Season 2 Episode 3

The One Where Heckles Dies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1995 on NBC

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  • "Okay, Mr. Heckles, we'll try to keep it down."

    After years of going back and forth Mr. Heckles about making too much noise above his apartment he dies while hitting the ceiling with a broom. He leaves all his belongings to Monica and Rachel. THey think that this is their punishment because he apartment was a mess.
    Chandler finds things out about Mr. Heckles that distrubingly similar to Chandler's life. He's afrid that he's going to turn into scary snake man. While cleaning out Mr. Heckle's apartment Ross and Phoebe have a dispute over the progression of evolution. Phoebe does the mistake of telling Ross she doesn't believe in evolution.