Season 10 Episode 15

The One Where Estelle Dies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2004 on NBC
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Ross tries to get Rachel rehired at Ralph Lauren. He succeeds, but after Rachel tells him how scared she is about moving to Paris, he's convinced she should go. Phoebe discovers that Joey's agent Estelle died and, since his life has been changing so much recently, doesn't want to tell him. Chandler and Monica visit the house next door to theirs and discover that Janice is bidding on it. To get Janice to withdraw her offer, Chandler comes on to her.moreless

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  • A weak episode that's typical post-season-seven Friends.

    So everything is starting to wrap up. Friends heads for a very traditional sit-com ending - people move away. Seriously, is that all the writers can think of? Why do people always have to move when a sit-come ends?

    Monica and Chandler are moving to a house. And they face the fear of having Janice as a next-door neighbour. I didn't like this storyline much; I'm not a fan of how they have treated Janice over the last seasons. She used to be Chandler's annoying girlfriend, who still had a big heart and was charming in her own odd way. Even though Joey hated her with a passion at least Chandler seemed to appreciate her. Now she's just someone who "makes Chandler's balls jump back into his body". Friends have really gone out of their way to take everything to the extreme; I really don't like that about the show.

    And Rachel is moving even further away... to Paris. Great for Rachel, though how on earth did she get such a fine job with no education and the job history she has had? Oh well... But there is one thing that bugs me about this storyline. So much in fact that I find it really distasteful:

    Ross doesn't care squat about his daughter moving to another country! Seriously, this just makes me lose all my respect for the writers and producers. All he does is whine, moan and bellyache about Rachel leaving, but he doesn't care at all that she is taking his daughter with him! What kind of a father is that? What kind of a CHARACTER is that? I know I wouldn't want to spend time with someone like that. The reaction they should have gone with is Ross being mad at Rachel for taking his daughter away; if they have shared custody she can't just do that as she pleases. But Ross doesn't care at all. Gives me the creeps!

    Friends is ending in line with the road they have been going on since season six... downhill... with extreme characters who aren't very likeable. Honestly, why didn't it end with the season six finally, while it still had some dignity?

  • Not the best

    "a promise between friends means never having to give a reason"

    I do love all the Estelle stuff. Poor Joey, his life is really upside down right now. Oh, and Phoebe calling from beyond the grave... I love that. "maybe the janices won't get it" "that will only happen if the other couple is the hitlers"

    Although I think this storyline is a bit odd, I love the Janice aspect. I love Janice, and so, anything which can introduce her is great. The entire scene when they realize that Janice would be next door is amazing. Ron

    Poor Ross. He keeps trying and trying to get Rachel's job back, and it just isn't happening. Its like... bargaining with the devil or something. But, in the end he makes the right decision and lets Rachel go.

    So even though there are elements of the story I like/love, I just think it is a weaker story than others. I think it could have been presented better. But still good.moreless
  • "Never again will you have to hear the three words that make your balls jump back up inside your body." - Monica

    Chandler and Monica take a look at the house next door to the one that the're buying in Westchester. And they run into - who else - Janice. The whole running into Janice isn't all that original anymore but it was nice to see her one last time. Monica accidentally slips out that they are buying the house next door. Since they don't wanna hear O MY GOD all day long Chandler pretends to still have feelings for her. I think this was the same trick they played on her in season 7. Ross is very upset that Rachel got a job in Paris so he talks to her boss. There is one thing that bothered me about the whole Rachel going to Paris thing. Ross is really upset that Rachel his exgirlfriend is going to Paris. But he doesn't really seem to care that his daughter is leaving.

    Estelle died. We haven't seen her in a while but I wasn't such a big fan of her character anyway. But it was funny when Phoebe called Joey and pretended to be Estelle.moreless
  • goodbye chandler bing

    Ross tries to get Rachel rehired at Ralph Lauren. He succeeds but then gets her a bigger promotion in france, but after Rachel tells him how scared she is about moving to Paris, he's convinced she should go. Phoebe discovers that Joey's agent Estelle died and, since his life has been changing so much recently, doesn't want to tell him and pretends to be her. Chandler and Monica visit the house next door to theirs and discover that Janice is bidding on it. To get Janice to withdraw her offer, Chandler comes on to her but she declimes and leaves.moreless
  • This episode was not only the best and superb, but also emotional and tearjerker. It almost made me cry at the end where Ross tries to put on a happy smile on his sad face as he hugs Rachel.moreless

    It made many people to be on the verge of crying when Ross tells Rachel to take the job in Paris as he is suffering the pain while hugging her. Also, this tearjerker episode was about Monica and Chandler's new house in the suburbs until they are crushed to find out that Janice is their neighbor. Phoebe tries to not let Joey find out that Estelle passed away.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Phoebe pretends to be Estelle, she uses both Estelle's accent and her catch phrase "Joey, it's Estelle!" As Phoebe has never met Estelle, how does she know these details?
      Note: Although this is technically true, a certain suspension of disbelief applies here. Estelle has been Joey's agent for almost ten years, so it's conceivable that Phoebe has met her on a number of occasions not covered on the show.

    • Goof: When Phoebe calls Joey on her cell phone and pretends to be Estelle, shouldn't Joey recognize her name or number on his phone?

