Season 10 Episode 15

The One Where Estelle Dies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2004 on NBC

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  • A weak episode that's typical post-season-seven Friends.

    So everything is starting to wrap up. Friends heads for a very traditional sit-com ending - people move away. Seriously, is that all the writers can think of? Why do people always have to move when a sit-come ends?

    Monica and Chandler are moving to a house. And they face the fear of having Janice as a next-door neighbour. I didn't like this storyline much; I'm not a fan of how they have treated Janice over the last seasons. She used to be Chandler's annoying girlfriend, who still had a big heart and was charming in her own odd way. Even though Joey hated her with a passion at least Chandler seemed to appreciate her. Now she's just someone who "makes Chandler's balls jump back into his body". Friends have really gone out of their way to take everything to the extreme; I really don't like that about the show.

    And Rachel is moving even further away... to Paris. Great for Rachel, though how on earth did she get such a fine job with no education and the job history she has had? Oh well... But there is one thing that bugs me about this storyline. So much in fact that I find it really distasteful:

    Ross doesn't care squat about his daughter moving to another country! Seriously, this just makes me lose all my respect for the writers and producers. All he does is whine, moan and bellyache about Rachel leaving, but he doesn't care at all that she is taking his daughter with him! What kind of a father is that? What kind of a CHARACTER is that? I know I wouldn't want to spend time with someone like that. The reaction they should have gone with is Ross being mad at Rachel for taking his daughter away; if they have shared custody she can't just do that as she pleases. But Ross doesn't care at all. Gives me the creeps!

    Friends is ending in line with the road they have been going on since season six... downhill... with extreme characters who aren't very likeable. Honestly, why didn't it end with the season six finally, while it still had some dignity?

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