Season 6 Episode 6

The One on the Last Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1999 on NBC
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Chandler and Monica are moving in with each other, which means Rachel is moving in with Phoebe and Joey will be without a roommate. Meanwhile Ross doesn't want to help with the packing so he stays at home with Ben, or so they think. Joey can't afford the apartment expenses with Chandler gone, so to help, Chandler decides to "lose" money to him in various games.


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  • The end of an era.

    Rachel moves out, and Chandler moves in. Probably one of the best of the series, everything takes place in the apartments, and it is literally the end of an era. This really should have been a flashback 1 hour episode. But I guess this was enough. Rachel & Monica fighting and making up as roommates for the last time. Phoebe was so funny in this episode, to avoid packing. The guys saved themselves! And Ross using Ben as an excuse was pretty funny. Chandler tries to give money to Joey secretly, and everyone accepts the move. Things will be different this season. I can tell you that.moreless
  • Speechless!

    With Chandler moving out, Joey needs to learn how to take care of himself. He finds it hard to keep up with everything, so Chandler offers to give him money but he wont take it.

    Meanwhile, the girls prepare for a speical night out to celebrate the fact that Rachel is moving in with Phoebe, instead of being upset that Rachel is moving out of Monica's apartment. But when Rachel reveals that she hasn't packed yet, Monica switches into crazy organizing mode, but when the girls reminisce over the little things that they do to annoy each other, it erupts into something a massive argument between Rachel and Monica...

    Chandler tries to trick Joey into taking his money by making up a fake game - called 'Cups'!moreless
  • (To Ross, Chandler and Joey) "Hurry! Monica's going to make you pack! She's got jobs for everyone! Now it's too late for me, but save yourselves!"-Pheobe

    Chandler tries to give Joey money and Phoebe starts an argument between Monica and Rachel on the last night before Chandler moves in with Monica. This episode is another superb, great, brilliant and funny episode of Friends this show is just to good I love it by far the best sitcom of all time, everyy charcter is great all six of them are wonderful , Chandler, Joey, Pheobe, Monica, Ross and Rachel are all on top form agin in this episode, its just so funny I find myself laughing at this endlessly and I just rewatch it its that good.moreless
  • Chandler And Monica Are Gonna Live Together So Rachel Moves Out, Ross Pretends To Be Looking After Ben So He Doesn't Have To Help Pack Rach's Stuff And Chandler & Joey Spend Their Last Night Together, Chandler Loses Money To Him In Several Different Gamesmoreless

    So Funny, Rachel Moves Out Of Monica's Apartment So That Chandler Can Move In, The Girls Have A Disagreement, Mainly Making Fun Of Each Other!! Rachel Moves In With Phoebe.

    Ross Doesn't Want To Help Pack Rachel's Stuff So He Pretends He Is Looking After Ben, But Gets Discovered When Monica Phones Him And Says Ben's Head Fell Off!

    Joey And Chandler Spend Their Last Night As Roomates, Chandler Invents A Game Called 'Cups' In Which Joey Won $1,500 But Then When He Played It With Ross, He Lost All The Money!

    The Funniest Bit Has To Be When Rachel And Monica Are Chasing Each Other Round The Table And Then Taking The Mick Out Of Each Other!

    Superb Episode, I Love It!moreless
  • a funny episode.

    Chandler and Monica are moving in with each other, which means Rachel is moving in with Phoebe and Joey will be without a roommate untill next episode. Meanwhile Ross doesn't want to help with the packing so he stays at home with Ben, or so they think. Joey doesn't know how to live by himself, so Chandler decides to "lose" money to him in various games including one game that he made up called cups, a card game, then chandler wins it all back accidentaly in foosball. joey also loses to ross in cups but then ross loses to chandler..moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Factual Error: At the end of the opening scene, Joey hits a light switch near the television and the entire apartment goes dark, leaving only pale street light from the windows. Although necessary for the scene to work, it couldn't have happened that way in reality. There were individual lamps on, the kitchen counter lights were on and the bathroom light was on. Turning off one wall switch wouldn't have made the entire apartment go dark.

