Season 9 Episode 2

The One Where Emma Cries

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2002 on NBC

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  • Chanler can't sleep worrying about a big meeting at work and then falls asleep in the middle of it. He ends up agreeing to relocate to Tulsa without realizing it at first and then has to explain it to monica. Monica, Rachel and Pheobe can't stop Emma's cr

    This episode was hilarious. Poor Chandler gets transferred to Oklahoma because he didn't know what he was agreeing to. Rachel wakes a napping Emma and she won't stop crying. Monica and Phoebe try to help Rachel stop Emma's crying. Monica finally gets her to shut up and Rachel wants her to be around all the time. Monica isn't happy about Chandler's relocation, because of her job. Then when she agrees, she talks to a restaurant headhunter and is offered a great job at a restaurant in New York, so she ends up not going to Tulsa with Chandler, but he gets to come home on the weekends.
  • One of the better of the season.

    I got quite a few laughs from this episode. Chandler's storyline felt very forced and made little sense, but aside from that it was a good run.

    Joey and Ross had their little debate, and I liked seeing the two of them together at the hospital, with Joey "sort of" taking care of Ross. I don't think it makes much sense for Ross to be mad at Joey, but I think his reaction is how a lot of people would react nonetheless. He needs someone to be mad at, and it's easier to be mad at Joey right now. And it did seem as if Joey understood that.

    I loved the scenes with the three girls and the baby. Most TV babies are as good as perfect, never crying, never spitting up, etc. It was nice to see someone actually have problems with an infant. I thought Phoebe was hilarious in this storyline.

  • this is one of my favourite episodes

    omg i love this episode my favourite story line has to be the one with joey and ross i laugh so hard every time i see him duck when ross tries to punch him causing ross to break his hand, and then thinking that ross ross is short for some thing like rosstopher and rossul. the sory where emma cries is also a good one showing that its gonna be a long and hard journey for rachel but definatley a funny one. i didnt enjoy the story line with chandler falling a sleep i felt like they just threw that storyline in with the really funny ones because they knew that episode for him wouldnt be very funny.
  • one of the best

    Chandler falls asleep in a very important meeting and unknowingly agrees to go and work in Tulsa Monica is not happy and so he trys to get out of it but accidently insults the boss' daughter so has to go however Monica agrees to work in a famous resturant so cant go but will still see Chandler 3 days a week mean while Rachel wakes a sleeping baby and finds it impossible to get her to go back to sleep and regrets not listening to Phoebe. Ross on his way out to get dipers bumps into Joey and hits him but Joey ducks and Ross breaks his thumb.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes of the season!

    This was the episode that really marked the change in the lives of some of the Friends. It deals with the aftermath of Joey "proposing" to Rachel and Rachel dealing with the role of being a new mother. The confrontation of Joey and Ross at Central Perk was histerical. Joey misusing the air quotes, saying he was "sorry" and Joey telling Ross to hit him. As Ross goes to hit Joey, Joey ducks and he hits a pole (which ultimately lands him in the emergency room). Then Joey, saying it was a reflex to duck when a fist is coming at you, tries to demonstrate this to Ross by throwing a fist his way...although Ross doesn't duck. This scene really demonstrated the acting talent of Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer.
  • Ross is a punching toy.

    Chandler, having trouble getting enough sleep at home, falls asleep in a meeting and accidentally agrees to run his company's Tulsa office. Emma won't stop crying after Rachel interrupts her nap; Monica and Phoebe try to help get her back to sleep. Ross is still mad at Joey, and breaks his finger trying to punch him.
  • This is another fine example of why I love this show.

    My favorite storyline of this episode would have to be the Ross and Joey one it is classic. I love how Joey tells Ross to punch him but then when Ross punches Joey he ducks. Its hilarious. I love the part in the hospital too, when Joey isn't sure about things and thinks Ross' name is short for something. The storyline about Emma crying is funny but not as funny as the other one. If I were in that situation I would get totally annoyed. The Chandler storyline is really boring it seems out of place, like they couldn't think of anything else to put in that spot.
  • Wow! This is marvelous!

    This episode is fantastic. Chandler having to move to Tulsa is an extremely creative storyline by the writers in my opinion, and allows for some very interesting episodes to follow. I actually found it hard to believe that he was actually going to Tulsa though, especially since he has a valid excuse (and it's not his fault that Rachle spent so long in labor). I liked the scene where Chandler tried to negotiate with his boss, but ended up getting her name wrong and getting the gender of her child wrong. Joey punching Ross is extremely funny too. How he manages to punch Ross so many times beggars belief and is truly hilarious. I also like it how Joey can't use air quotes. Another great scene was where Joey was filling out the form for Ross. It's ashame we didn't get to see as many things like this in the earlier seasons.

    My favorite storyline of all was Rachel's one though. Phoebe was extremely funny too. I love it how she tries to get out of staying with Rachel and Monica, but time and time again she fails (because misery loves company) and goes and screams into a pillow. The 'It's not a boy!' sign was funny too. Another funny moment was when Rachel was panicking and she says 'I don't think dressing prevocitavely will help me here', and every suggestion to stop Emma crying causes something funny to happen, or be said, which was great.

    One thing that I am pleased about is that the proposal mix-up got resolved early on. I think the writers learnt from the negative feedback about how long Ross and Rachel's marriage dragged on for in season 6.

    The whole idea of Monica having to live in Rachel's kitchen to be able to stop Emma crying 24/7 is very funny, so when it actually happens, well, you know. One thing to note is that people living in Tulsa may not find all the jokes in this episode to their liking, but if they see the humour in it, then it's okay.
  • Ross, Joey and the punching...!Great!

    "Rachel: Oo Ross could you stop at the coffee house and get me a muffin?
    Ross: Sure, what kind?
    Rachel: Amm let me think... What do I want... What do I want...
    Ross: Please take your time, it's an important decision, not like say hmm I don't know deciding to marry someone this is about A MUFFIN" This is an excellent episode where we can see relationship between Ross and Joey after everything that happen in the hospital. The part where Joey is filling out Ross's medical carton is great.
    " Joey: Occupation? Dinosaurs..
    Ross: Actually, I am an palae... dinosaurs is fine... the drawing is not"
    Simply fantastic!