Season 6 Episode 15

The One That Could Have Been (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rachel comes into the coffee house and tells the gang that Barry and Mindy are getting a divorce. Joey immediately goes to Ross when he hears divorce.

Rachel wonders what her life would have been like if she'd actually married him. Ross wonders what would happen if Carol hadn't realized she was a lesbian. Monica wonders what would happen if she was still fat. Joey wonders what would happen if he never got fired from days of out lives. Chandler wonders what would happen if he had the guts to quit his job. Phoebe wonders what would happen if she had taken a job in stocks.

This sets the scene for a flashback, then alternative credits.

Rachel is shopping, when she bumps into Ross, but doesn't actually recognize him. He tells Rachel who he is and that her childhood best friend Monica lives just down the street.

At the coffeehouse Monica and Joey are hanging out with Roger, Monica's boring doctor boyfriend, when Chandler comes in. He's working as a free-lance writer but can't seem to get his work accepted. Joey offers him some money but Chandler says that he doesn't want charity, so Joey hires him as his assistant. Phoebe enters, and fires someone over the phone.

Ross and Rachel enter, and Monica and Rachel hug. Monica tells Rachel she's lost weight: three and a half pounds. Rachel is introduced to everyone, and is amazed that they hang out with Joey. Joey meets Rachel and thinks she's crazy.

Over at Monica's apartment Phoebe's on her cell phone. There was a small dip in the market and she managed to lose her company 13 million dollars. She starts freaking out about it and has a heart attack.

At the hospital Phoebe is upset about missing work. Ross talks to her about his marriage, and how it's falling apart. Phoebe suggest spicing things up.

Joey shows Rachel around the Days of our Lives set, he gets mad at Chandler for bringing him orange juice with pulp in it.

Ross complains to Carol about their sex life, when he suggest a threesome she is very interested.

Chandler sells a story which is basically his story with Joey, about someone who needs money so his friend hires him as a butler to do crazy things. Chandler and Joey make up.

At Central Perk Rachel wants to know about Joey, because she was invited back to his apartment. Monica is really annoyed with her because she's married. Rachel wants to be on a break from Barry. Monica then inadvertently reveals that she's a 30 year old virgin. Rachel tells her to get it over with.

At the hospital, Monica and Ross visit Phoebe, who isn't at all pleased to see Monica. Ross answers Phoebe's cell phone, and she was fired.

At Rachel's apartment, she watches Days of our Lives and decides that she has to see Joey. She rings him up, and he asks her to bring sandwiches.

The end credits feature fat Monica dancing.