    • Continuity: Ross wants the guys to come over to his place and watch the Knicks' season opener. Joey says, "I don't know, Ross. Not if you're going to talk about how you gave up a career in basketball to become a paleontologist".
      Use of the term "paleontologist" is entirely out of character for Joey. He barely knows what Ross does for a living. If he'd said, " become a science guy", it would have been more in keeping with his character. In Season 9's "The One Where Emma Cries" (three years after this episode), when Joey is filling out a hospital admittance form for Ross whose thumb is broken, where it says "Occupation", Joey puts "Dinosaurs". Ross just accepts it as the best he can expect from Joey.

    • Continuity: In this episode Monica learns that Rachel has not packed anything yet, and they spend the night packing her bedroom up. However, in "The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance," Rachel complains that half her boxes are at Monica's and half her boxes are at Ross's and she has nowhere to live, which would imply that she has already packed a lot of her stuff.

    • Goof: After Monica hugs Phoebe, she notices pumpkin Ben's head fall off. How could she have seen it all the way from the kitchen, when she had to walk across the living room to look out of the window?

    • Goof: At the end when Monica hugs Chandler, her arms are over his. When the camera angle changes, her arms are under his and then over again.

    • Trivia: The song playing at the end was an instrumental version of the Friends theme.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a mountain at night with a cactus and a coyote howling at a quarter-moon

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (Chandler is discussing apartment expenses Joey will have to take over)
      : Then there's the phone bill...
      Joey: (looking at it) Oh my God!
      Chandler: (patiently) That's our phone number.

    • Monica: Well, instead of being sad that tonight's my last night together with Rachel, we thought we'd go out to dinner and celebrate the fact that Rachel's moving in with Phoebe.
      Phoebe: ...And also, my birthday.
      Monica: It's not your birthday.
      Phoebe: What a mean thing to say! I would never tell you it was not your birthday!

    • Monica: You're not dressed yet?! We're supposed to start having fun in fifteen minutes!!
      Rachel: Well, and clearly not a minute sooner.

    • Monica: You're not packed! You're not packed even a little bit!
      Rachel: (at first cowers but then suddenly inspired, turns) Surprise!
      Monica: What?
      Rachel: No, but don't get mad, 'cause look, this is what happened... So, I started packing, and then I realized, what am I doing? I am lousy at packing! Right? ...but you love packing, so, as a gift to you, on our last night... ta-da-a-a-a!
      Monica: (excited, picking up a bag of foam packing peanuts) I can be coordinator! (then suddenly realizing) Oh, my God! I'm so sorry. I didn't get you anything!

    • Phoebe: (to Ross, Chandler and Joey) Hurry! Monica's going to make you pack! She's got jobs for everyone! Now it's too late for me, but save yourselves!

    • Joey: Here it is... our last pizzas together as roommates.
      Chandler: I wish I'd known you were going to do that, I ordered Chinese.
      Joey: Oh, well, that's okay. Hey, actually, in a way it's kinda nice. Y'know, our last dinner together... me, bringing the food of my ancestors... you, the food of yours.

    • Phoebe: This doesn't have to be so sad, though, you know. Maybe instead of just thinking about how much you're gonna miss each other, you should think about some of the things you're not gonna miss.
      Monica: I don't think there's anything.
      Phoebe: Come on, there's gotta be something.
      Monica: Nope, she's perfect.
      Rachel: ...I have one.
      Phoebe: Oh, okay, great. You can go first.
      Rachel: Uh, well, I guess I'm not going to miss the fact that you're never allowed to move the phone pen.
      (They all laugh)
      Phoebe: Okay, good. That's a good one. Okay, Monica anything? Does Rachel move the phone pen?
      Monica: Ah, sometimes... Always, actually.
      Phoebe: Okay, nice, there you go. Doesn't everyone feel better?
      Monica: Not just the phone pen. I never get my messages.
      Rachel: You get your messages.
      Monica: Yeah, well, I don't think it really counts if you have to read 'em off the back of your hand after you've fallen asleep on the couch.
      Rachel: So you missed a message from who, Chandler? Or your mom? Or Chandler? Or your mom?
      Phoebe: Great, it worked. No one's sad!

    • Chandler: (to Joey about kicking and breaking the foosball table) See... now, that's why only the little fake men are supposed to do the kicking!

