Season 8 Episode 18

The One in Massapequa

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Phoebe asking if she can bring Parker to Ross and Monica's anniversary party. Monica asks Ross if she can make the toast this anniversary instead of Ross. It is revealed Ross has always made the toast and every time it brings a tear to his parent's eyes. Ross says it will be ok if she can handle it.

Monica is making preparations for the toast. She says she will include her dead dog in the speech to make it really sad. Rachel, Joey and Ross enter the living room carrying with them the anniversary gifts. Phoebe enters the room with Parker. Parker shows himself as an over-zealous person who absolutely loves life.

At the anniversary party, Jack and Judy reveal to Ross and Rachel that they have told everyone at the party that the two are married. Ross is shocked with the idea of having to pretend he is married but Rachel doesn't seem that bothered. Rachel says they just won't mention it and if asked just nod along.

Phoebe and Parker arrive at the party and Parker makes a big speech on the room. Ross then begins to imitate Parker when Phoebe walks up behind him. An upset Phoebe tells them she is disappointed with them.

Ross and Rachel are then asked about their wedding by people. Rachel begins to lie explaining how the wedding was but she makes it seem very unrealistic. Ross and Rachel then decide that they shall lie a little when asked about the wedding but try to make it sound realistic.

Monica is then sitting at the table going over her speech and telling Chandler that it will be the saddest toast anyone has ever heard.

Ross and Rachel are then seen with a group standing around them asking about how they proposed etc. Rachel and Ross tell bizarre stories that relate to how they would want it if it was real.

Joey walks over to Phoebe to tell her he is sorry for making fun of Parker. She says it is ok because he is just too excited about everything. Joey tries to persuade her he is a nice guy really and that there's nothing wrong with him, he's just a positive person who embraces life.

Monica then gets up on stage to make the toast, to everyone's disappointment. Monica tries her hardest when making the toast to make everyone cry but it doesn't work and no one feels the slightest bit sad. Ross then goes up on stage to make a toast; he says just a few words and his parents burst into tears.

Phoebe invites Parker back to her apartment. Parker continues to talk non-stop. Phoebe can't take it any longer and has a go at Parker for being so positive. The two then separate.

Back at Ross' apartment, Ross and Rachel continue to talk about how they each made the wedding out to be. Rachel is impressed with Ross' story saying it was very romantic.

The next day Ross and Monica talk about Monica's toast. Ross says it was a tear-jerking speech. The words Ross says himself manage to make Monica cry.