Season 4 Episode 7

The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1997 on NBC

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  • The end of a great friendship.

    Friends is finally serious fro a change since the premiere with an ounce of comedy. Ross' keyboard playing plot was dry & very annoying for my taste. Of course, I think that was the point. Joey is super mad after finding out Chandler & Kathy kissed. I'm glad that Chandler stayed with Kathy but it was sad to see a relationship built on 3 1/2 years go down the drain cause of Kathy. I mean she isn't even that pretty. I like how everyone around them finds out towards the end of the episode & their reactions to it are pretty funny.
  • We see that Chandler is in love with a girl that Joey is dating!

    Chandler ends up failing in love with the perfect women. When they share a very powerful, passionate, and romantic kiss, thats when he sees that she's the one for him. But the only problem is that she's dating Joey. SO they try to keep it a secert. BUt Chandler can't decide if he wants Kathy, the perfect women for him, or Joey, his best friend and roomate. Later one Joey finds out about them! He gets mad at both, but he seems to be angerier at Chandler, and refuses to talk to him. Chandler is willing to do anything to get Joey to like him again. Meanwhile, Ross finds in interest in a keybored. Which he is terrible at, but no one wants to tell him that he's horrible at it!
  • ok episode.

    chandler shares a passionate kiss with kathy joeys girlfriend, or does he choose his best friend, and then joey is not happy to find out about chandler and kathy. ross digs out his old key board after being told how good he was, but no one wants to tell him how bad it is, chandler is an unhappy chappy after upsetting joey and poor old joey. pheobe loves ross's keyboard playing and thinks he is gifted and soon he has her spot in central perk, in the end to make pheobe feel better he fakes a bad playing, but its not that good an episode.
  • Great episode from a wonderful season. Each storyline in this episode is amazing.

    Great episode from a wonderful season. First and foremost, the love affair between Chandler and Kathy is realized. Even though I am happy for Chandler it is hard, and funny, to see him fight with Joey. What makes this such a great episode, however, are the two other plot lines, both of which are fantastic. Ross' music is hilarious, although I rather like it at the beginning. It does clearly get worse. The best story line is about Rachel eating in a restaurant alone. Maybe it's because I do that a lot ... I don't know. Great Episode!