Season 5 Episode 24

The One in Vegas (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 1999 on NBC
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Rachel and Ross's airplane silliness escalates with the infusion of alcohol. Chandler and Monica's relationship is enhanced Las Vegas-style. Phoebe picks up a pest and Joey becomes one.

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  • Season five finale, part two.

    I love this plot, well in continuation from last week's episode. Ross & Rachel were pranking each other and now Rachel can;t get the marker off from her face, so they decide to get drunk and then big ball drops....

    Rachel & Ross get hitched in Vegas, which makes Chandler & Monica's idea to get hitched sort of bad, but I love how they act drunk. So overall funniest episode of season five. Phoebe's lurker storyline was hilarious! "Be cool, be cool" Police officer walks by! Hilarious. Joey finds a hand twin? I know, I was astonished as you were. Not a good plot for Joey. Great cliffhanger. Lets go Season Six!moreless
  • Rachel and Ross' prank war starts getting out of control.

    I loved this episode. It is one of my favorite episodes of this amazing series. I loved everything about this episode. What's not to love? The was between Ross and Rachel on the plane was just too hilarious. Then, Ross draws on Rachel's face with a permanent marker. It was just too hilarious. The funniest part was the end, where Chandler and Monica want to get married and they see Ross and Rachel coming out of the chapel, drunk and married. This episode is definitely a series classic. It is another great installment and the perfect ending to another perfect season.moreless
  • It's my most favorite episode of Friends.

    This episode is my favorite because:

    it showed us the typical Friends moments we like;

    it is so funny that you can cry of laughing;

    so many laugh-out-loud moments;

    amazing acting from all of the actors;

    great storylines for all of the characters;

    amazing setting-Las Vegas;

    so funny last scene and one of the all time best clifthangers;

    I watched this episode few years ago and I was so exciting after its end and last scene with Rachel and Ross was amazing and one of the most unforgettable moments of Friends for me personally.

    We are all in favour of the writers for making this gift for us.

    The greates years of Friends.moreless
  • Ross and Rachel get drunk in their hotel room and get married, Phoebe and Joey get kicked out of the casino for annoying staff, and Chandler and Monica decide to have a 'quickie' vegas wedding.moreless

    The season 5 finale, The one in Vegas was a classic.

    All storylines were hilarious.

    Ross and Rachel drinking too many 'beers and alcohol' was the cause of some laugh out loud moments in this episode. And the wedding at the end - biggest. shock. ever.

    Phoebe and Joey's side storylines were also memorable. We giggled as Joey tried to convince his 'hand twin' to start a show, and Phoebe VS The Lurker begins. And plus, she introduces us to Regina Phalange!

    Chandler and Monica had a good plot too - Chandler gets angry, they make up, then decide to get married. Touching..... :)

    A fabulous episode.moreless
  • I call this one "The One with Joey's Hand Twin"

    This is a great episode with the exception of Joey's Hand Twin story line. This is why this is the lowest I've rated any episode of Friends so far. I LOVE Ross and Rachel drunk in the hotel room, especially Rachel's delivery of the line to Joey after he asks her "How you doin'?" and when Ross falls as he's going to sit on the bed and asks Joey if HE'S ok! Classic! I've seen friends of mine behave very similarly after too much alcohol. I really do love how dumb Joey acts sometimes, but this hand twin story line makes me fast forward through every scene with him in it.

    Overall a great episode . . . now if only I could somehow edit out the hand twin scenes, this would rank much higher!moreless
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