen many episodes. Rather than play all 3 DVD packs chronologically, I first played this episode, the last episode of the last season I had. Why? Because this episode was so great.

    In this episode, Phoebe discovers her real mom is not the woman who commited suicide, but her friend. Chandler attempts to prove to Monica that he's dateworthy. Rachel, annoyed that Ross is dating Bonnie, shaves Bonnie's head and offers some crazy comedy.

    Bonnie: You wanna touch it?
    Ross: Nooo, but it, but it’s great.
    Bonnie: Come on, touch it!
    Ross: Okay. (He gently touches it.) You can feel all the bones in your skull.

    Man, I love this episode.