Season 9 Episode 2

The One Where Emma Cries

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2002 on NBC

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  • Wow! This is marvelous!

    This episode is fantastic. Chandler having to move to Tulsa is an extremely creative storyline by the writers in my opinion, and allows for some very interesting episodes to follow. I actually found it hard to believe that he was actually going to Tulsa though, especially since he has a valid excuse (and it's not his fault that Rachle spent so long in labor). I liked the scene where Chandler tried to negotiate with his boss, but ended up getting her name wrong and getting the gender of her child wrong. Joey punching Ross is extremely funny too. How he manages to punch Ross so many times beggars belief and is truly hilarious. I also like it how Joey can't use air quotes. Another great scene was where Joey was filling out the form for Ross. It's ashame we didn't get to see as many things like this in the earlier seasons.

    My favorite storyline of all was Rachel's one though. Phoebe was extremely funny too. I love it how she tries to get out of staying with Rachel and Monica, but time and time again she fails (because misery loves company) and goes and screams into a pillow. The 'It's not a boy!' sign was funny too. Another funny moment was when Rachel was panicking and she says 'I don't think dressing prevocitavely will help me here', and every suggestion to stop Emma crying causes something funny to happen, or be said, which was great.

    One thing that I am pleased about is that the proposal mix-up got resolved early on. I think the writers learnt from the negative feedback about how long Ross and Rachel's marriage dragged on for in season 6.

    The whole idea of Monica having to live in Rachel's kitchen to be able to stop Emma crying 24/7 is very funny, so when it actually happens, well, you know. One thing to note is that people living in Tulsa may not find all the jokes in this episode to their liking, but if they see the humour in it, then it's okay.
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