Season 6 Episode 6

The One on the Last Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1999 on NBC

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  • The One The Last Night

    Rachel is supposed to be moving out, but when Monica goes in her room, Rachel has not packed at all. The girls end up packing together and get sad. Phoebe trys to cheer them up by having them think of things they won't miss about each other, which causes Rachel and Monica to get into a fight.
    It is resolved at the end. It is a funny and touching episode.
  • Wild, bizarre, original fun!

    This episode actually ended a major chapter in the "Friends" series, as this is the episode that sees the end of Joey and Chandler living together and Rachel and Monica living together. After episodes of anticipation, Chandler has boxed up his things and prepares to move in with Monica. However, Monica's last night with Rachel and Joey's last night with Chandler don't go as planned of course. Seeing how depressed Rachel and Monica are about the move, Phoebe tries to get Rachel and Monica to admit the things they didn't like about living together, and accidentally starts a battle between the two. Meanwhile, Chandler is concerned that Joey won't be able to take care of himself while living alone and tries to devise plans to give him money without Joey finding out. After several failed attempts, Chandler creates a card game called Cups, which allows Joey to win every hand and eventually win over the sum of money Chandler has been trying to give him. But despite Chandler's successful plan, Joey some how loses all of his money to Ross! During all this, Ross sits at home after creating a 'fake Ben' in hopes of getting out of spending the evening packing with the girls. Loads of original fun make this episode an all-around winner!
  • Hilarious and Emotional

    A fantastic episode and definitely one of the best of season 6. I always seem to prefer the emotional ones, and this combined the comedy and emotion brilliantly. It's the last night for Joey and Chandler living together and for Rachel and Monica living together. Phoebe gets Rachel and Monica into a fight accidently while she is trying to stop them being upset. Chandler wants to lend Joey money but Joey's pride gets in the way, so Chandler invents a game called cups. Somehow, Joey loses all of his money to Ross. Ross doesn't appear much in this episode, which is good because that way he doesn't get in the way of Joey and Chandler's last night. Rachel and Monica make up, and the most emotional part is straight after Rachel leaves and Monica goes into the empty room, when she says: "She really left..." to her new roommate. Joey and Chandler's split isn't as sad but still, this episode is the end of an era in Friends history. Joey and Chandler and Monica and Rachel were the best roommates of the show by far. Overall, The One On The Last Night is definitely a top episode and doesn't have hardly any faults in it.
  • The One Where Ross Controls Everything? ... Wow I actually do want to watch that!

    Acting: 9
    Story: 10
    Editing: 9
    Sound: 8
    First things first, If a guy directs and acts in the same show, your gonna have to deliver both ways...and although 'Ross' delivered well, he actually has no dillema whatsoever, and therefore not hard part to play. On the contrary Schwimmer appears to have created the scenes well, and I would bet $1500 that he came up with the idea of 'Cups'
    Acting was impressive. With the exception of Chandler everyone expressed a variety of emotions and gathered that with Rachel leaving and Monica having to "live with a boy" manages to link together all the main aspects of a good friendship, sadness, happieness, quarells, and of course charity.
    The sound used in this episode is as normal as a Friends episode could be, but the weird music in the slo-mo cut actually impressed me.

    Best Actor: Matt Le Blanc
    Best Line:
    Chandler: OK, here’s the electric bill. (Hands it to Joey.)

    Joey: This is how much we pay for electricity?!

    Chandler: Uh, yeah.

    (Joey runs over and shuts off the lights.)

    Chandler: ...So...we’ll do the rest of the bills later then?
  • Fantastic episode

    Truly, this episode marks "the end of an era" in Friends history. As the title indicates, this episode is the last night where Monica and Rachel, and Joey and Chandler live together. Poignant and hilarious, this episode is one of the highlights of the 6th season. Joey won't take money from Chandler, so Chandler invents a ridiculous card game called "Cups" to let Joey "win" the money. (He ends up losing all of his money to Ross, but at the end of the episode, Chandler attempts to get it back.) Phoebe and Monica help Rachel pack, but Phoebe's misguided advice leads to Monica and Rachel fighting for the majority of the night. Eventually, they make up and Rachel moves out. At the end of the episode, Monica looks in Rachel's empty room and is saddened by the fact that Rachel is actually gone. Her new "roomie", Chandler, is there to comfort her, however.
  • Chandler and Monica are moving into together. Rachel is moving in with Phoebe and Joey doesn't have a roomate. Ross make a fake Ben.

