Season 2 Episode 17

The One Where Eddie Moves In

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

The gang, except Chandler are at Joey's new place. They are "impressed". Joey is sad that Chandler isn't there. He shows them "the best part," a toilet with a phone. Monica then makes Joey promise her to never call her on that phone.

The gang is at Central Perk, and Rachel is waitressing. Phoebe comes in very excited. It turns out she has been discovered. Chandler says he discovered her first. She says that a record company wants to make a demo of smelly cat, a video, and maybe an album. Rachel then forces Ross to get a piece of apple pie she dropped in a guy's hood. He ends up thinking Ross is insane.

Back at Rachel and Monica's apartment Monica is banging on the bathroom door, telling Ross to get out of the bathroom. She complains to Rachel because "He's been in there for over an hour and it's like I'm living with him again." Ross eventually comes out, and he and Monica continue to bicker.

Chandler sits in the kitchen trying to figure out whether to call Joey or not. He does and they watch Baywatch together over the phone. Over at Central Perk it turns out Joey doesn't like living by himself, but he doesn't know what to tell Chandler. Back in his apartment, Chandler is also trying to decide whether to ask Joey to move back in.

Phoebe is in the recording studio making a demo with an expensive crew.

Ross is at Monica's on the phone arguing about dinosaurs. He then starts arguing with Monica because he didn't write down her messages.

Joey visits Chandler, hoping to ask him if he can move back in. However when he gets there he is greeted with the news of Chandler's new roommate Eddie. They meet each other and don't really like each other. Joey is hurt by Chandler getting a new roommate and he leaves.

Phoebe comes over to show Rachel, Ross, and Monica her smelly cat video. She turns it on, and then says, "Wow. I sound amazing." However, her voice was dubbed. Joey comes over to get his mail and still doesn't like Eddie, or the changes he's making. Joey then starts yelling at Chandler about Eddie as soon as Eddie's gone. He complains about stuff such as who's eggs Chandler like better and how much juice is left.

Monica and Ross are still arguing and won't stop. They drive Rachel insane. Monica reveals to Ross that she used to hate him, which Ross never knew.

Rachel, Ross, and Monica are at the coffee house and Phoebe says she knew about the Smelly Cat video dubbing. She seems really shocked.

Chandler is shocked he can't use the foosball table anymore or watch Baywatch because Eddie hates both of them.

Then Chandler and Joey are showed both missing each other.

Phoebe then sings smelly cat at Central Perk and apologizes to Ross for not giving him a line to sing, as she gave one to everyone else.