Season 9 Episode 24

The One in Barbados (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2003 on NBC

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  • The 9th Season Ends With Mike Proposing Phoebe And She Says Yes. Charlie And Joey Break Up And Rachel Has Feelings For Joey.

    This second part of this finale was not as great as the first part, but it still delivered one hell of an episode. There is a great deal of clever dialogues and site gags. The best part of this episode was how a chain of events were triggered. Joey and Charlie broke up. After that, Rachel tells her feelings to Joey. He decides nothing can happen between them but after seeing Ross kissing Charlie, he decides to do the same to Rachel. The sidestory about Monica's and Mike's match of ping-pong was entertaining and it came to a surprise end. I am not a fan of cliffhanger endings. I just believe that they are an old recycled plot device which wore its welcome years ago. However, in a series like "Friends", this cliffhanger was exciting. See you at season 10.
  • The worst episode of the season, which is ashame seeing that this is the finale, and should be one of the best. It's also slightly upsetting because season 9 was so good all the way through. It's still funny at parts though.

    What made this episode a bit of a let down?

    They should delayed the proposal to later on in this episode. Putting it in part 1 made it seem not very important, which is was. This would've made it hard for the table-tennis match

    Another thing was that they got our hopes up really high. I watched this and the proposal was at the end of part 1, and I thought, 'If this is at the end of part 1, what happens in part 2?' so the cliffhanger was extremely anti-climatic, but, admittedly, did bring us 3 of the funniest Friends episodes ever for season 10.

    The table-tennis match was funny at some parts, but seemed very cheesy and forced at others. I do appreciate that table-tennis matches are difficult to do and make funny, but I think they could've done another sport, surely?

    I was also expecting Monica to announce her pregnancy in this episode, and she didn't, which I found quite upsetting. It just seemed so right to happen. Monica and Chandler had just both found out they are almost wholly infertile, and it would've been so wonderful is Monica got pregnant against all the odds, but it didn't happen. :(

    I know a lot of people do like this episode for being more like season 1 (probably because there is less going on here that in the other part 2s of finales), but I don't feel like I'm watching a season 1 episode when I watch this.

    So to sum up, very bad for a season 9 episode and a lot of things were disappointing about it, but it wasn't the worst thing I've seen.
  • the Joey rachel relationship is just a load of crap

    first off what is up with the joey, Rachel relationship. it just seems like a bunch of fat. i don't know of anyone that wanted to see them together, seriosly they should have just abandoned it. it takes away from the Rachel, and Ross relationship. also they should have holded the Mike or david decision untill the end because the ping pong match was just random, and you feel that you should just stop watching after she decides because thier really isn't any plot line. monica's hair was funny, and probably the only thing fufilling in this episode. this was a huge dissapointment considering it was the season finally, and i expected it to be a lot better, and again what's up with the Joey, Rachel relationship, seriosly
  • An awesome season finale!

    I'm not a big fan of Joey/Rachel but this episode was awesome. I loved how when Rachel confessed that she liked him & Joey was so sweet, he said that he wouldn't do that to Ross then he leaned on the door & Rachel opened it & he fell on the floor. Talk about awkward. I hate Ross in this episode, if it wasn't for him Joey & Rachel wouldn't of been together. I also liked how Joey came back & kissed Rachel. Powerful! I loved the C plot in which Monica & Phoebe's boyfriend compete, what Chandler did at the end was so nice. Great closure!
  • Great!!

    Great episode!! Charlie and Joey break up, and Rachel finally tells Joey about her crush on him. He decides nothing can happen because Ross is a good friend, but after he sees Ross and Charlie kissing, he heads back up to Rachel's room where the two kiss and shut the door. Meanwhile, Monica and Mike compete at a game of ping pong.
  • good

    Charlie and Joey break up after he laughs at ross's speech and she finds it immature, and Rachel finally tells Joey about her crush on him. He decides nothing can happen because Ross is a good friend, but after he sees Ross and Charlie kissing, he heads back up to Rachel's room where the two kiss and shut the door leaving us with a huge cliffhanger. Meanwhile, Monica and Mike compete at a game of ping pong and monica is losing, untill she hurts herself leaving chandler to come to the plate and beat mike making monica to want them to do more stuff like it again to chandlers disgression.
  • A lot of stuff happened, a lot.

    For a few episode Rachael and Joey were really cute together, and in the Barbados episodes it was really obvious that Joey shouldn't be with Charlie and that she wasn't a bad match for Ross (though we saw how well that went). I really thought they were cute in this episode (and the following season premiere) but in a way it did kind of seem that they were running out of story lines and had coupled pretty much everyone else (excluding Monica and Ross, which is wrong on like 18 different levels). Plus, by now everyone knew that she and Ross were going to be together in the end so there was just no point on going to the Joey and Rachael place anymore, though it did make for a few good eps in this season and season 10 (but it was so much better in season 8).

    Though my favorite scenes had to the ping pong tournament between Mike and Monica. I particularly loved Paul's performance as Mike in this episode, too. But come on better comebacks Mike, better comebacks!
  • Quite entertaining, but it kind of feels like a "best of previous finallies".

    This was an okay season finally, only it felt like it had all been done before. In previous finallies, no less.

    * The episode is based on the gang going on a trip focusin on an event for Ross (like the season four finally)

    * It has someone planning to propse to one of the leading ladies but an ex-boyfriend beats them to it (like in the season six finally)

    * Two of the Friends hook up (like the season four finally)

    * One Friend discovers that another has feelings for them (like season one)

    * The gang take a sunny trip but end up being stuck inside thanks to the rain, which leeds to romantic interaction (like season three)

    * A Friend ends up hooking up with a past love interest thanks to spending computer time together (like season two)

    * While on a trip one of the Friends has something about their looks which causes the others to make fun of them (like season five)

    I haven't seen the finallies for season seven and season eight, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were a lot of similarities with those episodes too.

    Not that the episode wasn't funny. I liked Chandler and Monica's meddling with Phoebe's situation, especially Monica's meddle-monologue. And we got a rather cute scene wtih Chandler and Monica waking up in their hotel room (though why they don't lock the door is beyond me). I also thought David was quite funny in the proposal scene, and Rachel's reaction to not getting to tan was comic as well.

    But really, I had expected a lot more originality from this show. Yeah I know, some of the similarities aren't THAT huge, but the three top one are big enough to make this episode feel like I'm watching previous finallies all over again.