    • Rachel: You know what else I'm not gonna miss? "I'm Monica. I wash the toilet seventeen times a day--even if people are on it!"
      Monica: "Hi, I'm Rachel. Is my sweater too tight? No? I'd better wash it and shrink it!"
      Rachel: "I'm Monica. I never get phone messages from interesting people. Ever!"
      Phoebe: Hey! I call her.
      Monica: "Oh, my God! I love Ross. I hate Ross. I love Ross. I hate Ross!"
      Rachel: "Oh, my God! I can't find a boyfriend, so I guess I'll just stumble across the hall and sleep with the first guy I find in there!"

    • Monica: (about Rachel) I'm not talking to her.
      Phoebe: One of you has to take the first step and it should be you, because she's the one who's leaving. It's harder for her.
      Monica: Maybe you're right... But she made fun of my phone pen!
      Phoebe: I know. I took it hard, too. She's in there right now crying... I can hear her.
      Monica (listens at Rachel's door): She's not crying...
      Phoebe: She's holding it in. She's so brave! Go!

    • Monica: (entering Rachel's room) Listen, Rachel, I feel really bad about what happ--what are you doing?
      Rachel: I'm unpacking.
      Monica: What?!
      Rachel: I'm not moving! Is that picture straight?
      Monica: It needs to go about twenty blocks to the left.
      Rachel: Hey, you know what? You're the one who wants to make this big change and move in with Chandler... you should be the one to go. Why do I have to leave?
      Monica: Because it's my apartment!
      Rachel: Well, it's mine, too... what else ya got?
      Monica: How about... you're moving!!

    • (Monica is chasing Rachel around the kitchen table)
      : Stop!! (they stop running) I know that... I know that you're acting mad, because you think that'll make it easier to leave, but deep down you're still really sad. Deep, deep down.
      Monica: No Phoebe, I am mad!
      Phoebe: Well deep, deep, deep down...
      Rachel: I'm just mad.
      Phoebe: Then... keep running.

    • Monica: Well, this is the last box of your clothes. I'm just going to label it, "What were you thinking?"
      Rachel: That's funny. I was just gonna go across the hall and write that on Chandler.

    • Phoebe: I don't want to live with Rachel anymore.
      Monica: What?
      Phoebe: You're just so mean to each other and I don't want to end up like that with Rachel. (to Rachel) I still like you.
      Rachel: Well, Phoebe, that's fine because I'm not moving.
      Monica: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Phoebe, you gotta take her...

    • Monica: (to Phoebe) I know I said some really bad stuff about her, but Rachel does have some good qualities that, that make her a good roommate...
      Rachel: Oh, really? Like what, Monica?
      Monica: You know, she has 147,000 pair of boots...
      Rachel: Oh, yeah, good start Mon.
      Monica: She lets you borrow them.
      Rachel: Yeah, and you stretch 'em out with your big, ol' clown feet.
      Monica: (snapping at Rachel) You wanna live outside? Because it's gettin' cold! (after collecting herself, to Phoebe) She gets tons of catalogs, and, um, she'll fold down the pages of the things that she thinks that I'd like.
      Phoebe: What else?
      Monica: When I take a shower, she leaves me little notes on the mirror.
      Rachel: Yeah, I do, I do do that.
      Phoebe: That's nice. I like having things to read in the bathroom.
      Monica: ...And when I fall asleep on the couch after reading, she covers me over with a blanket.
      Rachel: Well, you know, I don't want you to be cold.
      Monica: And, when I told her I was gonna be moving in with Chandler... (starts to cry) she was really supportive. (to Rachel) You were so great! You made it so easy! And now you have to leave... and I have to live with a boy!
      (Monica sits on Rachel's lap and Rachel hugs her)
      Rachel: Oh, it's gonna be fine.
      Phoebe: Okay, Rachel, now I can't wait to live with you! And you know what we should do? ...bring Monica, and then we can all live there together and we'll have so much fun!
      Rachel: Yeah, but honey, I think she's moving in with Chandler.
      Phoebe: Oh, that's right. (to Monica) You still set on that?
      Monica: Kinda... (hugs Phoebe)

    • Joey: I want you to have the big white dog as kind of like a thank you for being such a great roommate.
      Chandler: I can't take the big white dog, you love it.
      Joey: It's "him", not "it".

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