    Funny episode! Monica sure can boss people and make them help her when she finds Ross made a fake Ben! So funny! He used a pumpkin!! When Monica was not looking I would move the fake Ben into a bed room and say he is sleeping because it seems weird with him in the same place. If I was Joey I would first take the money and second I would know that Chandler was trying to loss because the way he acted and on his fake game I would be like what the hell is this? Rachel was also great!
  • a funny episode.

    Chandler and Monica are moving in with each other, which means Rachel is moving in with Phoebe and Joey will be without a roommate untill next episode. Meanwhile Ross doesn't want to help with the packing so he stays at home with Ben, or so they think. Joey doesn't know how to live by himself, so Chandler decides to "lose" money to him in various games including one game that he made up called cups, a card game, then chandler wins it all back accidentaly in foosball. joey also loses to ross in cups but then ross loses to chandler..
  • Chandler And Monica Are Gonna Live Together So Rachel Moves Out, Ross Pretends To Be Looking After Ben So He Doesn't Have To Help Pack Rach's Stuff And Chandler & Joey Spend Their Last Night Together, Chandler Loses Money To Him In Several Different Games

    So Funny, Rachel Moves Out Of Monica's Apartment So That Chandler Can Move In, The Girls Have A Disagreement, Mainly Making Fun Of Each Other!! Rachel Moves In With Phoebe.
    Ross Doesn't Want To Help Pack Rachel's Stuff So He Pretends He Is Looking After Ben, But Gets Discovered When Monica Phones Him And Says Ben's Head Fell Off!
    Joey And Chandler Spend Their Last Night As Roomates, Chandler Invents A Game Called 'Cups' In Which Joey Won $1,500 But Then When He Played It With Ross, He Lost All The Money!
    The Funniest Bit Has To Be When Rachel And Monica Are Chasing Each Other Round The Table And Then Taking The Mick Out Of Each Other!
    Superb Episode, I Love It!
  • (To Ross, Chandler and Joey) "Hurry! Monica's going to make you pack! She's got jobs for everyone! Now it's too late for me, but save yourselves!"-Pheobe

    Chandler tries to give Joey money and Phoebe starts an argument between Monica and Rachel on the last night before Chandler moves in with Monica. This episode is another superb, great, brilliant and funny episode of Friends this show is just to good I love it by far the best sitcom of all time, everyy charcter is great all six of them are wonderful , Chandler, Joey, Pheobe, Monica, Ross and Rachel are all on top form agin in this episode, its just so funny I find myself laughing at this endlessly and I just rewatch it its that good.
  • Speechless!

    With Chandler moving out, Joey needs to learn how to take care of himself. He finds it hard to keep up with everything, so Chandler offers to give him money but he wont take it.
    Meanwhile, the girls prepare for a speical night out to celebrate the fact that Rachel is moving in with Phoebe, instead of being upset that Rachel is moving out of Monica's apartment. But when Rachel reveals that she hasn't packed yet, Monica switches into crazy organizing mode, but when the girls reminisce over the little things that they do to annoy each other, it erupts into something a massive argument between Rachel and Monica...
    Chandler tries to trick Joey into taking his money by making up a fake game - called 'Cups'!
  • The end of an era.

    Rachel moves out, and Chandler moves in. Probably one of the best of the series, everything takes place in the apartments, and it is literally the end of an era. This really should have been a flashback 1 hour episode. But I guess this was enough. Rachel & Monica fighting and making up as roommates for the last time. Phoebe was so funny in this episode, to avoid packing. The guys saved themselves! And Ross using Ben as an excuse was pretty funny. Chandler tries to give money to Joey secretly, and everyone accepts the move. Things will be different this season. I can tell you that.