Season 8 Episode 13

The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on NBC

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  • Chandler discovers the relaxation of taking a bath.

    Monica introduces Chandler to hot, warm bubble baths - but soon wishes she hasn't.

    After Chandler develops a strange passion for them, he uses completely unappropriate bath decorum (to qoute Monica) in order to get his bath.

    Meanwhile Ross and Rachel visit their OBGYN to find out if all is well with the baby and Ross thinks Rachel discovers the sex of the baby.
  • We learn the baby is a girl!

    Great episode! We learn Rachel is having a girl. I have to say that Rachel and Ross came up with bad names. Phoebe even had better ones for a boy to! Lol. That was so funny. Monica and Chandler think it is Phoebe Joey likes then Joey says who it really is when they are talking. Chandler goes to the bath, Monica comes in to yell at him, Phoebe comes in and tells Monica she was wrong, Joey comes in and everyone confronts him, Rachel comes in to tell them the news and then so does Ross. Something about that bathroom.
  • Ross and Rachel argue over what to name their baby; they also discover the sex of the baby; Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica find out about Joey's growing crush on Rachel; Chandler enjoys his bath

    This episode was very entertaining! I especially like the bit when Ross and Rachel are deciding what to name their baby. Their doctor says, "Please don't name your baby 'Phebo'". I also like the underlying patriotic theme. American flags pop up throughout the show (i.e. in Joey and Rachel's apartment and in the coffeehouse). In the opening sequence, Joey is wearing a t-shirt honoring Lt. William Burke, who died on September 11.
  • It's a girl!

    An okay episode, not one off my favorites, the only highlight of the episode was that Ross & Rachel discover the baby's sex. And of course it's a girl. While they argue throughout the episode because first they don't want to know the sex & Ross catches Rachel looking at the records but she couldn't get to see & Ross thinks so while they are also fighting over the names they want while Rachel picks strange names and Ross picks geeky names. Then Ross finds out the sex and tells Rachel. Joey likes Rachel and the gang finds out, while Chandler enjoys taking baths, definite character development.