    • Trivia: In this episode Janice's full name is revealed: Janice Litman-Goralnik neé Hosenstein.

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, after Rachel climbs off Joey, you can briefly see the top of her black thong above her skirt in the back.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Ross: (to Rachel) So if you take this job, you'll be moving to Paris?
      Chandler: ...Or facing a bitch of a commute.

    • Joey: (to Rachel) My hugs are reserved for people staying in America!

    • Phoebe: Are you okay with this?
      Chandler: Well, it makes me feel sad, but...
      Phoebe: Talking to Ross.
      Chandler: I see.
      Ross: Well, Rachel moving to another country? Not being able to see her every day. How can I be okay with this?
      Monica: I know, but what are we gonna do? She really needs this job.
      Ross: Do you think if the Ralph Lauren people offered her her old job back, she would take it?
      Monica: How is that gonna happen?
      Chandler: Is this the best way to use one of your three magic wishes?
      Ross: I don't know. I could talk to her boss. Yeah! I met him at that Christmas party. We really hit it off.
      Monica: You mean the guy who kept calling you Ron?
      Ross: I didn't say we were brothers!

    • Chandler: What do you think, Pheebs?
      Phoebe: I think that shirt makes you look like you should work at a Baskin-Robbins.

    • Phoebe: (reading the obituaries) Hey, isn't Joey's agent Estelle Leonard?
      Chandler: Yeah.
      Phoebe: She died.
      Chandler: You're kidding!
      Monica: That's terrible...
      Phoebe: Yeah, last Saturday. Wow! She was the first black man to fly solo across the Atlantic. (Chandler and Monica look puzzled) Oh, wait a minute, I read the wrong one.

    • Ross: I'm here to see if you'll give Rachel her job back.
      Mr. Zelner: (smugly) Ah, did she ask you to come here and do this?
      Ross: Oh, no. First I have to get you to agree, then we'll see if she wants to come back.
      Mr. Zelner: (facetiously) Wow, that is tempting.
      Ross: Look, she loved her job here. And let's face it: you're not gonna find anyone who did it as well as she did. Isn't that true?
      Mr. Zelner: She is good!
      Ross: (surprised) Huh. I took a shot there.

    • Ross: (about Zelner's son) Does little Ross like dinosaurs, by any chance?
      Mr. Zelner: Yeah, they're all he talks about. Why?
      Ross: How would he... like to come with me... to The Museum of Natural History--after everyone else has left! Just the two of us... and he can touch anything he wants.

    • (Joey, not knowing Estelle has died, is going to call and fire her)
      Phoebe: Just promise me that you'll wait a minute before you call her.
      Joey: Okay... why?
      Phoebe: Because... a promise between friends means never having to give a reason.

    • Ross: Emma left her stuffed T-Rex at my house. You know she can't sleep without it.
      Rachel: Oh, well, she's asleep now. Stop forcing that thing on her.

    • Joey: (about Estelle) I was like her only client... except for this guy who eats paper--and I'm guessin' he eats more money than he makes.

    • Monica: (to Janice) Actually, we're buying the house next door.
      Chandler: (to Monica in total disbelief) Why?!
      Monica: ...I don't know why.

    • Chandler: (after learning that Janice might buy the house next door) This cannot be happening.
      Monica: Okay, the realtor said another couple made an offer. Maybe the Janices won't get it, maybe the other couple will.
      Chandler: The only way that that is going to happen is if the other couple are the Hitlers!

    • Monica: What if we get both houses? We can turn this house into a guest house.
      Chandler: That's a great idea. And by the way, I don't want to sound distasteful, but when did you start crapping money?

    • Ross: Look, I, uh... I know Rachel turned you down, but, I think there's a way you might be able to get her to come back.
      Mr. Zelner: This may surprise you, but... re-hiring fired employees is not my main job.

    • Janice: (kisses Chandler for the last time, and then says her last line in the series) Goodbye Chandler Bing.

    • Rachel: You are never going to believe what happened to me today.
      Ross: What?
      Rachel: Ralph Lauren called again and they offered me more money.
      Ross: They did?
      Rachel: Yeah. It was the weirdest thing. Zelner called me and he said we'll do everything we can to get you back. And that I should thank some Ron... I don't even know what department that guy's in.

    • Rachel: You know, was I looking forward to going to Paris? Sure. You know, was I excited about working in "the fashion capital of the world"? Oh, absolutely... Yeah, but you know, this is... it's fine. I'm fine going back to a job where I've pretty much gotten everything out of that I possibly can...
      Ross: I had no idea you were so excited about Paris. I mean, um, you said you were scared.
      Rachel: Well yeah, but I mean, it was "good" scared though, you know? Like "when I moved to New York" scared. Or, uh, "when I found out I was gonna have Emma" scared... But this is... fine. This is gonna be good.
      Ross: (after giving it some serious thought) You should go.
      Rachel: What?
      Ross: It's what you want. You should go.
      Rachel: You really think so?
      Ross: I really do.

    • Joey: (at Estelle's memorial) Thank you for coming. We are here to pay our respects to a wonderful agent, and a beautiful woman... (looks at her photograph) ...inside.

  • NOTES (8)