Season 10 Episode 15

The One Where Estelle Dies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2004 on NBC

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  • "Never again will you have to hear the three words that make your balls jump back up inside your body." - Monica

    Chandler and Monica take a look at the house next door to the one that the're buying in Westchester. And they run into - who else - Janice. The whole running into Janice isn't all that original anymore but it was nice to see her one last time. Monica accidentally slips out that they are buying the house next door. Since they don't wanna hear O MY GOD all day long Chandler pretends to still have feelings for her. I think this was the same trick they played on her in season 7. Ross is very upset that Rachel got a job in Paris so he talks to her boss. There is one thing that bothered me about the whole Rachel going to Paris thing. Ross is really upset that Rachel his exgirlfriend is going to Paris. But he doesn't really seem to care that his daughter is leaving.
    Estelle died. We haven't seen her in a while but I wasn't such a big fan of her character anyway. But it was funny when Phoebe called Joey and pretended to be Estelle.
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