Season 8 Episode 13

The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Joey eating breakfast and thinking to himself that he doesn't really love Rachael and she's just his friend.

Monica comes into the room having just had a bath and Chandler explains to her he doesn't like baths, she says she will make him love them. Joey enters and says he needs to talk with Chandler, he tries desperately to tell Chandler his feelings but can't.

At Central Perk, Ross and Rachel discuss the possible names for the baby. Ross tells Phoebe that they don't want to know the baby's sex till it's born. The two dispute over the names, not wanting to call the baby the same name and hating the others choice.

Chandler returns home and Monica reveals she has a surprise for him. She has drawn him a bath, with bubbles, special salts etc. We then see Chandler in a bath; he ends up liking the bath finding it very relaxing.

Ross and Rachel are at the doctors and the doctor knows what sex the baby is but Ross insists that they don't want to know. While Ross isn't looking, Rachel looks at the report to see what sex the baby is and Ross catches her. She tries to persuade him that she doesn't know the baby's sex.

Back at their apartment Chandler is in the bath when he calls over Monica because he is having trouble making his bath nice. They then have a conversation about Joey noticing he is acting weird and that something is going on. They then come to the conclusion that Joey loves Phoebe. Phoebe arrives at the apartment and Monica goes to see what she wants, Monica can't help but tell Phoebe that Joey likes her. Phoebe is quite cheerful when she hears this but says she can't do anything with him because they are such good friends.

Rachel and Ross are at Central Perk continuing to discuss baby names; Rachel says she likes the name, Ross originally thought of, if it is a girl (Ruth). Ross begins to think that she knows it's a boy.

Phoebe goes round Joey's to tell him she knows he loves her. She is just about to tell him when he tells her he loves Rachel. Phoebe persuades him it's just a crush.

Back at Central Perk, Ross tells Rachel that he phoned the doctor and has found out that the baby is going to be a girl.

At their apartment Monica has made a bath and is about to get changed, Chandler finds out and so quickly gets changed and jumps into the bath. Monica goes into the bathroom to tell him it is improper bath decorum. Phoebe then enters to tell Monica that Joey doesn't love her. Joey then enters and everyone figures out that he loves Rachel. Ross and Rachel then enter the bathroom and tell everyone they are having a baby girl while Chandler is meanwhile trying to have a quiet bath.

The next morning Joey is thinking to himself again trying to persuade himself it's just a crush he has for Rachel.