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Season 6 Episode 14

The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child. Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    This episode in my opinion was great! Even though the beginning was disappointing after such a big cliffhanger. Well Jill came off as a spoiled rich girl, but by the end, she looked like she had a problem, psychologically. Trying to get back at Rachel by using Ross, acting all creepy in his apartment. This was a great two-parter by the way. Chandler can't cry, I like how Monica tries to use the example if she died, and he would not cry, that was hilarious. FInally the hilarious plot. Ursula doing pornos under Phoebe's name. A great amazing plot. I'm surprised all of it fit in this episode. Amazing.moreless
  • Small review - Average continuity error :)

    This is a series classic.. All characters are in their usual roles!

    There is a continuity error though(I havent got the level to add it myself)... Phoebe says when talking about E.T. and Bambi(sad movies that doesn't make Chandler cry) that she cried for three(two) days after watching Bambi but in "The one where Old Yeller Dies" Phoebe state that her mother never had let her watch the ending of sad movies and she must have seen Bambi while her mom was still alive since in was just days before... Hope someone will add this at some point!

    I'm sorry I used a review instead!moreless
  • ono of the best episodes ever

    Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child and the girls try to make him cry and in the end he does, and then he keeps on crying as they have opened the flood gates. Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name including pheobe buffay in buffay the vampire layer with nosferatool. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship as she is jelaous. and pheobe confronts ursula about it and she is making a porno film whilst they are talking. and then pheobe picks up cheques for pheobe buffay from the porno director.moreless
  • Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child. Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship.moreless

    Good episode. Its not like its a bad thing Chandler doesn'y cryed but if he didn't cry when Monica died that would be like oh my god! He should cry for that. I don't know why everyone was crying for the movie because it wasn't that bad. I thought Chandler was faking it at the end because you don't need to cry for that!
  • This Episode is about Chandler hasn;t cryed since h was a kid and they try to make him cry but he can't .

    This episode is about how Chandler hasn't cryed since he was a kid and Monica trys to make him cry by making him watch sad movies but he never does . Also is this episode people start to recognise Pheobe on the streets and joey finds this video porno and it seems to star Phoebe . Later Phoebe goes and asks her sister why she is staring in porno and using her name and Ursela tells her thats her name and they fight . Also jill and ross had started to date but they didn't really like each other in that way they just enjoyed each oter company so like i said before Ross wanted to be with Rachel .moreless
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Larry Joe Campbell

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Douglas Looper

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Reese Witherspoon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Continuity: When the friends are watching E.T., Phoebe says her mother killed herself a few days after she watched Bambi, which made her cry for two days. But in The One Where Old Yeller Dies, Phoebe had never seen the ending of many sad movies because her mother would always stop it before the end.

    • Continuity: In the beginning of the episode, Joey walks in and sees Rachel still standing by the window continued from the last epsiode. Joey tries to make up an excuse for being there, and then admits he is stealing Monica and Chandler's food. But in the previous episode, he had cleared their fridge trying to give the food to girls at the coffee house.
      Note: Joey doesn't go into the fridge at all, but merely takes an already open bag of potato chips from somewhere on the counter. He apparently knows the fridge is empty.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, when Phoebe shouts at the man in the coffeehouse who mistakes her for Ursala, Joey mouths Phoebe's line "your pervert boyfriend" along with her.

    • Continuity: In this episode we find out that Chandler is unable to cry. But he cried in "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever".

    • Goof: When Ross goes to Monica and Chandler's to talk to Rachel about Jill's advances, Rachel says "I'll give you something to think about" and puts her arms down by her sides. When the camera angle changes, Rachel's arms are suddenly crossed.

    • Goof: When Chandler throws his copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul under the sofa, it goes across the floor to Monica's feet. Immediately she bends down to pick up the book, but when she rises, Monica is suddenly next to the chair by the kitchen table.

    • Goof: When Rachel is talking with Jill in the coffeehouse and they sit down on the couch, Rachel sits down first and leans back. After Jill sits down, Rachel's coffee cup has disappeared and she is leaning back again.

