Season 9 Episode 23

The One in Barbados (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2003 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: Joey refers to his TV show as "The Days of Our Lives". Ross corrects him saying it is just "Days of Our Lives". Joey reacts as if Ross is messing with him. However, in Season 7's "The One with Joey's New Brain", Joey correctly refers to it as "Days of Our Lives", even using the acronym "DOOL" (which Monica picks up on). Of course, it's Joey, so it's conceivable that at some point he simply lost track.

    • Continuity: Charlie tells Joey that she doesn't even own a TV, and Ross suggests that TV has no real value for him, either. This is inconsistent with our knowledge of Ross. In "The One Without the Ski Trip" he's excited about the new home theatre system he's just bought. In "The One Where Eddie Moves In", he fights over the remote at Monica's, wanting to watch Predators of the Serengeti even though Monica wants to watch Entertainment Tonight. We know that he watches a lot of sports on television, shows like Behind the Music and the occasional adult video. When Rachel was staying with him she complained that he was always watching The Discovery Channel, including documentaries on The Black Plague and how they make saltwater taffy. In "The One on the Last Night", he even watched basketball with a fake, pumpkin-headed Ben. And we haven't even mentioned... Die Hard!!

    • Trivia: In this episode, Rachel has an unexplained bandage on her left forearm.

    • Continuity: Charlie suggests saving the cork from the bottle of champagne and refilling it with water so the hotel won't charge them, and Ross responds, "Oh my God, I love you". However, in "The One with Rachel's Dream", Ross goes to great lengths to explain to Chandler that you only take what the hotel provides for your use; to take anything else would be stealing.

    • Factual Error: Charlie says that the wet season in Barbados is from June to December. Actually, it is from June to October. As they say in Barbados, "June too soon, October all over!"

    • Goof: When Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, and Monica arrive in Barbados, it is raining heavily, however, all of the friends enter the hotel completely dry and without umbrellas. Also, later when Mike arrives at the hotel, rain can be seen through the window behind Phoebe and David, but Mike is completely dry.
      Note: It's entirely possible that they took a cab or ferry service from the airport and got out of the vehicle inside a covered entranceway (common to many hotels). When Monica and Chandler enter, for example, you can see that it is from a walled, dry walkway with the rain in the background.

    • Trivia: In this episode Rachel steals a name tag from the pharmacist convention with the name Kate Miller on it. Kate Miller was the name of Joey's love interest in Season 3, played by Dina Meyer.

  • Quotes

    • Ross: (to the gang in Central Perk, excited) I have a surprise! ...I had to pull some strings, but I was able to get everyone passes to the entire conference! That's right!! (handing each of them a laminated pass on a neck ribbon) ...These babies will get you into all the paleontology lectures and seminars!
      Rachel: Do you have anything that will get us out of them?

    • Phoebe: I think David will want to hear some of the lectures.
      Ross: Oh, because he's a scientist.
      Phoebe: No, because he's been in Minsk for eight years and if he gets too much direct sunlight, he'll die.

    • Joey: I play Dr. Drake Ramoray.
      Sarah: I'm sorry, I don't own a TV.
      Joey: You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at?

    • Chandler: (to David) I'm not very good at giving advice... So if you want advice, go to Ross, Monica--or Joey, if the thing you want advice about is pizza toppings or a burning sensation when you pee.

    • David: Why did Phoebe and Mike break up?
      Chandler: Uh, because his penis was too big.

    • David: (to Chandler who's trying to avoid the conversation) How, um... how do you think I should propose?
      Chandler: (flipping the pages of a magazine) David... I'm pretending to read here!

    • Ross: You're never going to guess who I just saw downstairs!
      Joey: Oh, oh, ah, ah... Britney Spears!
      Ross: Yeah, she never misses these conferences! (to Charlie) No, I just saw Dr. Kenneth Schwartz!
      Charlie: Oh, my God! ...did you talk to him?
      Ross: (with a self-mocking laugh) Yeah... what am I going to say to Kenneth Schwartz?
      Joey: You could say, "Hey Kenny, how come you're not Britney Spears?"

    • Charlie: (to Joey about spending the day alone) So you'll be okay?
      Joey: Yeah, yeah. I've got tons of stuff I can do. I'm gonna hit the beach, go swimmin'...
      Ross: Uh, Joe, have you looked outside?
      Joey: No, why? 
      (Ross opens the drapes to reveal a heavy rainstorm)
      Joey: Oh, man!
      Charlie: There's an indoor pool... you, you can swim there!
      Joey: I wasn't gonna swim... (pulls a plastic shovel out of his backpack) ...I was gonna dig a hole!

