Season 5 Episode 14

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 1999 on NBC

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  • I know this is the top episode, but...

    I didn't like this episdoe that much, although its number one on the top episodes. I felt that the plot was boring and unfunny... I completely thouhgt that it was the wrong thing to do to progress the relationship of Monica and Chandler... and the gang didn't find it strnage at all when they first found out...well they did, but the next mintue they were all lah-lah-lah-lah-lah!! which really got on my nerves... sorry for anyone who liked this episode, it's just how I feel about this episode. I think that it brought down season five for me. All I can say for this episode.... unfunny and catastrophic!
  • Top rated on

    Well I love this episode and it probably is my favorite of the season but best episode of the series? I really don't know about that. there is some funny moments. But "The One With Phoebe's Embryos" is probably the best in my opinion. So I think this is a little overrated. Anyways, yes all the development is Ross gets a new apartment, gets naked for Ugly Naked Guy. Phoebe finds out so then Rachel, Phoebe & Joey all start to play games with Monica and Chandler. Funniest scene would have to when Phoebe kisses Chandler and then he says that she wins and then he declares his love for Monica again. Then it was sort of a cliffhanger when Ross finds out. What will happen next?
  • Absolutely one of the best episodes of the series if only for Phoebe's "dance."

    This episode pitted the very funny Lisa Kudrow with the very funny Matthew Perry. These two should have had more episodes together like this one. The chemistry was totally there. The only thing I didn't like was they way they tried to make the Monica/Chandler "I love you" part this big dramatic moment a la TOW The Prom Video's Ross/Rachel moment at the end (there simply is no comparison - Ross and Rachel ROCK!) Phoebe -- just BRILLIANT here.
  • When everyone finds out that the naked guy is moving out Ross wants to get his own apartment. Phoebe finds out about Chandler and Monica and trys to suduce Chandler

    Great and funny episode! This episode was awesome! You would think Chandler and Monica would be more careful and Phoebe watched them. I don't even know why Phoebe thinks it is so yuk because it does happen. Joey just has a hard time keeping these sercrets. Phoebe and Rachel are going to try and suduce them but it doesn't work when Monica and Chandler find out about it and try to the same. Then Phoebe and Rachel find out what they are doing. Joey gets stuck in the middle. Phoebe and Chandler try to suduce each other and Phoebe wins. Wow! Ross! That cool side of him shows when he sees Chandler and Monica not that I would care.
  • ...

    A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end.
  • One of my absolute favorite episodes.

    Friends made me laugh for almost 10 years and The One Where Everybody Finds Out... is my favorite episode of them all. This episode had me laughing unit I was blue. Two of the Characters, Monica and Chandler, were secretly dating for many episodes until Joey found out. Poor Joey got caught up in their web of lies and was bombarded by everybody w/them trying to figure out his "secret". With a hillarious series of events and briliant dialog everyone eventually finds out. It was so much fun watching these talented actors/acresses pull off this episode. If you have never seen friends I recommend starting from the beggining and working your way through all ten seasons. When you reach this episode you will appriciate it a lot more if you know all of the history behind the comic drama.
  • The funniest episode of season 5 !

    Ok now people I have been dealing with a minor glitch on which makes all my sentences squash back together after I have put the in paragraphs so from now on I will be using a dash- to seperate my paragraphs. - Friends is a show like no other, it contains lovable characters who are played by actors who are fine with making fools of themselves to make people laugh which shows how willing the the cast and crew are to create the perfect show Friends.- Season 5 was a very good season. It contained the 100th episode and it was pure fun. Monica and Chandler dating or well sleeping together was very awkward at first but turned out to be the funniest thing ever.- Chandler and Monica trying to hide their relationship from everyone else and running around making excuses so they can get together just cracked me up and I thought if the other friends found out apart from Joey who found out sooner than the others it would rowen the fun but it did not because the way the truth was shown was so incredibly chaotic in a funny way that I almost pimp. By the way pimp is a word I made up as short hand for peed in my pants.- Rachel first finds out and then Phoebe finds out in naked ugly guy's appartment and she cannot stop screaming but then she just had to jump infront of Ross along with Rachel so he does not find out.-

    Phoebe decides to have some fun by trying to seduce Chandler but when Chandler and Monica find out what the others are up to they fight back with the end result being Chandler saying he loves Monica which was very romantic.- Deffinatley the best episode of season 5. Great stuff.
  • Ross bonds with Ugly naked guy in hopes of getting his apartment. Meanwhile, with both Pheobe and Rachel knowing about Chandler and Monica, they decide to mess with them by getting Pheobe to pretend she's attracted to Chandler.