    • Goof: When Rachel is talking to Jill in the coffeehouse about Ross, Rachel's arms and hands obviously change position in between almost every shot.

    • Goof: When Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey are watching E.T., the soundtrack from the film is heard while they talk. However when Monica gets up to grab the photo album, the music disappears. Furthermore, when she walks past the television, the set is turned off.

    • Goof: In the coffeehouse when Ross tells Rachel that he will tell Jill he can't see her anymore, Rachel brings her hands down from her face. When the camera angle changes, she brings her hands down again.

    • Continuity: Joey says that he was mad at Chandler for 10 years for kissing his sister, and Chandler says that was only 5 years ago. Actually "The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister" was only 3 years ago.

    • Goof: When Rachel is talking to Ross in Monica and Chandler's apartment and they're discussing Jill, the camera gives a clear shot of her back which shows that she has a section of hair that is 2 inches thick behind her neck. After quickly changing the camera angle Rachel has about half of her hair, much more than before the camera switched angles, in the same spot that the earlier section had been.

    • Goof: In the scene where they start to watch the video, Joey stands up and knocks a chair over when he realizes that it is Ursula in the video. Yet seconds later when Phoebe enters and sets her purse down, the chair is upright.

    • Continuity: At the end of the previous episode, Monica was sick and had a stuffy nose. This episode continues from later the same night and Monica seems completely fine. Not to mention, that in the restored tag scene in the previous episode, Chandler had caught her cold as well.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Joey: I can't believe Ross is going out with Rachel's sister. When Chandler made out with my sister, I was mad at him for ten years.
      Chandler: That was, like, five years ago...
      Joey: Yeah, you got five years left!
      Chandler: Joey...
      Joey: You wanna make it six?!

    • Ross: Something could've happened, all right? She... she really dug my slides. And she was definitely giving me the vibe.
      Rachel: Right. Was it the "Please don't show me another picture of a trilobite" vibe?

    • Joey: You didn't cry when Bambi's mother died?
      Chandler: Yes, it was very sad when the guy stopped... drawing the deer!

    • Monica: Chandler, there's nothing wrong with crying. You don't have to be so macho all the time...
      Chandler: I'm not macho.
      Monica: (reflecting) Yeah, you're right.

    • (about Chandler's inability to cry)
      Joey: What if you saw a three-legged puppy?
      Chandler: I'd be sad--sure! But I wouldn't cry.
      Joey: Okay, uh, what if the puppy said, "Help me Chandler! All the other puppies pick on me!"
      Chandler: Cry?! I just found a talking puppy! I'm rich!

    • Phoebe's Fan: Are you Phoebe Buffay?
      Phoebe: Yeah.
      Phoebe's Fan: Can... can I get your autograph? I'm your biggest fan.
      Phoebe: Oh, you're my biggest fan? I've always wanted to meet you!

    • Jill: I am so stupid! I'm just like this incredibly pretty, stupid girl!

    • Rachel: This is about you being a brat, wanting what you can't have!
      Jill: Can't have?! Excuse me. The only thing I can't have... is dairy!

    • Rachel: (about Phoebe starring in an adult film) You know, you think you know someone. Even Phoebe, who's always been somewhat of a question mark.

    • Monica: (about Phoebe doing porn) Well, I guess it makes sense, you know, having such a terrible childhood.
      Chandler: I had a terrible childhood and I don't do porn.
      Monica: Yes, but you're dead inside.

    • Monica: (watching the porno movie) Hold on a second, what is that on her ankle?
      Chandler: Her ankle is what you're watching?

    • Phoebe: (seeing her identical twin in a porno movie) Oh, my God! What am I doing?!

    • (Monica has caught Chandler reading "Chicken Soup for the Soul")
      Monica: Why are you reading this? You hate this kind of stuff.
      Chandler: Yeah, I know, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Y'know, I mean, maybe one of those stories would make me cry, and then you wouldn't think I was, you know, all dead inside!
      Monica: Ah, that's so sweet. But, Chandler, I don't care if you can't cry. I love you.
      Chandler: Oh, that makes me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest!

