Season 6 Episode 16

The One That Could Have Been (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on NBC

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  • One of the best FRIENDS episodes *ever*!

    How in the world Courtney Cox did not get an Emmy Award (let alone the nomination) for these two episodes is beyond me. Fat Monica is just brilliant! It's like Courtney loses herself in the character. It's wonderful to watch!

    It also must be said that the rest of the cast members are really spectacular in these two episodes. Kudos to the writers for conceiving this idea and executing it *so* exquisitely! To change just ONE thing about each character (Phoebe's is pretty ingenious) and present such wonderful back stories. Seriously, I can't rave enough about this show, but these two episodes... PURE GOLD!
  • The continuation of the previous...

    Friends Season 6 Episode 15 The One That Could Have Been, Part 1
    The friends continue imaginning the alternate reality: now, Chandler and Monica sleep together, Rachel almost has an affair with Joey, Ross has a threesome with Carol and Susan and discovers Susan's a lesbian, Phoebe has a heart attack and is fired from her job.

    One of season six's best. This episode was amazing, I just couldnt believe the writers could come up with such a great idea. The first time I saw it and saw the plot on Wiki I thought it would suck, but after seeing it I have to say: wow! This ep is great!
  • Didn't seem complete... but still great.

    It didn't seem complete because, we don't know what happens to Rachel & Joey. And we also don't see what happens after Ross realizing Carol being a lesbian. Barry cheats on Rachel of course. But I guess the real question was answered, everyone would still be hanging out. Everyone sort of ended up at the same place. Except without the R&R history. You see all of them at the coffeehouse sitting together. Monica & ends up with Chandler. Phoebe goes back to being a guitarist at the coffeehouse. And finally I'm sure Ross divorced Carol. Everything was the same, except Joey still had his job. But he eventually probably might of gotten fired. I think there should of been another part to this. But still great.
  • When Rachel finds out that Barry and Mindy are getting a divorce, the rest of the gang starts wondering what would have happened if they'd made different choices in their lives.

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever. You can really tell that Courteney Cox enjoys playing fat Monica and the rest of the cast seemed to get a kick out of playing a somewhat different character.
    I also really like that in the end, they all end up more or less where they are in reality. Ross still realizes Carol is a lesbian. Rachel catches Barry cheating on her. Chandler and Monica end up together. Phoebe ends up singing at Central Perk. And Joey has all of his fun stuff (the dog, raining window, etc.) Ultimately, we see that even if they haven't all followed their dreams, they've ended up in more or less the same place.
    Great episode, nice change of pace from other episodes.
  • Brill!

    I love flash backs or episodes like this that deter from the plot of the series. It is also a very funny episode, especially when Rachel wants to spend the night with Joey and says why her and Barry couldnt just go on a break, haha. The best was Chandler and Monica getting together, very sweet.
  • My favourite episode ever

    Ross: I'm sorry your husband cheated on you.
    Rachel: I'm sorry your wife is gay. I guess women aren't that great either.
    Ross: Try telling my wife that.

    This has to be my all time favourite episode. I like th efact that they're looking at everything from a completely differet perspective and it's just completely crazy. Phoebe's story is so completely wacky, lik eher and I love the fat Monica story which is so funny and all the stuff about the Kitkats. Well done to the writers for providing a different look at things but still keeping it so funny. F R I E N D S!
  • Has some decent moments, but pretty ordinary stuff

    Count me as one who isn't a big fan of flashback or "what-if" episodes. On paper this one seems like it could have been great, but the alternative storylines for each of the characters just mine obvious territory, and are filled with self-referential humor that can be spotted a mile away. Rather than take creative detours with the characters, each one is sort of taken in a 180-degree direction. The problem is that viewers have probably already imagined these alternative routes, so all that happens here is the chance to see them all played out. Throughout the show, I groaned as much as I laughed because I knew what was coming next. This was more filler than anything.
  • What could have been...

    I love this ep especially because Chandler and Monica still get together - they are the best couple - of course yes I love Ross and Rachel - But Monica and Chandler are the funny couple that totally belongs together the fact that she is still a virgn and he is her first is so sweet , didn\'t like the whole Joey and Rachel thing- just my opinion
  • Hilarious to see what could have been.

    I love this episode because it's a very different road that these six friends took.

    Episodes with flashbacks and episodes like these are by far my favourite on Friends and any show for that matter.

    In these two episodes, Phoebe works in stocks. That is a great and funny career Phoebe chose. She does it so well. haha.

    Chandler has a sad life going, as he isn't that successful with his writing but of course, he uses his life experiences to help. It's cool to see that Monica and Chandler would have gotten together no matter what.

    The parts I disliked about this episode is Joey and Rachel and the fact that Ross didn't realize his wife was a lesbian! My God. It's been 6 years Dr.Gellar, smarten up and see the light. It was funny how he found out but the writers made Ross look stupid. Joey in these episodes was same old same old. He's not very interesting. Rachel was also boring in her scenes.

    Mostly interesting and funnny special episode.
  • This is one of those episodes that are different to other episodes and do not follow up on the storyline, it's totally opposite of the 6 friends lives.

    This is one of those episodes that are different to other episodes and do not follow up on the storyline, it's totally opposite of the 6 friends lives.

    This episode is special and also a good one to sit and watch, unfortunately I missed the first part which I reccomend you watch first.

    Phoebe becomes a nasty and bossy workaholic,Joey is a 'famous' actor, Rachel is his biggest fan, Monica is really fat but still manages to look cute,Chandler becomes a scruffy writer and Ross tries to patch things up with his homosexual wife and he is also talented in Karate.

    The best part is that the intro is different than normal as if to show life as their ways in this episode.

    I haven't decided but this could be one of my favourite episodes of Friends.

    This is very worth watching.