    This episode is my very favourite episode of the entire show. It is the funniest Friend's episode, and probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV.

    My favourite parts were when Pheobe was flirting with Chandler. God that made me laugh. Also, the part when Pheobe went to Chandlers apartment, and the too had that contest to see who would give in first. To me, that was the funniest moment on TV ever.

    I also liked the part when they all looked out the window where Ross was trying to secure himself getting Ugly Naked Guys apartment.

    Rachel: That's our friend! It's naked Ross! lol. Anyway, this is a great episode and a must see for comedy fans.
  • Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler and plays a trick on them with the help of Rachel and Joey. Ross tries to buy ugly naked guys apartement.

    This is my second most fav episode of friends after "the one with the embryos". It is filled with laughs and even a bit of love. Phoebe tricks chandler into thinking she likes him but Monica doesnt fall for it, she knows that they must have all worked out that Monica and Chandler are together. Not to be out smarted, Monica gets Chandler to play along with thetrick and try and turn it back on the other. Things start to get out of hand but in the end Chander gives in and says he cant pretend to like phoebe because he loves (yes loves!) monica.

    Very cute, a classic epsiode!

    Five giant coffee cups out of five!
  • the one where they don't know that they know that they know.

    hilarious, the one where they dont\' know that they know that they know. joey always makes episodes hilarious but he makes this one even better. one of my favorite episodes that i can never watch too much of. all of the characters get together in one main plot rather than split up like the rest.
  • This is my all time favourite episode!

    I love this episode of friends! I think that it has to be my favourite! The beginning is hilarious, when they're all watching ugly naked guy pack. "he's got packing tape stuck where you really don't want it!" The episode just gets better and better as each of the Friends figure out that Monica and Chandler are together. Once Phoebe finds out (by seeing Monica and Chandler doing it against the window- My Eyes! My Eyes!) the fun really begins. "They don't know that we know that they know that we know" As Phoebe and Rachel try to force Chandler and Monia into the open by using Phoebe's sexuality, Chandler and Monica are determined not to crack (because Monica's team always wins!) Rachel and Phoebe win when Chandler declares his love for Monica. Monica requests that they don't tell Ross but he sees them through the window! Get Off My Sister!!!!!
  • "They don't know that we know they know we know!" - Phoebe

    This was one of the best episodes ever and the ultimate Chandler and Monica episode. Ugly Naked Guy is moving out so Ross tries to get his place so that he can live across Rachel and Monica. So Rachel, Phoebe and Ross go check out the place. Phoebe looks out the window and sees Chandler and Monica doing something that well, hurts her eyes. The screaming part with Phoebe, Rachel and Ross was so funny. And Ross really screams like a girl. So now Phoebe knows and she thinks they should have some fun with it so she hits on Chandler. He tells Monica about this and she immediately knows that Phoebe knows because there's no other explanation.
    To get back at Phoebe Chandler flirts back and wonders if she wants to go on a date. She would love to (well actually she wouldn't but she wants to win. Did I mention this was a confusing episode). So they go on a date in Chandler's appartment and as they awkwardly kiss Chandler admits that he can't have sex with her because he's in love with Monica, and she loves him too. All very cute.
    Meanwhile Ross gets Ugly Naked Guy's apartment by being Naked Ross. He shows his boss his new apartment and just as his boss says that he can go back to work he notices something through the window and becomes Mental Ross again. That's the story of how everyone found out about Chandler and Monica. I wonder if the're ever gonna tell their kids this story.
  • "Well, my grandfather was Swedish and my grandmother was actually a tiny little bunny."-Chandler Bing

    Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler, so she and Rachel play practical jokes on them. Monica and Chandler realize something's up so they play along. Ugly Naked Guy sublets his apartment and is greeted with a number of applicants - including Ross. Wow it was really tough to pick which episode as my favourite of season 5 but it has to be The one where everyone finds out, another superb episode of Friends probably my second favourite episode of the series, after the brilliant one with the embryos. This episde was another fast episode which will have you in stiches.
  • Phoebe and Rachel decide to have some fun when they find out about Monica and Chandler's relationship.