    • Phoebe: (to a guy staring at her) You're trying to figure out where you know me from? All right, I'll give you a hint. From porn! Okay? Yeah! (to his girlfriend) Your pervert boyfriend watched me in a porno movie!

    • Ross: You may have been right about Jill.
      Rachel: Oh, I knew it! What happened?
      Ross: Um, she kissed me.
      Rachel: (hurt) What? You kissed?
      Ross: Look, I tried not to kiss her, okay?
      Rachel: (upset) It doesn't sound like it. I mean, it is pretty easy not to kiss someone, you just don't kiss them. See, look at us, right now--not kissing!
      Ross: Let me finish, okay? She started kissing me and, and I didn't stop it. I guess I just wasn't thinking?
      Rachel: Yeah, that's right you weren't thinking. You know what? (rolling up her sleeves) Let me give you something to think about!
      Ross: Wait! But then I started thinking and I stopped the kissing.
      Rachel: Oh, well thank you for taking your tongue out of my sister's mouth long enough to tell me that.
      Ross: Look, I realized that if anything happened with me and Jill then nothing could ever happen with us!
      Rachel: What?
      Ross: No. I mean, look, I don't know if anything is ever going to happen with us, again, ever. But I don't wanna know that it never could. So, I stopped it and she got mad and broke my projector.
      Rachel: Wow, I, I don't even know what to say... (after a moment, gives him a little tap on the leg with her foot) Thank-you.
      Ross: (taps her back) You're welcome.
      Chandler: (crying uncontrollably) I just don't see why those two can't work things out!

    • Jill: (to Ross) And you! I throw myself at you and you say no? How gay are you?!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Monica: Chicken Soup for the Soul?

      Chicken Soup for the Soul is a series of books featuring collections of inspirational stories and motivational essays.

    • Chandler: Phoebe Buffay in Buffay the Vampire Layer.

      Buffay the Vampire Layer is a word play on Buffy the Vampire slayer, a 1992 comedy film about a cheerleader chosen by fate to kill vampires.

    • Joey: So, you saw me on Days Of Our Lives, huh?

      This is a reference to when Joey had a role on the famous soap opera Days of our Lives.

    • Phoebe: Oh, ya know what's sadder than this? Bambi.
      Bambi is an animated Disney classic in which Bambi's mother is shot and killed.

    • Joey: It all works out. ET stays with Elliot and they get to hang out and be best friends for, like, forever.
      Chandler: Joey, you've seen this movie before. ET goes back home.

      E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg about a boy befriending an alien.

    • Phoebe's Fan: That was Phoebe Buffay, the porn star!
      Joey: Yeah, I don't think so.
      Phoebe's Fan: No, no, it was! She was in Sex Toy Story 2, Lawrence of a Labia, and I got her autograph! The guys at the comic book store aren't gonna believe this!
      Joey: Hey Gunther, don't let that guy in here anymore! He just said Phoebe's a porn star!
      Gunther: Well, I wouldn't call her a star, but she's really good. You should check out Inspect Her Gadget.

      Sex Toy Story 2 is a word play on Toy Story 2, a 1999 animated film about toys that come to life when humans are not around to see them.

      Lawrence of a Labia is a word play on Lawrence of Arabia, a 1962 film about the life of T. E. Lawrence, a soldier during World War I.

      Inspect Her Gadget is a word play on Inspector Gadget, a 1999 film based on the popular show Inspector Gadget.

    • Chandler: That makes me so happy inside my hollow tin chest.

      Reference to the Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz. He wanted to see the Wizard so he could ask for a heart.

    • Rachel: Me jealous of her? Who does she think she is, Princess Caroline?
      Monica: You're jealous of Princess Caroline?
      Rachel: Do I have my own castle?

      Princess Caroline is a member of Monaco's royal family. She is the daughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.