Season 6 Episode 14

The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on NBC



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    • Phoebe's Fan: That was Phoebe Buffay, the porn star!
      Joey: Yeah, I don't think so.
      Phoebe's Fan: No, no, it was! She was in Sex Toy Story 2, Lawrence of a Labia, and I got her autograph! The guys at the comic book store aren't gonna believe this!
      Joey: Hey Gunther, don't let that guy in here anymore! He just said Phoebe's a porn star!
      Gunther: Well, I wouldn't call her a star, but she's really good. You should check out Inspect Her Gadget.
      Sex Toy Story 2 is a word play on Toy Story 2, a 1999 animated film about toys that come to life when humans are not around to see them.
      Lawrence of a Labia is a word play on Lawrence of Arabia, a 1962 film about the life and military career of T. E. Lawrence.
      Inspect Her Gadget is a word play on Inspector Gadget, a 1999 film based on the popular 80's animated children's show, Inspector Gadget.

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