    This episode is one of the best, not only in season 5, but in the whole series of FRIENDS. I was cracking up the entire episode. The scenes with Phoebe seducing Chandler were hysterical. I was laughing out loud for the whole thing. In this episode, Phoebe and Rachel have some fun with Monica and Chandler when they find out about their hidden relationship. Of course when Monica and Chandler know they know, they have some fun as well. Then, Phoebe and Rachel know they know that they know so they continue. This leads to Chandler and Phoebe trying to seduce each other to make the other one crack. Eventually, Chandler cracks and confesses his love for Monica which gets the whole group happy except Ross who witnesses them "doing it" and is very angry.
  • Funniest episode in the history of funny episodes!

    Oh how I love this episode!! I laughed soooo hard when it first aired, and I couldn't stop talking about it for weeks! Ok, maybe I STILL talk about it... Anyway, it was just too funny how Monica and Chandler were trying sooo hard not to let anyone know they were together as an official couple. Joey found out a while back. And then Rachel accidently. Now Pheobe sees them "doing it" from Ugly Naked Guy's apartment across the street, and knows too. It leads to a hilarious game between Chandler and Pheobe- Chandler trying to prove he's not involved with anyone, least of all Monica. And Pheobe trying to get him to confess that he and Monica are a "thing". Just too funny, and the biggest laugh-fest I've had in a while!
  • Monica and Chandler's relationship is discovered by all of their friends and causes some very exciting and funny events. A classic episode with great plot development.

    If somebody would ask me to find my favorite episode of Friends, this episode would be certainly my choce. It is one of the earliest episodes I have seen and one of the funniest ones.
    Monica and Chandler kept their relationship a secret for some time, but now their friends one by one find out about it. Joey, who knew it for a long time and had to cover their slipups is very excited to find out that Rachel knows about M&C's relationship, too. When Phoebe (by accident) finds out, she and Rachel make up a plan to cover up M&C's relationship. In the end even Ross finds out about the secret love.
    There are so many great moments in this episode that I can describe only a few:
    Joey's attempt to settle all things Phoebe's reaction to Monica and Chandler's kissing plus the dancing afterwards
    The "love-game" Chandler and Phoebe play although they both know that it is a game
    Chandler declaring his love
    Phoebe's flirting
    ... and so many more

    All in all, in my opinion thist is one of the best episodes ever written and worth to watch: A series classic.
  • a good episode one of the best ever.

    When the friends discover that Ugly Naked Guy is moving out of his apartment, Ross leaps at the opportunity to get his own place again by sening him a gift basket of mini muffins, the small on as lots of people want the appartment. Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler's relationship, and tries to get them to reveal the truth by seducing Chandler and then chandler and monica find out about them knowing and over and over again untill they r going to have sex and then chandler confesses, rachael also knows at this point. to get the appartment ross and ugly naked guy sit together naked. and also ross ends up getting the appartment and a museum guy comes telling ross he can get his old job back and then he goes beserk after seeing chandler and monica having sex. a very goos episode, lol ha ha lol.
  • As Ross tries to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler.

    "CHANDLER AND MONICA! Oh, my eyes! MY EYES!" With these words yelled out in anguish and pain begins one of the funniest episodes of the series.

    While looking at Ugly Naked Guy's apartment with Ross, Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler doing "it". Rachel fills her in and Joey is glad because now everything can be out in the open. But things are never that simple.

    Most of the humor doesn't really start until Phoebe devises messing with Monica and Chandler. Rachel and Phoebe have all kinds of fun at the new couple's expense. But once "they know they know", the rivalry is non-stop hilarious.

    The highlight of the episode is Phoebe. While she has always had a quirky humor, this is one of the few times she drives the comedy herself. Her in full on flirting mode is her absolute funniest. And when Chandler joins in, the two of them playing off of each other is priceless.

    This episode ends with Ross finding out about Monica and Chandler the same way Phoebe did. It marks the last appearance of Ugly Naked Guy on the series, and also introduces Huggsy, Joey's stuffed penguin. This episode is important storywise and flat out funny, and an instant classic for the series.
  • This is the best 'friends', episode, by far.

    This is a very funny episode. Its starts when Monica and Chandler still are dating but they want to keep their relationship a secret from Febe, Joey, Rachel, and Ross. While Febe and Ross are at Ross's apartment. Febe goes to his window. She see's that Monica and Chandler are making out from the girls apartment across the street. She then starts freaking out. They then try to be sneaky and Febe starts hitting on chandler. Chandler and Monica finnaly realize this. They start to play along as well. Then Febe and Ross figure out that they figured out that they knew Monica and Chandler were dating. And it just keeps going back and fourth thru the entire episode. Pure Fun.
  • One of the funniest episodes of anything I've seen.