    • Joey: (to Rachel, Phoebe and David who are just arriving) Everything is upside-down here! It rains all day long... nobody watches TV... and Ross is famous!

    • Rachel: (seeing Monica and Chandler just arriving) Alright, I don't wanna alarm anybody, but Monica's hair is twice as big as it was when we landed.

    • David: I'm proposing to Phoebe tonight. (shows Chandler the engagement ring)
      Chandler: Tonight? (looks at the ring) Isn't an engagement ring supposed to have a diamond? (looking very closely and squinting) ...Oh, there it is.
      David: Yeah, well, um... being a failed scientist doesn't pay quite as well as you might think. That's, um... that's one-seventieth of a carat... And, and the clarity is... is quite poor.

    • Chandler: David's gonna propose to Phoebe, tonight.
      Monica: You see what happens when you give people advice? I hope you told him not to...
      Chandler: That would be advice!

    • Monica: David's going to propose to you tonight.
      Phoebe: Wow, really? (after it sinks in) That's fantastic!
      Monica: What, are you serious? You want to marry him? What about Mike?
      Phoebe: Oh, okay, you want me to marry Mike? Alright, well let's just gag him and handcuff him and force him down the aisle. I can just see it... "Mike, do you take Phoebe?" (muffling her mouth with her hand) "No, God no!" (taking her hand away) Y'know, it's every girl's dream!

    • Monica: Do you really think that marrying someone else is the right answer?
      Phoebe: Sure... Look, okay, bottom line, I love Mike--David!

    • Rachel: (looking out the window) What's with the rain, Geller? I mean, when I signed up for Dino Week, nobody said anything about it being monsoon season.
      Charlie: Actually, the wet season is June to December.
      Rachel(humorlessly) It's not the time, Charlie.

    • (Chandler downloaded a virus that erased all of Ross's files)
      : (to Chandler) What did you do?
      Chandler: Someone I don't know sent me an email, and I opened it.
      Ross: Why, why would you open it?
      Chandler: Well, it didn't say "This is a virus!"
      Ross: What did it say?
      Chandler: Nude...
      (Ross looks at him)
      Chandler: of Anna Kournikova.

    • Chandler: (to Ross) Y'know... you and Monica have the same I'm-gonna-kill-you look. I can usually make it go away by kissing her. (moves towards Ross)
      Ross: Get out!
      Chandler: Okay.

    • Monica: (to Chandler) If you hadn't meddled to start with, I wouldn't have had to go in and meddle myself. Now, no matter how much we meddle, we'll never be able to unmeddle the thing that you meddled up in the first place!

    • (Joey presses an adhesive name tag onto Rachel's blouse just above her breast)
      Rachel: ...And that's the most sex I'll have this weekend.

    • David: (to Phoebe) The time we spent apart was unbearable! ...of course, the sanitation strikes in Minsk didn't help.

    • David: (to Phoebe after being turned down) Perhaps if I hadn't gone to Minsk, things would have worked out for us... and I wouldn't have ruined my career... or lost that toe to frostbite. It was a good trip!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rachel: I go play Tetris on someone else's computer.
      Tetris is a massively popular game that has been released on numerous platforms from Nintendo and other game consoles to PC's and Mac's.

    • Chandler: (about Monica's "humidity hair") That's why our honeymoon photos look like me and Diana Ross!
      (and later)
      Phoebe: (to Monica) Are you leaving the Supremes?
      These are allusions to the singing trio The Supremes and lead singer Diana Ross, who at one time, wore a huge afro.

    • Ross: Nude pictures of Anna Kournikova? She's never even won a major tournament!
      Anna Kournikova is a Russian tennis player. Although she has never won any singles tournaments, she won two Grand Slam titles while playing doubles with Martina Hingis. She has since retired from tennis due to injuries. Kournikova is tall, blonde and pretty and has also found success as a model for several large advertising campaigns.

    • Chandler: Well, I tried Billie Jean King, but...
      Billie Jean King is a retired tennis player from the United States. She won 12 Grand Slam singles titles, 16 Grand Slam women's doubles titles, and 11 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles.

    • Ross: It's a blanket, Joey. Not a cloak of invisibility!
      This is a reference to the Harry Potter book and movie series and Harry's invisibility cloak.

    • Phoebe: (to Monica) Don't look at me that way, Roseanne Roseannadanna!
      Phoebe is alluding to the character "Roseanne Roseannadanna" from the TV show Saturday Night Live. Roseanne was created by Gilda Radner, one of SNL's original cast members, and had a large brunette hairdo that looked very similar to Monica's "humidity hair".

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