Season 5 Episode 3

The One Hundredth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 1998 on NBC

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  • "Hi! I'm Phoebe Buffay, and I have babies coming out of me." - Phoebe

    The one hundredth episode of friends. In this episode phoebe gives birth to her brother's baby's. The things that I liked the most about this episode where, the Happy Days crazy doctor, Joey's kidneystones, Chandler's problem with Monica and the male nurse. But the best part of the episode was phoebe's speech to the triplets. You could really see that it was very hard to give them up. I think it was the hardest thing she ever had to do in her entire life. But she was okay with settling for being their favourite aunt. Personally I think Lisa Kudrow should of won some kind of award for this episode.