    The friends peer across the road and see Ugly Naked Guy's apartment. After seeing many boxes, most of which are labeled clothes, they assume correctly he is moving. Ross, Rachel and Phoebe go to check it out after Ross feels he could get the apartment. He loves it and goes to check out the rest of the apartment. Phoebe is looking over the road and sees Chandler and Monica having sex. Chandler and Monica still think only Joey knows about them, except Rachel does too after hearing a phone call between the two. And now Phoebe does too, but they try and keep it discreet to prevent Ross from finding out. Joey thinks this means they could tell Mon and Chan they know, but Phoebe and Rachel decided to play games with them. Phoebe starts hitting on Chandler, who is very flattered. But, Monica suspects something. The day after, Phoebe continues to hit on Chandler, in front of Monica. Monica convinces Chandler she knows. They question Joey and he lets slip Rachel knows too. They respond to this by reacting flirtatiously to Phoebe. Initially confused, her and Rachel make Joey confess he told Monica and Chandler they know. So, yet again they decide to react to Chandler flirting back. Meanwhile, Rachel advises Ross, whom is having a tough time winning over Ugly Naked Guy who is subletting the apartment himself, to find a common interest with Ugly Naked Guy. This ends up with Ross becoming naked with Ugly Naked Guy much to his friends horror. After the final showdown between Phoebe and Chandler, Chandler backs down first telling all the witnesses he loves Monica. At the end of the episode, Ross gets the apartment and finds out about Monica and Chandler. This episode is fantastic and will remain forever a favourite for many Friends fans.
  • this episode is legge u neva stop laughing!!!! i loved it lol

    this episode neva let me take a breath because i was always laughing!!!!! omg its great when phoebe first finds out with all the screaming!!! love it!!!!!!!!!! then when she tries to make chandel say that he was with monica and he admits that he loves her!!! that was great!! the episode ends with a great laugh when ross sees them together!!!! " my best friend and my sister!" love it to the max!!! it a great episode to see that their relationship can go somewhere now that everyone knows about them!!! this is my favourite episode now and it will always be lol
  • Racheal and Joey already know about the Mondler, but Phoebe and Ross don't. While they are checking out ugly naked guys apartment Phoebe sees them through the window. Throughout the episode her and Racheal try to get them to admit it.

    This is my favorite episode. All my favorite quotes are in it such as "get it of fat man get it off!!" , "my eyes my eyes!!" , "we know we know we knowww!!" and "omgg he wants me to come over and feel his bicep and more!!!" The way that Phoebe finds out suits her perfectly and the way that chandler admits it is perfection. I have watched this episode so many times that i can recite the whole entire thing. i have lost count how many times i have watched, in all its probably around 50, literally. So for all the episodes i have seen so far this is definently my favorite. I think i might just watch it when i get home.
  • we all know that i know that you know that we know that this episode simply rocks

    I can\'t say how many times i have watched this episde and my reaction to it is just always the same! I just can\'t seem to stop laughing everytime i watch it. just hilarious.

    I just love this side of sexy Pheobe who she know can just get any guy she wants.

    bullying chandler is also fun, and joey too!
  • First episode I've seen, and funniest episode I've seen!

    HAHAHAHA x 89347832749847! Okay, this is the episode where everyone finds out about Chandler and Monica. Joey and Rachel had already found out in previous episodes. First, Phoebe finds out because they are in Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, and Ross wants to buy it. Phoebe looks through the window and sees Chandler and Monica getting busy on the other side. She starts to flip out and goes "OH MY GOD THEY'RE DOING IT!" Finally, Rachel and Joey fully confess to her what is going on. Instead of confronting the two love-birds, they decide to have a little fun. Joey, however, hates keeping secrets and just wants to tell them. But Rachel and Phoebe disagree. Phoebe starts to pretend to like Chandler, until he and Monica figure out that Phoebe knows. They decide to join in the game. It continues until Chandler tells Phoebe to come over so they can have sex, they have an EXTREMELY awkward kiss, and then he breaks and confesses to everyone about his relationship with Monica. The last person to find out is Ross, when he is in his new apartment and sees Chandler and Monica through the window like Phoebe did, and he goes CRAZY hahaha!

