Season 5 Episode 14

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 1999 on NBC

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  • The funniest episode of season 5 !

    Ok now people I have been dealing with a minor glitch on which makes all my sentences squash back together after I have put the in paragraphs so from now on I will be using a dash- to seperate my paragraphs. - Friends is a show like no other, it contains lovable characters who are played by actors who are fine with making fools of themselves to make people laugh which shows how willing the the cast and crew are to create the perfect show Friends.- Season 5 was a very good season. It contained the 100th episode and it was pure fun. Monica and Chandler dating or well sleeping together was very awkward at first but turned out to be the funniest thing ever.- Chandler and Monica trying to hide their relationship from everyone else and running around making excuses so they can get together just cracked me up and I thought if the other friends found out apart from Joey who found out sooner than the others it would rowen the fun but it did not because the way the truth was shown was so incredibly chaotic in a funny way that I almost pimp. By the way pimp is a word I made up as short hand for peed in my pants.- Rachel first finds out and then Phoebe finds out in naked ugly guy's appartment and she cannot stop screaming but then she just had to jump infront of Ross along with Rachel so he does not find out.-

    Phoebe decides to have some fun by trying to seduce Chandler but when Chandler and Monica find out what the others are up to they fight back with the end result being Chandler saying he loves Monica which was very romantic.- Deffinatley the best episode of season 5. Great stuff.