Season 2 Episode 19

The One Where Eddie Won't Go

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 1996 on NBC

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  • The One Where Eddie Won't Go

    Some good scenes:

    [Scene: Chandler's bedroom. Chandler is sleeping and Eddie is there watching him.]

    [Chandler wakes up]

    CHANDLER: Hey Eddie. Daahh!! What're you doin' here?

    EDDIE: Nothin' roomie, just watchin' you sleep.

    CHANDLER: Why?

    EDDIE: Makes me feel um, peaceful, heh-heh, please.

    CHANDLER: I want you out.

    EDDIE: No no no, I wanna hear it from your lips.

    CHANDLER: Where did you hear it from before?

    EDDIE: Oh, right, all right, you know what pallie I understand, consider me gone, you know what, I'll be out by the time you get home from work tomorrow.

    [Eddie leaves the room and Chandler mouths "Thank you" to himself]

    EDDIE: I heard that.

    ROSS: Excuse me, your, your, your wind?

    RACHEL: Yes, my wind. How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?

    ROSS: You, you know I, I don't, have a- have a problem with that.

    CHANDLER: [enters] Ding dong, the psycho's gone.

    MONICA: Are you sure this time?

    CHANDLER: Yes, yes I actually saw him leave. I mean that guy is standing in the window holding a human head. He is [shouting] Standing in the window holding a human head!!!

    EDDIE: [enters] Check it out man, I tore it off some mannaquin in the alley behind Macy's.

    MONICA: There is no alley behind Macy's.

    EDDIE: So I got it in the junior miss department, big diff. Anyway check it out man, it's gonna make a hell of a conversation piece at out next cocktail party, huh pal?

    CHANDLER: Our next cocktail party?

    EDDIE: Yeah, you know, put chips in it, we'll make like a chip chick.

    CHANDLER: Eddie, do you remember yesterday?

    EDDIE: Uh yes, I think I vaguely recall it.

    CHANDLER: Do you remember talking to me yesterday?

    EDDIE: Uh, yes.

    CHANDLER: So what happened?

    EDDIE: We took a road trip to Las Vegas man.

    CHANDLER: Oh sweet Moses.

    MONICA: So on this road trip, did you guys win any money?

    EDDIE: Naah, I crapped out, but Mr. 21 over here he cleans up, 300 bucks, check it out he buys me these new shoes, sweet huh?

    MONICA: Nice.

    EDDIE: Yeah. Well see ya upstairs. See ya pals.

    PHOEBE: Is anyone else starting to really like him?
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