Season 6 Episode 15

The One That Could Have Been (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on NBC

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  • Very creative.

    It's very creative how the writers decided to do this, it as better than making a whole plot on Barry & Mindy divorcing. They decided to make it sort of a ponder episode. When everything thinks on how their life would be like. I think they made up the whole Phoebe being a stock broker out of nowhere. It was hilarious, but it should of been more realistic. Like what if her "mom" never killed herself. That would be a drastic change. Anyways favorite plot would have to be Joey & Rachel's plot. It was refreshing seeing, Rachel fall in love with Joey. And her making the call in the end. Great cliffhanger. Looks like some things don't change. Carol is still a lesbian. And Monica being a 30 year old virgin was hilarious!
  • Barry and Mindy's impending divorce prompts the gang to fantasize about what their lives might be like if they'd all taken different courses.

    WOW! Different story line but great! I don't think Chandler would of hooked up with Monica if she was still fat. Ross and Carol still together and she wants a three some! Rachel is still married to Barry but wants to go over to Joey's. Joey is so cool! I wish he still had that job and then he would be rich unstead of working at Central Perk. Phoebe sure is different. Ross is so funny when he said that Jack called to say hope she gets better and then he tells Monica Phoebe is fired. Phoebe is going to be so angry when she finds out.
  • One of the funniest episodes.

    The one that could have been part 1, is very funny its one of the funniest episodes in the season. However, at times it is totally and utterly unbelievable!! The episode shows what could have happened if certain things had or hadn't happened to each of the 6 main characters. Rachel wonders what her life would have been like if she'd actually married him. Ross wonders what would happen if Carol hadn't realized she was a lesbian. Monica wonders what would happen if she was still fat. Joey wonders what would happen if he never got fired from days of out lives. Chandler wonders what would happen if he had the guts to quit his job, while Phoebe wants to know what would happen if she had taken a job in stocks.
  • One of the funniest Friends episodes ever made!!!

    This episode is exactly why i'm sure every person in the US watches friends. The story line is great and not a comman one at all. The divorce causes the gang to wonder what their lives would be like if they took different paths; and lemme tell ya there lives would have been crazy and funny. Monica made me laugh everytime i saw her on the camera. Not only because she's "fat" in this eppy but because she didnt really change, she was always happy and funny. Her being a virgin is hilarious and her having s** with Chandler is ironic becuz she ends up marrying him. In the end its just another great installment, exactly why friends is a TV legend.
  • One of Season 6's best!

    Friends Season 6 Episode 15 The One That Could Have Been, Part 1
    The friends imagine how their lives would have been if Ross and Carol were still married, Rachel had married Barry, Monica was still fat, Joey still worked at Dya's of Our Lives, Chandler being a writer for comic books and Phoebe was a stockbucket.

    One of season six's best. This episode was amazing, I just couldnt believe the writers could come up with such a great idea. The first time I saw it and saw the plot on Wiki I thought it would suck, but after seeing it I have to say: wow! This ep is great!
  • When Barry and Mindy get a divorce, Rachel wonders what her life would be like if she'd married Barry, causing all of the Friends to imagine their lives differently.

    The One That Could Have Been (both parts) is my fave episode. I can't imagine it being any more perfect. True Friends style makes it one of the best episodes, and any Friends fan should watch it. If you've already seen it, watch it again, and again, and again etc ! ! ! Even if you're not a big friends fan it'll have you in stiches.

    My favourite part of it is that everyone ends up basically how they started off, which means it couldn't be any other way. Phoebe's at her best randomness; Chandler's really funny; Rahel's still spoilt; Ross is is helpless; Joey still flirts; and Monica's still a neat-freak! It really wouldn't be right to have it any other way!
  • Funny!

    Oh my God! How much did I love this episode??
    It is for sure one of my fave episodes ever.. I just can't stop laughing.. I like Phoebe the best in this ep.. She's so different that she used to be in the "normal" episodes in fact in here she got a job at Merrill Lynch .. but still she is so funny.. "I miss Joan" loool.
    Meanwhile, Ross and Carol are dealing with their problems with their sex life, Rachel is thinking about cheating on Barry with Joey, who is now a big star of "Days of our life" and hired Chandler as his assistant beacause Chandler is broke. Monica is still fat and she is trying to give away her "flower".. How can you not be laughing in this ep?