    Best episode, I think!
  • I'm I think I'll review one of my favorite episodes...This epsisode is about when everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler's relationship

    I love this episode...for many reasons 1. I love the whole ugly naked guy plot line w/ him moving out, and Ross being his "naked friend." 2. I like Pheobe's idea of messing with Monica's and Chandler's head...My fav. part...Pheobe and Chandler's so called date...that was hilarious...and with the whole thing with the bra and the kiss...that was pretty good...I don't know...I guess thats why I like the episode...who knows...
  • One of the best...

    This is the show when everybody finds out about Monica and Chandler.

    Phoebe finds out by seeing Monica and Chandler doing it through the window from Monica's apartment. Phoebe freaks out and starts screaming. Rachel tries to calm her down so Ross doesn't find out too. They distract him by keeping his attention away from the window.

    Rachel and Phoebe decide to lash out against Monica and Chandler and Phoebe acts as if she has a crush on Chandler and flirts with him throughout the episode. Chandler and Monica then finds out that they know about them and fight back. The two teams fight against each other and there is a "battle of love" between Phoebe and Chandler. When they kiss, Chandler breaks and gives up.

    Chandler then says that he loves Monica and they are all in awe. Monica doesn't want Ross to find out about them until later, when Ross sees Chandler and Monica doing it through the window while he was in the other apartment.

    This is a very funny episode and a real classic!!
  • And everybody knows...

    This is probably one of the most hilarious and creative episodes in the whole show, TOW Everybody Finds Out.

    In this episode, the couple, Chandler and Monica, is finally exposed to the group, leading to hilarious moments among them.

    When Phoebe finds out, she and Rachel try to screw around with Chan and Mon. Joey is stuck in the middle trying to convince everyone to tell the truth. Phoebe starts hitting on Chandler and Rachel asks Monica to do a full bag of laundry, with Phoebe providing the quarters.

    Ross stays out of this storyline, which I think was a good idea, as it leaves a great scene at the end. He is busy trying to win Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, who sadly is moving out.

    Chandler and Phoebe go this whole awkward "date", until Chandler gives up and declares his love for Monica.

    The episode ends with a witty scene of Ross and his boss from the museum. As Ross talks about his past rage problem, he sees Chandler and Monica through his own window, and screams out loud, scaring his boss.

    Overall, this episode is definitely a favorite for anyone. The acting, directing, and writing is superb. Hats off to Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry for an outstanding performance.

    "But they don't know we know they know we know."
  • My favorite episode

    Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler doing it from Ross' new apartment, so she becomes the 3rd Friend to find out about their relationship, Ross being the only one who doesn't know. Monica and Chandler think only Joey knows about the two of them, so Rachel and Phoebe take this opportunity to mess with them. Phoebe starts to flirt like crazy with Chandler, until he and Monica finally realize she and Rachel know, after finding out from Joey. Chandler starts to flirt back, which throws off Rachel and Phoebe, and then Phoebe goes to his apartment trying to break Chandler. They flirt, with Phoebe doing a strange dance, and sharing some wine. Joey, who wants sit sit in his chair, exposes Chandler's greatest fear, Phoebe's bra. Finally Phoebe and Chandler share a very awkard kiss, with Chandler being the one who cracks and loses. Chandler announces for the first time to the group that he loves Monica. At the very end,Ross sees them doing it and loses his temper in front of his boss. Overall, my favorite episode in the whole series.
  • My favorite of the series!

    This episode is the best one in my opinion. Laughs galore!! If you've seen it then you know how it goes. The part that I just love is towards the end when Phoebe and Chandler are "coming on" to one another, and just as they're about to kiss, Phoebe says "Here it comes..." and Chandler gives a quick nervous glance away. SOOO funny!! The way that Ross finds out is classic - at the end with his colleague as they're talking about his past anger issues, then he sees Monica and Chandler through the window and gets all furious! Very classic!

    Although, it sucks that I have to write more than 100 words per review. It seems like a lot!
  • Yeah!

    Ross finally finds an apartment that is perfect for him, but is owned by the ugly naked guy who apparently has a lot of offers about his apartment, later Ross decides to put on his side in order to find out what to do. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers Chandler and Monica kissing and decides to turn on Chandler in order to make him jealous, which makes a battle between Monica and Chandler against Rachel and Phoebe who turn onto them, and that begnis to move on with their own tricks, until the end Chandler reveals that he loves Monica, really cool! Is really great!
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