Season 9 Episode 24

The One in Barbados (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2003 on NBC

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  • the Joey rachel relationship is just a load of crap

    first off what is up with the joey, Rachel relationship. it just seems like a bunch of fat. i don't know of anyone that wanted to see them together, seriosly they should have just abandoned it. it takes away from the Rachel, and Ross relationship. also they should have holded the Mike or david decision untill the end because the ping pong match was just random, and you feel that you should just stop watching after she decides because thier really isn't any plot line. monica's hair was funny, and probably the only thing fufilling in this episode. this was a huge dissapointment considering it was the season finally, and i expected it to be a lot better, and again what's up with the Joey, Rachel relationship, seriosly