Season 2 Episode 19

The One Where Eddie Won't Go

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Chandler sleeping in his bed at night and shows his roommate Eddie sitting at his side. Chandler wakes up, screams and immediately tells Eddie that he has to move out of his apartment. ("Hannibal Lecter? Better roommate than you!") At first Eddie tries to convince Chandler that he wants to stay and that Chandler wasn't mad when Eddie watched him all the other nights. But Chandler yells at him and tells him to leave his apartment now because Eddie drives him crazy.

Opening titles

The next day when Monica and Rachel are sitting in Central Perk, Joey comes in wearing an old hat. First the girls make fun about this but then they talk about Joey's job opportunities, now he's fired. Joey thinks a good job opportunity will come soon because he was Dr. Drake Ramoray on "Days of our Lives". Meanwhile Phoebe enters and immediately asks Monica if she has read the book and Monica affirms excited. Rachel asks what book they're talking about and learns that it's a book called "Be your own Windkeeper" which deals with the empowerment for women.

In the meantime Joey is in his agent's office and very afraid that Estelle might be mad because he has lost his part on "Days of our Lives". But Estelle already got him a new audition for "Another World". First Joey is very pleased but then discovers that it is for Cab driver Nr. 2. He thinks that this a step backwards and refuses to audition for the part.

Later at the coffee house, Rachel has read the book and is very excited about it. She says that it speaks directly from her heart and immediately uses some tips of the book when Ross walks in. She refuses to go with him to the movies because she thinks that everything goes according to his timetable. She leaves a very, very confused Ross.

At Joey's apartment he tells him about the book and Joey just says that this is the reason why he doesn't date women who read. He then looks through his mail and is very worried when he discovers his VISA bill. It turns out that he has spend a lot of money on decoration for his new apartment (for example at "Porcelain safari" and "I love Lucide") and now needs some money. Ross suggests that he should audition for the Cab driver part but Joey again refuses. They start to argue because Joey just wants Ross to be his friend and tell him that something big might come and Ross tells Joey that he needs to be realistic. In the end, Ross leaves Joey's apartment.

Back at Chandler's apartment Chandler carefully enters the room and is very relieved when he doesn't see Eddie. But then the latter pops up behind the counter and shows Chandler his new dehydrating machine. He doesn't seem to remember that he was supposed to move out. Chandler almost gets crazy.

When Joey enters Central Perk and orders lemonade from Gunther, he learns that Gunther was on a TV show (All my children), too and was fired. He then thinks about his behaviour and if he should go to the audition although it is a step backwards.

At night Chandler sleeps on Monica's couch and wakes up when she watches him sleep. He yells at her and tells her that nobody will watch him sleep again. The next morning an angry Chandler tells Eddie to leave his apartment immediately. Eddie seems surprised and says that it's very "out of the blue". Chandler yells at him and finally makes Eddie leave the apartment – not without his fish Chico in his pocket.

Meanwhile Joey decided to go to the audition and reads his text to the casting director. But Joey seems to have some problems with the "smudgy" fax paper and reads the wrong text. The casting director gives him another chance but Joey reads wrong again and leads himself out.

Phoebe, Rachel and Monica are in the girls' apartment and take a quiz from the book they're all excited about. But this quiz seems to cause some problems because it contains questions about their old relationships. The girls start to argue and finally storm out in their respective rooms.

At Joey's apartment he has to bring back all his stuff because he can't pay for it. Ross comes in and apologises that he hasn't believed in him: He tells Joey that he needs security in life but Joey doesn't and that he admires this ability. Ross then gets to know that Joey went to the audition and failed and just says: "Live your dream". The conversation is interrupted when Joey can't watch the men who bring back his stuff to the stores anymore. Ross then wants to safe some stuff and wants to buy a colourful plastic bird which unfortunately is 1200 $. Because of this high price he decides to buy a white porcelain dog for 200 $ instead.

At Central Perk the girls decide to make up because the already have enough problems with guys and don't want to have problems with each other. Shortly after a very happy Chandler enters the coffee house and tells the girls that Eddie has moved out. "Ding Dong, the psycho's gone". But suddenly he sees Eddie standing in the window holding a puppet head. Eddie enters the coffee house and tells Chandler that they can use the head at their next party. When Chandler asks him if he remembers yesterday he tells the girls that they both took a road trip to Vegas, gambled, Chandler won and bought him some new shoes.

Later Eddie tries to open the door to Chandler's apartment and discovers that his key doesn't work: Chandler opens the door and asks if they have met. Eddie is very confused and says that he is his roommate to which Chandler replies that he already has a roommate. He then opens the door and shows Eddie Joey who sits in the armchair. Eddie then says he must be at the wrong apartment and leaves while Chandler and Joey celebrate their reunion with a little foosball.

The last scene shows Chandler and Joey bringing the white porcelain dog out because Ross is going to visit. It turns out that Joey hates the dog because it looks tacky and just bought it because it looked good with other porcelain animals. Chandler then tells the dog to stay and says "Good fake dod", ending the episode.